Starfield Xenofresh Corporation guide – location, history, and more

Starfield Xenofresh Corporation guide – location, history, and more
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The Starfield Xenofresh Corporation might not be one of the political heavyweights in Bethesda’s space adventure RPG, but don’t count them out just yet.

We’ll cover everything you need to know about the Starfield Xenofresh Corporation, their goals, locations of interest, and how to join up with them. If you fancy a bit more of that politically-minded intrigue though, take a look at our guidance on the Starfield United Colonies faction and the Starfield Freestar Collective faction to see what they can offer.

Starfield Xenofresh Corporation: Xenofresh factory in Neon.

Who are the Xenofresh Corporation in Starfield?

The Xenofresh Corporation are a corporation in Starfield that specialise in the production of Aurora, a drug popular in Neon. They are responsible for the creation of Neon City, having originally built it as a fishing port, before it would eventually be taken over by the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction.

Due to the psychotropic properties of the oil from the local fish, Xenofresh were able to use the fishing platform as a base of operations for the manufacture of the drug Aurora, illegal everywhere in the Settled Systems other than Neon.

Starfield Xenofresh Corporation: fish hanging outside Xenofresh factory in Neon.

Xenofresh Corporation faction location

The Xenofresh Corporation is found in Neon, specifically the Xenofresh factory in the city’s underbelly district.

Can I join the Xenofresh Corporation in Starfield?

No, you can’t join the Xenofresh Corporation. However, players can work in the Xenofresh factory in short stints to fuel an Aurora smuggling operation in Neon.

That’s everything you need to know about the Xenofresh Corporation. For more help on Starfield, check out our Starfield tips and tricks, how to pick locks, the best Starfield reactor, the Jemison Mercantile location, the Echoes of the Past cache location, and our Sabotage and Delivering Devils side quest walkthroughs.

What are the faction types in Starfield?

There are two faction types in Starfield. Major factions, who have significant presence in many locations and missions, and minor factions.

Are the Xenofresh corporation evil?

It’s open to interpretation, but they are responsible for manufacturing the drug Aurora.