Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?
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Wondering who the Starfield Mysterious Captain is? Throughout the Settled Systems, you’ll come across a variety of interesting mysteries to explore during your playthrough. And few of them pose as many questions as the Mysterious Captain, who you might come across multiple times during your adventure.

Before you head out looking for the Mysterious Captain, check out our Starfield ship manufacturers, Starfield best ships, Starfield best ship parts, and Starfield best reactors to make sure you’ve got the best ship for exploration and combat. And for gear, our Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor will have you covered there too along with all the New Atlantis shops and Neon shops. With that, let’s find out who the Mysterious Captain is and how you can meet them.

An image of a spacecraft with a planet in the background featuring Starfield's Mysterious Captain.

How to find the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

The only way to encounter the Mysterious Captain is by grav jumping to different Star Systems. Upon arriving in a system, there is a chance that the Mysterious Captain’s ship will appear in orbit around the same planet, and they will attract your attention by hailing you. During your first playthrough, you will only be able to meet them once, and will have to wait until your Starfield new game plus playthrough to meet them again.

If you’re looking to meet the Mysterious Captain in new game plus, your best bet is to simply grav jump between systems until she appears. It’s not efficient, but it will hopefully get the job done eventually. Alternatively, just continue your exploration as normal and you will come across them eventually.

Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

The Mysterious Captain is a Starborn NPC, alongside the likes of The Hunter and The Emissary. During your first encounter with them, their dialogue is very cryptic as they are watching you along with the other Starborn, and are hesitant to give away too much information about the Artifacts. Following this conversation, they advise you to be careful and will disappear until new game plus.

In subsequent playthroughs, once you have become Starborn yourself, you will have the chance to meet the Mysterious Captain again, with new dialogue options on offer. She will reveal that she is also Starborn, but has become tired of the constant violence that comes with the for Artifacts in a Starborn’s life, and the constant changing of universes, and has chosen instead to set up a shop for Starborn, becoming known as The Trader.

How to find the Starfield Mysterious Captain in New Game Plus

The Mysterious Captain spawns in new game plus typically the second time you visit a new system. She does spawn at random though, so there’s no guarantee here but rather this it what we’ve experienced and what other players have reported. If she doesn’t pop up after the second grav jump, keep jumping to new systems and this will eventually trigger her to appear and you’ll receive a transmission.

What does the Mysterious Captain sell in Starfield?

Once the Mysterious Captain becomes the Starborn Trader, they will have a variety of wares including legendary items, rare weapons and rare materials on sale, which will be incredibly handy in new game plus combat and outpost building. These items include:

  • Rare Rifle – Avatar
  • Rare Rifle – The Last Breath
  • Legendary Heavy weapon – Frenzy Calibrated Negotiator
  • Legendary Particle Beam Rifle – Demoralizing Calibrated Va’ruun Inflictor
  • Rare armor – Veteran’s Calibrated Ground Crew Spacesuit
  • Unique material – Aldumite
  • Unique material – Vytinium

Her shop is full of unique and incredibly powerful items for you to buy, and as her stock rotates every time you meet her, make sure to buy anything you’re interested in there and then, as you may not have another chance.

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