Starfield Mars planet guide

Starfield Mars planet guide
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Home to the city of Cydonia, the Starfield Mars planet is one you’ll come across early on in your interstellar adventure. As the gateway to humanity’s journey to the stars, it’s past its best but still operates as an important mining hub.

In this Starfield Mars planet guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the planet, its features, resources, services, and points of interest. For more Starfield guides, check out where to get Digipicks, how to pick locks, and the best Starfield spacesuits to get as soon as possible.

Starfield Mars: Mars on star map.

What is Mars in Starfield?

Mars in Starfield is a colonised planet located in the Sol Sytem and focused on heavy mining and industry. Just like in real life, Mars is still a vast red desert. It has a thin carbon dioxide atmosphere, low temperatures, vast dust storms, and gravity a little over one third of Earth’s. Mars is currently under the jurisdiction of the Starfield United Colonies faction, providing a wealth of raw minerals and manufactured goods.

Mars features, resources, and climate

Mars has a cold climate, low gravity, a thin O2 atmosphere, making it fairly inhospitable to life on the surface. To cater for this much of the human presence is limited to Cydonia, and several other smaller settlements, including Fracking Stations, the Mars Mech Factory, and the Deep Mines.

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 0.38 G
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Atmosphere: Thing CO2
  • Magnetosphere: None
  • Fauna: None
  • Flora: None
  • Water: Safe

Mars has the following resources:

  • H2O – Water
  • Pb – Lead
  • Cl – Chlorine
  • SiH3Cl – Chlorosilanes
Starfield Mars: entrance to Cydonia on Mars.


The first and oldest extra-planetary settlement in Stafield, Cydonia is a city that predates even most of the current in-game factions like the Starfield Freestar Collective faction and the Starfield Constellation faction.

Due to Mars’ lack of air, Cydonia is primarily situated underground and built around a mining facility. The city is highly industrial in nature, notably for factories and functional, if a little tired, look and feel. It’s one of the largest mining operations anywhere in civilised space. This vast supply of raw materials makes Cydonia a location of critical importance to the Starfield United Colonies faction, whose territory includes Mars.

Starfield Mars: Cydonia on Mars with psoter and shops in background.

To cater to the mining operation and the many hopeful souls visiting the planet to earn a living, Cydonia features bustling commerce and service sectors. Here are the vendors, services, points of interest, and shops in Cydonia on Mars:

  • Ship Technician Services
  • Broken Spear
  • Deimos Staryards Engineering
  • UC Security Office
  • Trade Authority Outpost
  • UC Exchange
  • Reliant Medical
  • UC Office of the Governor-General
  • Luxe Condominiums
  • Deimos Miner Quarters
  • Jane’s Goods
  • Community Center
  • UC Marine Barracks

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Is Mars the only inhabited planet in the Solar System?

Mars is the main point of settlement within humanity’s home system, but there are smaller settlements on other planets and moons.

Is Mars a story location in Starfield?

Yes, Mars features in the Starfield story along with a host of side quests.