Starfield Gagarin planet guide

Starfield Gagarin planet guide
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The Starfield Gagarin planet is named after Soviet cosmonaut and first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, a pattern adopted for all the planets in the Alpha Centauri System, with each one dedicated to a major player in humanity’s enduring urge to explore beyond our humble blue planet.

In our Starfield Gagarin planet guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about one of the many Starfield planets. For more on the planets that make up the Alpha Centauri System, read up on Jemison and check out our deep dive into the United Colonies faction capital, New Atlantis.

Starfield Gagarin planet: Gagarin on star map.

What is Gagarin?

Gagarin is a temperate world found in the Alpha Centauri system and the second planet closest to the system’s sun. Gagarin is described by Bethesda’s Todd Howard as a “Goldilocks planet”, a star system’s habitable zone, and unlike many other planets, it does not have any moons. Its weather is reasonably tame, and its gravity isn’t that far off of Earths, at 0.89Gs. This means it’s 89% as strong as gravity on Earth.

  • Type: Rock
  • Gravity: 0.98 G
  • Temperature: Temperate
  • Atmosphere: O2
  • Magnetosphere: Unknown
  • Fauna: Moderate
  • Flora: Moderate
  • Water: Biological

Starfield Gagarin features, locations, and resources

Though not as feature-rich as other planets, especially those with big cities like Neon on Volii Alpha, Gagarin has its own settlement, aptly called Gagarin Landing, a bustling mining hub and outpost. Gagarin Landing houses the following vendors, shops, and services:

  • Ship Technician Services
  • Reliant Medical
  • Clint’s Collectibles
  • Med Bay
  • Centauri Mills
  • Terrabrew
  • Yankton Law Offices

There’s also an Industrial Outpost, a Mining Outpost, and the Hephaestus Mine H-363 on the planet, but aside from these locations, the rest of the planet is missing other major landmarks other than the smaller, randomg ones spawned through Starfield’s procedural generation.

Starfield Gagarin planet: Statue of Gagarin.

Its rocky topography and temperate climate means that Gagarin boasts a moderate range of flora and fauna, including Trilobite Scavengers and Prong Wing Seabats. Gagarin is rich in the following resources:

  • H20 – Water
  • Cl – Chlorine
  • Pb – Lead
  • SiH3Cl – Chlorosilanes

Players will visit Gagarin as part of Barrett’s optional Breach of Contract side quest, unlocked after gaining favour and deepening the relationship with the Constellation companion. The quest has you investigate the suspicious death of Barrett’s former partner Ervin and you’ll head to Gagarin to gather evidence.

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