Starfield best ships to buy, steal, and earn

Starfield best ships to buy, steal, and earn
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The best Starfield ships can be found all over the Settled Systems, and even one of them can set you up for your entire playthrough. If you don’t feel like getting into the fairly complicated world of ship building, there are plenty of pre-made ships that you can get yourself out there, that will do just as well, if not better, than anything you could make yourself.

We’ve played Bethesda’s space epic extensively as part of our VideoGamer Starfield review. Myself and many team members have spent hours in the game exploring the Settled Systems to come up with a list of the best Starfield ships.

Whatever ship you have, there’s plenty of ways you can make them even better. If you’re interested in trying out some Starfield ship customization, our guide will help you get started. And if you’re starting out with the game, we’ve got some helpful Starfield tips and tricks that even veteran players might not know. With that, let’s take a look at all of the best Starfield ships and how to get each one.

Best Starfield ships and how to get them

With a bit of tinkering and a few new additions, you can turn any ship into one of the best in the game, but there are some ships that are already that good without modifying anything. Whether they’re bought, stolen, or earned, any one of these ships is worth using. Be aware that for some of the higher-class ships, you will need to have either Rank 3 or Rank 4 in the Piloting skill.

Here’s a full list of all the best Starfield ships:

  • Razorleaf (Class A)
  • Star Eagle (Class A)
  • Aegis (Class B)
  • Shieldbreaker (Class B)
  • Narwhal (Class C)
  • Abyss Trekker (Class C)
  • Starborn Guardian (Class A)
Best Starfield ships: The Razorleaf ship in Starfield.

Razorleaf (Class A)

The Razorleaf is an extremely good ship considering how early on in the game you can get it. The ship is a reward from the Mantis quest, which you can start by randomly obtaining a data slate from dead Spacers. Follow this quest to Denebola I-B, take out some Spacers, and you’ll be rewarded with the Razorleaf. You’ll probably want to upgrade the weapons, but the ship has the unique quality of intimidating enemy ships, and forcing them to flee. Not only that, but it comes with a shielded cargo hold to help you start smuggling contraband.

Star Eagle (Class A)

Another ship that can be earned fairly early into the game, the Star Eagle is your reward for completing the Freestar Rangers questline in Akila City. It’s got fairly strong weapons, including an EM weapon to disable enemy ships, a 2500-strong cargo hold, and can hold five crew members. An 18 light-year grav jump is a bit lacklustre but can be easily replaced, making this a great option for the early game.

Best Starfield ships: The Aegis ship in Starfield.

Aegis (Class B)

The Aegis is an incredibly solid ship, and is a welcome upgrade in the mid game when enemy ships really start to deal some damage. It has excellent all around stats, and comes with one of the best reactors for its ship class. This means that you can immediately upgrade any weapons or shields to make it even better, and easily set it up to be a strong ship all the way to the end game. You can buy this for 196,780 credits from the Deimos Staryard orbiting Deimos, one of Mars’ moons in the Sol system.

Best Starfield ships: The Shieldbreaker ship in Starfield

Shieldbreaker (Class B)

No prizes for guessing what the Shieldbreaker does best. It has some great stats across the board, especially when it comes to its Laser weapons. This thing packs a punch and will demolish the shield of any enemy ships. Throw in a couple of upgraded Ballistic and Missile weapons, and you’ve got a ship killer on your hands. You can get your hands on this ship from the Ship Services Technician at the New Atlantis spaceport for a reasonable 265,443 credits.

Best Starfield ships: The Narwhal ship in Starfield.

Narwhal (Class C)

The Narwhal has some incredible potential thanks to having one of the most powerful reactors in the game. With 36 power generated, you can immediately upgrade to some incredibly powerful weapons and shields. But where the Narwhal really comes into its own is a massive 2118 hull stat. Even without shields and weapons, this ship can take a beating, but will take a hefty 432,620 credits to buy from Taiyo Astroneering in Neon.

Best Starfield ships: The Abyss Trekker ship in Starfield.

Abyss Trekker (Class C)

The Abyss Trekker is the ultimate space combat ship. If you’re willing to forego cargo and crew members, the Trekker more than makes up for it with incredibly powerful weapons. It’s also fairly small and light compared to other ships, meaning you can nimbly fly avoid enemy attacks while hammering them with shots from your own weapons. You can get it from the spaceport in Paradiso on Porrima II for a reasonable 347,320 credits.

Best Starfield ships: The Starborn Guardian ship in Starfield.

Starborn Guardian (Class A)

Once you’ve beaten the game for the first time, you’ll have the chance to start a new game plus playthrough. For this, you’ll receive your very own Starborn Guardian ship, and while it might not look like anything special at first, it can become one of the best ships in the game. Every time you beat the game and start a subsequent new game plus playthrough, the ship receives a boost to its stats. After only a few restarts, you’ll easily have one of, if not the best ship in Starfield.

That’s all the best ships in Starfield for every Class, and how to get them. If you’re going for the Narwhal, while you’re on Neon, be sure to take on the Starfield Sabotage mission for Ryujin Industries. And if you’re more into stealing ships than buying them, then Crimson Fleet missions like the Starfield Absolute Power quest are probably more up your street.

For some early game pointers, check out how to remove a bounty, how to pick locks, and where to get Digipicks. If you’re looking for spacesuit to match your sleek new ship, check out the best Starfield spacesuits, including where to get the Mark 1 spacesuit and the Bounty Hunter spacesuit.

Starfield best ships FAQ

What is the best ship in Starfield?

The best ship you can buy in Starfield, in our opinion, is the Razorleaf (Class A). It’s an extremely good ship considering how early on in the game you can get it.

Is the Narwhal the best ship in Starfield?

Yes, the Narwhal has some incredible potential thanks to having one of the most powerful reactors in the game. But it’s not for everyone, and the Razorleaf is a great option also.