Starfield New Atlantis guide – locations, story, quests, and lore

Starfield New Atlantis guide – locations, story, quests, and lore
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Looking for a detailed Starfield New Atlantis guide? Described by game director Todd Howard as ‘the biggest city we’ve ever built. It’s kind of the capital of the game,’ New Atlantis is a big deal. He went on to call it a ‘true reflection of the future of our world.’ Developers have described New Atlantis as a ‘true melting pot with citizens from every race, creed, and ethnicity.’

When you first land in New Atlantis, you’ll notice the sheer scale of the city, which is one of four main Starfield colonies players can explore in Starfield.

Starfield New Atlantis city guide: Galbank and MAST both seen rising up into the city skyline.

What is New Atlantis in Starfield?

New Atlantis is one of four major explorable cities in Starfield. It is the capital city of the United Colonies, the largest Starfield faction in the game. It’s a wealthy, heavily populated location. It boasts a massive variety of NPCs, vendors, and Starfield missions to keep visiting players busy.

As the UC capital, New Atlantis has a considerable military presence and plays a major role in the Starfield story. Design director Emil Pagilarulo considers the United Colonies as “the most powerful established military and political faction in the game.” Their law-and-order philosophy keeps things civil, so be careful here if you decide the law-abiding citizen vibe isn’t really your style.

Though it isn’t as old as Humanity’s first extra-terrestrial settlement, Cydonia, New Atlantis has been around long enough that the near-mythic group of space explorers, the Constellation faction, have also made their home here.

Starfield New Atlantis city guide: Jemison planet map with New Atlantis highlighted.

Where is New Atlantis?

New Atlantis is located on Jemison, a planet named after the first black female NASA astronaut, Mae Jemison. Based in the Alpha Centauri solar system, planet Jemison has sibling planets Gagarin, Olivas, and Chawla orbiting the same star.

In the words of Production Director Angela Browder, “It’s the biggest city we’ve ever made, not just in size but also in the amount of custom art, crowds, and quests.”

Starfield New Atlantis city guide: Soldiers lined up by the rows of flags outside of the MAST.

Starfield New Atlantis locations

The city is packed with striking details, right from the tech park-esque hubs, futuristic buildings, and several districts to explore. It’s a city ripe with mysteries, side quests, and more. You’ll get to explore vast buildings and skyscrapers with residents of all kinds to gain insight into the city’s day-to-day. From the New Atlantis shops to the core facilities of the UC government and military, there are plenty of points of interest. This includes:

  • The Lodge – The base of operations for Constellation.
  • Galbank – The central bank for the city, the system, and much of the Settled Systems at large. This towering skyscraper is one of the biggest features in New Atlantis, almost matching up to the MAST.
  • Interstellar Inn – A hotel located nearby to the main spaceport. This Inn is designed as a place for space travellers or visitors passing through to stop off and rest.
  • NAT – This stands for New Atlantis Transit. NAT is the primary public transport system around the city. Take it to hop between districts quickly.
  • The MAST – This complex is the headquarters and recruitment centre for the Vanguard, a military subdivision of the United Colonies, and planetary defence force. It’s also that massive skyscraper at the centre of the city that dominates the skyline.
  • Terrabrew Coffee – A popular coffee shop and cafe.
  • UCSEC – This expansive building serves as offices for the United Colonies Security and Safety, the division tasked with maintaining order throughout the faction’s territory and acting as a policing force.
  • Jemison Mercantile – a general goods and gear store near the spaceport.
Starfield New Atlantis city guide: Aa dense collection of towering buildings near the residential district.

New Atlantis quests

There are a crazy number of quests you can pick up from the moment you set down in spaceport for the first time. The downside of this is that it can be pretty difficult to keep track. Here’s an ongoing list of all the quests we know about in New Atlantis so far, and where to begin them.

  • Most of the main Starfield story missions. Whenever there’s a mission tied to the main story, you’ll usually start them from The Lodge, which is the HQ for Constellation.
  • The Late Bloomer quest – speak to the concerned scientist staring at a tree near the MAST.
  • Tapping the Grid quest – head down into The Well and speak to Louisa Reyez.
  • Alternating Current quest – head to the Well. You’ll need to complete Tapping The Grid first.
  • Distilling Confidence quest – speak to the bartender at The Viewport to begin this one.

Given just how many quests there are, this obviously isn’t close to a full list, but it’s a good place to start from. For more, check out our Starfield quest list.

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Is New Atlantis the biggest city in Starfield?

New Atlantis is the largest city you’ll visit in Starfield, and one of the largest locations Bethesda have ever created.

How old is New Atlantis?

New Atlantis is one of the oldest human colonies in the Settled Systems. While it is not as old as Cydonia on Mars, it is likely one of the oldest extra-solar settlements humanity ever founded.

Is New Atlantis dangerous?

New Atlantis is one of the safest major locations in Starfield, so long as you either don’t break the rules or don’t get caught doing so.