Starfield Akila City guide – what you need to know

Starfield Akila City guide – what you need to know
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Want to discover Starfield Akila City? Located on the planet Akila in the Cheyenne system, Akila City is one of many cities you’ll explore in the space exploration RPG Starfield. Bethesda’s grand space title has over a 1000 planets to explore, but few of them can match the detail of Akila City.

Cities have factions of all kinds contesting for power and fueling their beliefs. Some notable ones are the United Colonies and the Crimson Fleet. Akila is one of the more notable Starfield colonies you’ll visit in the game, so it’s worth reading up about what to expect before you land. You can also check out detailed Starfield Wiki, which goes into more detail about the colonies in the game.

What is Akila City in Starfield?

Akila City makes itself known as a home for the free, for individuals who value their ability to make decisions at will. This municipality was founded by Solomon Coe in 2167 – 163 years before you show up in the Starfield story. Akila City in Starfield is the capital of one of the major Starfield factions: the Freestar Collective. This political faction is a loose confederation that consists of at least three distinct star systems. The Freestar Collective fought the United Colonies for independence during the great Colony War of 2310.

Where is Akila City in Starfield?

You can find Akila city on the planet Akila, in the Cheyenne system. Akila City is the largest population centre on the planet, and a major hub for trade and commerce.

Starfield Akila City: An image of the central hub of Akila City, one of Starfield's major cities.

Starfield Akila City locations

  1. Aggie’s
  2. Stoneroot Inn
  3. Akila Barracks
  4. Coe Heritage Museum
  5. Sanctum Universum
  6. Lance Estate
  7. Infirmary
  8. Midtown Minerals
  9. Chunk’s
  10. Terrabrew Coffee
  11. House of Enlightened
  12. The Rock
  13. The Hitching Post
  14. The Stretch Apartment
  15. Coe Residence
  16. Galbank
  17. Enhance!
  18. Trade Authority Kiosk
  19. Ship Services Technician
  20. Laredo Firearms
  21. Trade Authority
  22. Mission Board
  23. Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk
  24. Rowland Arms

Despite being known as a city that adores freedom, Akila City is walled from intruders. This is because they are vulnerable to raids from the Ashta. They are predators that look like a mix between a wolf and a velociraptor.

Starfield Akila City: An image of a monstrous Ashta found outside Akila City, one of Starfield's major cities.

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Is Akila City safe?

Akila city will be a non-hostile location for most players just starting out on their journey in Starfield. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get into trouble though.

Is Akila City bigger than New Atlantis?

From what we’ve seen, both Akila City and New Atlantis are massive locations. It does seem however that New Atlantis is slightly larger.