Starfield Red Mile location – how to find the Red Mile

Starfield Red Mile location – how to find the Red Mile
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On the hunt for the Starfield Red Mile location? This far-flung settlement is one that’s name tends to crop up every now and again, and you might find yourself wondering where exactly it is so you can go and check it out. That’s why we’re here to help, and will point you in the right direction.

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Starfield Red Mile location: The location of the Porrima star system on the starmap

Where is the Red Mile in Starfield?

The Red Mile is a settlement found on the planet Porrima III in the Porrima star system. The Porrima system is fairly easy to find, being located just northeast of the Volii system, where Neon is. Take a look at our screenshot above for a more detailed view. Grab your ship and grav jump to Porrima III, and simply look for the Red Mile location on the planet. If you’re travelling from somewhere like Alpha Centauri or Sol, you might need to stop over at a nearby system unless your grav drive is powerful enough to make the journey in one.

The Red Mile has a recommended level of 30, so if you’re making your way here from earlier on you may worry about what’s in store. Luckily, so long as you stay within the Red Mile itself, you won’t be in any danger. That being said, you should probably avoid the Red Mile challenge you can undertake here until you’re a higher level. More on that later.

Starfield Red Mile location: The bar in the Red Mile

What is in the Red Mile in Starfield?

Primarily, the Red Mile is a resort of sorts, featuring a bar and a casino, but the main reason to come here is to run the eponymous Red Mile race, with its own side mission attached. This is a blood sport, where competitors are required to reach a beacon at the end of a crated that’s filled with toxic gases and hostile alien creatures.

Players can start this race by speaking to Mei Devine, who is typically found in the Red Mile Casino. Speak to her, confirm that you’re sober and ready to go, and you’ll be signed up for the race. Finishing the race once will complete the One the Run side quest, while you can continue to do subsequent runs to acquire further rewards such as experience, credits, and gear.

Certain companions such as Sarah will look down on you somewhat for choosing to partake in this ‘barbaric’ spectacle. But don’t worry too much, as you won’t actually lose any affinity with them for taking part, so run that race as much as you want.

Starfield Red Mile location: The player talking to Mei Devine in the Red Mile

At the bar, you can purchase weapons and ammunition, medical supplies, and food and drink from Sati Chandra. She also offers rooms to rent, with 300 credits for a night and 2000 credits for a week. Among the bar’s patrons, you can also find two potential crew members who specialise in EM weapons and Missile weapons respectively. If you buy a man named Donovan Rhys a Runner’s Rush drink from Sati, he’ll tell you he holds the record for the Red Mile run and will give you some tips on how to complete it.

The Red Mile also has its own spaceport, staffed by a grumpy man named Lon Andersson. He sells all the usual ships and ship modules that you would find from regular Ship Services Technicians, with one notable addition. The Red Mile is one of the only locations where you can purchase Starfield shielded cargo holds, an essential module for smuggling contraband.

Starfield Red Mile location: The starting point of the Red Mile run

How to run the Red Mile

Once you’ve talked to Mei and signed up for the Red Mile, head downstairs and through an airlock to an area with some spacesuit workbench to upgrade your spacesuit and another to upgrade your weapons. Once you head out, follow the path and take the elevator down to the bottom of the crater. Ahead of you, you’ll see a long, snowy path up the hill, at the top of which is a beacon.

Starfield Red Mile location: A Red Mile Mauler

Along the way, you’ll be attacked by Red Mile Maulers, small creatures that can deal high melee damage, and poisonous ranged damage. They have strong defences, so your best bet is to try to avoid them if possible. If you have good stamina, you can simply run past the majority of them before they have the chance to attack.

The strong gravity on this planet makes using boost packs to evade them difficult, as well as potentially causing leg breaks from even small falls, so keep this in mind. The Anti-Gravity Field power is handy here, as you can incapacitate groups of them before running on down the path.

Starfield Red Mile location: The pedestal at the Red Mile beacon.

Once you reach the top of the hill, you’ll reach some metal walkways which lead towards the beacon. Follow the walkways and once you reach the beacon, you’ll find a pedestal with a red button in the centre. Press this to complete the Red Mile run and head back to Mei to collect your rewards. If it’s your first time completing it, make sure to loot the nearby corpse for some decent loot and a Starfield magazine that increases your Ballistic weapon damage. Once completed, you’ll receive XP, credits, and the rare Brute Force shotgun.

Subsequent runs will net you the same XP and credits as before up until your 30th run. Completing 30 runs will put you at the top of the Red Mile leaderboard, and you’ll receive the Desperation rifle. This is a variation of the AA-99 which deals more damage the lower your health is. 30 runs does take a while, so we would recommend doing this in chunks rather than all at once.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get to the Red Mile in Starfield. If you’re looking to upgrade your ship, familiarise yourself with the Starfield ship manufacturers and Starfield starship weapons. No matter what Starfield ship parts you’re planning on using, make sure you’ve got one of the Starfield best reactors so you can power them up fully. If you’re looking to build an outpost, check out Starfield how to get adhesive. If you’re after more quests, check out the Sabotage, Alternating Currents, and Operation Starseed quests. Lastly, be sure to check the Starfield Shattered Space release date to see when you can expect DLC.

Starfield Red Mile location FAQs

What planet is the Red Mile on in Starfield?

The Red Mile is on the planet Porrima III.

What is at the Red Mile in Starfield?

The Red Mile has a bar, a Ship Services Technician, some recruitable crew members, and the Red Mile challenge.