How to get Superior weapons and armor in Starfield

How to get Superior weapons and armor in Starfield
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If you’re after the best gear, then Starfield Superior weapons and armor are exactly what you need. With various gear tiers in the game, Superior items are the best of the best, and come with significantly higher stats than anything else you’ll find in the Settled Systems. Luckily, we’re here to tell you all about them, and how you get get your hands on them.

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Starfield Superior weapons and armor: The player equipping a Superior Trackers Alliance Spacesuit.

What are Superior items in Starfield?

In Starfield, there are four tiers of item quality, which confer higher stats with each tier. From lowest to highest, these are:

  • Refined
  • Calibrated
  • Advanced
  • Superior

At the start of your Starfield adventure, the vast majority of items you come across will have no assigned tier, but the further you get through, you’ll start coming across progressively higher tiered weapons and armor. This makes sure that you’re never stuck with gear that’s too underlevelled for the point you’re at in the game. They will often come equipped with some powerful modifiers and upgrades, too.

Starfield Superior weapons and armor: A Superior spacesuit on a desk.

These tiers are also distinct from armor and weapon rarity. You can have a Refined Legendary item, but a Superior Common item which will have better stats. Be sure to compare the stats of each weapon rather than the quality to ensure you’re using the best gear possible. An example of this would be the Mantis armor from the Starfield Mantis quest. While Legendary armor, it may not have Superior quality prefixes, especially if received near the start of the game. This similarly applies to Legendary weapons, too.

How to get Superior armor in Starfield

Superior armor can be found from looting high-level enemies, and from chests in high-level areas. While we don’t know exactly what level Superior armor will begin to drop at, from our time with the game, we estimate that these drops only appear on enemies that are at least level 50 or higher. Like spacesuits, you can also get Superior versions of both helmets and boost packs.

Starfield Superior weapons and armor: An overview of the Serpentis star system in the Starfield starmap.

You can generally tell where you can find higher-level enemies by looking at your starmap. Each star system shows a recommended level to be when visiting the star system in order to prevent you from heading somewhere you’re too weak for. Using this as a guide, you can head to high-level star systems, such as the Level 55 Serpentis system, where you can take down human enemies and outposts to get this Superior armor, though be aware if your own character level is significantly lower. Completing late-game quests will also likely provide Superior armor as a reward.

How to get Superior weapons in Starfield

Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to obtain Superior weapons in Starfield. While weapons share the same tier system as armour up to the Advanced tier, there are currently no Superior weapons in the game. We do know that the possibility for Superior weapons exists within the game’s code, but whether this was left out of the game itself by accident or on purpose is unknown.

As such, the best weapons you can get in the game are Advanced weapons. Nevertheless, an Advanced weapon with some strong weapon mods can be an incredibly powerful piece of gear in combat.

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Starfield Superior weapons and armor FAQs

Where do you get Superior armor in Starfield?

Superior armor can be found from looting high-level enemies, and from chests in high-level areas.

Where do you get Superior weapons in Starfield?

Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to obtain Superior weapons in Starfield, and the highest tier is Advanced weapons.