Starfield Cydonia city guide – what you need to know

Starfield Cydonia city guide – what you need to know
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Looking for information on Starfield Cydonia city? Cydonia is a city that’s largely underground, woven into a mining facility on the red planet, Mars. It’s populated by miners chiefly, but attracts all manner of people and is one of the first cities you’ll explore after New Atlantis.

You’ll be sent to Cydonia by Constellation, one of Starfield’s many factions. The space-exploration RPG has other cities such as New Atlantis, the capital of the United Colonies, and Akila City – two of a number of Starfield colonies to explore.

Starfield Cydonia: An overview of the above-ground mining facility of Cydonia.

What is Cydonia in Starfield?

The city of Cydonia is a mining settlement in Starfield found on Mars. It’s currently under the jurisdiction of the United Colonies, and is a vital resource base for the faction. Cydonia boasts massive extraction, industrial refinement, and production capacities, but the city’s age is seemingly starting to show.

Lead Quest Designer Will Shen describes it as an ancient settlement, and “one of the early settlements humanity created after they left Earth”. Mars is just one of the 1000+ Starfield planets that you can explore across many solar systems in the galaxy. But its rustic environment and haunting past channels the very best of Fallout and Skyrim.

Starfield Cydonia: A woman mining ore with a laser gun.

Our Earth isn’t in good shape in the world of Starfield. Humanity takes to using Mars to harvest resources, resulting in the formation of Cydonia.

Game director Todd Howard stated that Bethesda is picking gritty realism over unexplainable magic. He even toured SpaceX and discussed the logistics and scope of an ambitious Mars colonization plan with Elon Musk.

However, despite the desolate appearance of Cydonia in comparison to some other major cities, Cydonia is home to some. As the first planet colonised by humans, the technology used was more rudimentary than it would become. Coupled with the need to avoid the harsh Martian climate, the city was built largely underground.

Considering that Cydonia is a mining facility, accidents and issues are common with a few quests exploring the harsher side of life in the city.

Starfield Cydonia: An image of a board that states "11 hours without incident" in a mining facility in Cydonia, a city in Starfield.

Cydonia locations

Despite its clear usefulness as a mining facility, and the potential riches that Cydonia generates, it is a very obviously poor city, especially when contrasted with the opulence of cities like New Atlantis. Nevertheless, it houses its own share of vendors and points of interest.

  • Reliant Medical
  • Jane’s Goods
  • UC Exchange
  • Trade Authority
  • The Broken Spear
  • Deimos Staryards Engineering
  • Enhance!

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