Starfield Freestar Rangers questline – all missions and rewards

Starfield Freestar Rangers questline – all missions and rewards
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The Starfield Freestar Rangers questline will see you take on the role of a bonafide space cowboy, as you take up the responsibility of protecting the citizens of the Freestar Collective. And as the proverbial wild west of the Settled Systems, there are plenty of dirty dealings going on that you’ll have to take care of during this set of Starfield missions.

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Starfield Freestar Rangers questline: The entrance to Akila City.

List of Freestar Rangers missions and rewards

Here is a list of all the missions in the Freestar Rangers faction questline:

  • Job Gone Wrong – 3800 Credits and 150 XP
  • Deputized – 5000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Where Hope Is Built – 5000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Shadows In Neon – 5000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Surgical Strike – 5000 Credits and 350 XP
  • On the Run – 5000 Credits and 350 XP
  • First to Fight, First to Die – 9600 Credits and 350 XP
  • The Hammer Falls – 12400 Credits, 150 XP, promotion to Freestar Ranger, Star Eagle Ship, Deadeye pistol, Freestar Ranger badge and hat

Spoiler Warning: From here, we’ll be going through what happens in each Freestar Rangers mission, so if you want to avoid any spoilers for this questline, stop reading now.

Job Gone Wrong

The first time you enter Akila City in the Cheyenne system (likely with Sam Coe), you’ll see that a bank robbery at the local bank has gone wrong and several civilians have been taken hostage by the bank robbers. After talking with Marshall Daniel Blake, you’ll negotiate with the bandits in an attempt to free the hostages. After completing the quest, you’ll be given the chance to join the Freestar Rangers as a Deputy.

Rewards: 3800 Credits, 150 XP


Your first job for the Rangers is to complete any mission from the Freestar Rangers mission board. Once this is done, Emma Wilcox will send you to help a farmer on the nearby Montara Luna who is being extorted. After killing the criminals, you’ll find some evidence on them containing crucial information on the whereabouts of a stolen ship.

Rewards: 5000 Credits, 250 XP

Where Hope Is Built

During your investigation of the stolen ship, you rescue a fellow Ranger, Nia Kalu, by repairing her ship. The two of you then take on some Spacers in space combat before you both head to Hopetown to meet Ron Hope, the CEO of HopeTech. He’ll tell you more about the stolen ship and that it was last seen in Neon.

Rewards: 5000 Credits, 250 XP

Shadows in Neon

Heading to Neon on Volii Alpha in the Volii system to hunt down the stolen HopeTech ship, you and Jaylen Pryce, a local Ranger, will chat with an informant named Billy Clayton about the ship. Before this, he needs some help first, dealing with a loan shark. You deal with this loan shark through the Persuasion skill, paying the loan, or killing them, and then Clayton will send you towards someone named Grace Early. She will give you some an encrypted slate containining evidence concerning a group of Freestar soldiers called The First. Evidence in hand, you head back to Akila to analyse it.

Rewards: 5000 Credits, 250 XP

Surgical Strike

The evidence from Shadows in Neon leads you to hunt down a woman named Maya Cruz. She’s reportedly being treated at a medical facility called The Clinic in the Narion system, but upon arriving, you find she has already escaped. You track her to an abandoned mine, and after fighting your way through, she reveals that she only has weeks to live, before giving you a slate with some more evidence.

Rewards: 5000 Credits, 350 XP

First to Fight, First to Die

With Maya’s evidence, you now have enough to hunt down The First. You and some other Rangers head to Arcturus II, where space combat ensues. After landing on the planet, you fight your way through a mech factory, eventually reaching and battling their leader, Paxton Hull. Once Paxton is dead, you loot his corpse to find another slate revealing a major twist.

Rewards: 9600 Credits, 250 XP

The Hammer Falls

The slate from Paxton reveals that the head of this whole operation is none other than Ron Hope. He had attempted to remove farmers from their land in order to use it to mine for minerals. You’re posed with the choice of hiding his secret, taking a bribe, arresting him, or killing him. No matter the outcome, Mashall Blake rewards you with a promotion to full Freestar Ranger, ending the Freestar Rangers questline.

Rewards: 12400 Credits, 150 XP, Freestar Deputy Badge, Ranger Spacesuit, Ranger Space Helmet, Deputy Hat, Star Eagle ship

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