Where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield

Where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield
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Wondering where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield? Especially in the mid-to-late game, researching, crafting, and upgrading your gear becomes more and more important, and that means the components required for them do too. While there are a host of materials used in a variety of recipes, perhaps one of the most important is the Microsecond Regulator, which is used for many of the most powerful weapon mods.

Take a look at our Starfield tips and tricks for some great advice you’ll use throughout the game. If you’re after more resources, check out our Starfield adaptive frame, Starfield adhesive, and Starfield lubricant guides. And while you’re upgrading your gear, check out the Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor, too. With that, let’s get into how and where you can get Microsecond Regulators in Starfield.

Starfield Microsecond Regulator: The outside of Sieghart's Outfitters in Neon.

Where to buy Microsecond Regulator in Starfield

The best method of getting Microsecond Regulators in Starfield is to buy them, and luckily there are a few shops that have them in stock. This is the most reliable method of farming them, so make sure to pick up a few to ensure you don’t run out anytime soon. The merchants that sell Microsecond Regulators are:

  • Sieghart’s Outfitters
  • Apex Electronics
  • Shepherd’s General Store

Sieghart’s Outfitters

Right in the middle of Neon Core on Volii Alpha in the Volii system, you’ll find Sieghart’s Outfitters, a shop that sells all kinds of resources. Head inside and chat to Dietrich Sieghart at the counter and you’ll be able to buy Microsecond Regulators for 212 credits each.

Apex Electronics

Hidden in The Well underneath New Atlantis in the Alpha Centauri system, Apex Electronics sells electrical compontents to be used for research and crafting. Before you can trade with them, you’ll first need to collect a package for them from the Red Mile on Porrima III, so check our Starfield Red Mile location guide for some help.

Once you’ve delivered the package, you’ll be able to shop normally from Apex Electronics, buying Microsecond Regulators for 212 credits each.

Shepherd’s General Store

One of the most useful vendors in Starfield thanks to its massive variety of stock, it’s no surprise that Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City in the Cheyenne system sells Microsecond Regulators. Luckily, you won’t have to run any errands to shop here, so just head in and you can purchase Microsecond Regulators for 212 credits.

Trade Authority

In every major city in Starfield, as well as in certain other locations such as The Key, there is a Trade Authority, which has a rolling stock of a huge variety of items. While you will sometimes be able to buy Microsecond Regulators from the Trade Authority, because the items they have in stock often change, there is a chance they won’t have any. Worth checking, but certainly not a guaranteed source every time.

Starfield Microsecond Regulator: The Microsecond Regulator in a vendor's inventory.

How to craft Microsecond Regulator in Starfield

If you want to craft your own Microsecond Regulators instead of buying them, you can do that at any Industrial Workbench, whether that’s in your outpost or in the basement of The Lodge. To craft Microsecond Regulators, you require the following materials:

  • Lithium x2
  • Europium x4
  • Supercooled Magnet x1
  • Tau Grade Rheostat x1

Be aware that before you can craft Microsecond Regulators, you must first put at least one skill point into the Special Projects skill in the Science tab.

Can you loot Microsecond Regulators in Starfield?

Yes, Microsecond Regulators can be looted from enemy Spacers and Pirates, found in enemy outposts and in chests in random places throughout Starfield. While this is certainly a handy way of collecting Microsecond Regulators as and when you come across them, it is by no means a consistent means of finding them. As such, we still recommend simply buying them from one of the vendors above.

What are Microsecond Regulators used for in Starfield?

Microsecond Regulators are used for research projects and crafting in Starfield. There are currently five research projects that use Microsecond Regulators in Starfield. These are:

  • Receiver Mods 1 (Weaponry)
  • Receiver Mods 2 (Weaponry)
  • Resource Extraction 2 (Outpost Development)
  • HelmetMods 3 (Equipment)
  • SpacesuitMods 3 (Equipment)

They are also used to create mods and upgrades for gear and outposts. The crafting uses of the Microsecond Regulator are:

  • Fully Automatic weapon mod(Receiver)
  • Binary Trigger weapon mod (Receiver)
  • Balanced Boostpack mod
  • Optimized Servos spacesuit mod
  • Gravitic Composites helmet mod
  • Ballistic Turret Mk III Security Robot (Outpost Structures)
  • Aldumite Drilling Rig (Component)

Once you’ve exhausted the supply of one or each of the vendors, you’ll need to wait for them to restock. Find a chair or a bed and wait or sleep for 24 hours (wait another 24 hours if their stock doesn’t refresh). Once you’ve waited, head back inside and you’ll find their stock fully replenished with a new batch of Microsecond Regulators so you can craft more mods.

That’s everything you need to know about where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield. If you’re looking to upgrade your ship, check out all the ship manufacturers, the best ships, best ship parts, best reactors and our guide to starship weapons. And if you’re wanting some quests to take on, the Sabotage, Delivering Devils, Surgical Strike, Operation Starseed, Absolute Power, and Alternating Currents missions are all great options. And for more info on shops, our New Atlantis shops, Akila City shops, and Neon shops guides will help you out. We also have a guides covering the Starfield Mysterious Captain and Starfield The Den location if those are of interst.