Starfield Burden of Proof evidence locations – where to find all 20 pieces of evidence

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The Starfield Burden of Proof evidence locations are scattered all across the Settled Systems, and finding them is going to take a pretty mammoth effort if you want to get them all. Luckily for you, that’s where we come in, as we’ve got all 20 locations already sussed out so you can simply head to each one and pick them up.

You can never have too many Starfield tips and tricks, so check out our guide for some handy ones. Collecting evidence will take you through all the Crimson Fleet quests like the Starfield Absolute Power quest, but if you’re after a change of pace then check out our Starfield Operation Starseed guide, too. With that, let’s take a look at where you can find all 20 Burden of Proof evidence locations in Starfield.

Starfield Burden of Proof evidence locations: The Mira's Demise Evidence Slate found on The Key.

All 20 pieces of evidence and their locations in Burden of Proof

There are a total of 20 pieces of evidence available in the Burden of Proof quest, but you only need to collect 18 of them to complete the quest. However, there are a fair few of them that are only available for a certain amount of time, and once you complete certain missions, you won’t be able to find them until your Starfield new game plus playthrough.

Here’s a list of every piece of evidence in Burden of Proof, where to find each one, what mission you can find it on, and whether you can miss it:

Piece of EvidenceCan it be missedMissionWhere to find it
Naeva MeetupNoDeep CoverIn the Broken Spear bar in Cydonia on Mars behind Adler Kemp
Carter’s GigNoEchoes of the PastIn The Lock in Carter’s Locker. (Required for the mission)
Warden’s LogNoEchoes of the PastIn The Lock in the Warden’s Office. Found on a shelf near the intercom
Request DeniedYesBreaking the BankOn the Siren of the Stars. Found on a shelf in Captain Rokov’s Quarters
GalBank PlanYesBreaking the BankFrom Gabriel Vera. Pay 2500 credits for it or kill him and loot it from him
Huan’s TalkNoThe Best There IsIn Kay’s house in The Well in New Atlantis. Found in the kitchen
Eubanks & WoodsYesThe Best There IsOn the SY-920 UC. Found in a room behind Gabriel Vogel’s lab
The Big ScoreNoAbsolute PowerIn Madame Sauvage’s Bar in the Ebbside district of Neon. Found in a bedroom on the first floor
Meeting with BayuNoAbsolute PowerInside a safe in Ayumi Komiko’s office in Generdyne’s offices in the Neon Trade Tower
Ayumi’s OfferNoAbsolute PowerIn the Members Only Lounge in Euphorika. Found behind the bar (Costs 5000 credits to enter)
Mortem ObireYesEye of the StormOn the Legacy Ship near Jasper Kryx’s corpse
Gennady AytonYesDoctor’s OrdersIn The Clinic space station. Found behind Gennady Ayton in his office during the Doctor’s Orders side quest given by Samina
Message for BogYesReclaiming the PastIn the Ecliptic Facility. Found in the same chest as the ring you search for in the quest
ChiropteraNo NoneIn Gagarin Landing on the planet Gagarin. Found on the bar in Lizzy’s Bar
Chunks HeistNo NoneIn the Red Mile on Porrima III in the Porrima system. Found on the corner of the bar.
HopeTown RaidNoNoneIn HopeTown on the planet Polvo in the Valo system. Found on the bar at The Pit Stop bar
Kreet OfferNoNoneIn The Den orbiting the planet Chthonia in the Wolf system. Found on a table above the bar
Mira’s DemiseNoNoneIn the Bunk. Found in one of the rooms on the first floor
Request A17YesNoneOn The Key. Found in Jazz’s Ship Service office next to the computer
Voss’s PartsYesNoneIn the Operations Center on The Key. Found next to Delgado’s computer
Starfield Burden of Proof evidence locations: The Memento Mori Legendary Pistol in the player's inventory.

Burden of Proof rewards

Every time you bring a piece of evidence to Lieutenant Toft aboard the UC Vigilance, you’ll be rewarded with some credits. Once you’ve brought a total of 18 pieces, you’ll have enough evidence to complete the quest, and you’ll learn a bit about Lieutenant Toft’s backstory, and her upbringing in the Crimson Fleet. As a final reward, you’ll get one more lot of credits and the Legendary Pistol Memento Mori.

That’s all 20 pieces of evidence in Burden of Proof and their locations. If you’re looking to try out a different faction’s quests, the Freestar Rangers have some great ones like the Starfield Delivering Devils quest. And if you’re looking to build yourself the best ship money can buy, then you’ll need to know all the Starfield best ship parts to do it.

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