All Starfield legendary ships and how to unlock them

All Starfield legendary ships and how to unlock them
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If you’re looking for Starfield legendary ships, then you’re in the right place. While there are plenty of incredible ships on offer throughout Starfield, whether they’re bought, earned, or built from scratch, there are a select few that are unique and offer some special bonuses that you won’t get from your standard ship. These legendary ships are hard to come by, and we’re going to go through each one and how to get them.

If you’re looking to take on some faction quests, then check out the Starfield Absolute Power, Starfield Delivering Devils, and Starfield Sabotage quests for some of the best options. And if you’re looking for some great advice for your playthrough, look no further than our Starfield tips and tricks. With that, let’s get into all the Starfield legendary ships and how you can get your hands on them.

Starfield legendary ships: The Razorleaf in the ship selection menu.

What legendary ships are there in Starfield?

Right now, there are five legendary ships available in Starfield. These are:

    • Frontier

    • Explorer

    • Pilgrim

    • Razorleaf

    • Stronghold

These ships all have higher starting stats than your average ships, and can sometimes even come with extra parts that you won’t find at regular shipyards, such as shielded cargo holds to smuggle contraband.


The Frontier, while nothing special in terms of its stats, offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing ships in the game. Given to you by Constellation at the start of the game, it’s your base ship, and will do all the basics perfectly well. If you’re interested in looks over practicality, this might be the one for you.


The Explorer spaceship, true to its name, is perfect for travelling large distances thanks to its incredible grav drive.


The Pilgrim is a class B spaceship that excels in space combat thanks to powerful weapon systems and engines.


The Razorleaf is a class A spaceship that boats both speed and plenty of powerful weaponry, making its combat capabilities pretty high for a class A ship. It includes a shielded cargo hold.

      • Fuel: 140

      • Hull: 469

      • Cargo: 420

      • Crew: 2

      • Shield: 390


    The Stronghold is a powerful ship, boasting some of the strongest shields and hull armour of all the spaceships in the game, as well as plenty of cargo space.

        • Fuel: 2200

        • Hull: 1047

        • Cargo: 2360

        • Crew: 6

        • Shield: 1600

      Where can you get legendary ships in Starfield?

      You can get legendary ships from a variety of sources, whether that’s buying them from special vendors, as a reward when you complete quests, or finding them while out exploring. Here’s how to get each one:


      The Stronghold is the easiest to acquire: you can purchase it from Ship Services Technicians for 400,125 Credits at any of the major spaceports around the Settled Systems, including Atlantis, Neon, and Akila City.


      The Razorleaf is a reward from the Starfield Mantis mission on Denebola I-B, which can be completed fairly on in your playthrough.


      The Pilgrim legendary ship is available to buy once you’ve completed the Crimson Fleet faction questl ine.

      Constellation and Explorer

      The other two ships, however, are harder to come across, requiring you to do some exploration and get lucky in finding one. You may come across one of them docked at Spacer outpost on moons and planets, or you might come up against one in space combat and have the chance to steal it. In this case, make sure you know how to target, disable, and steal ships in Starfield. Rogue captains piloting ships orbitting planets are a particularly good source of legendary ships as well, so get accustomed to scanning every time you reach new star systems.

      Legendary ship battles

      Aside from legendary ships you can add to your roster of vessels, Starfield also features legendary ship battles. These offer players challenging dogfighting encounters against hulking ships, which are usually tailed by a fleet of supporting vessels that you’ll also need to destroy. These ships can’t be owned, stolen, or boarded. Instead, defeating them rewards you with a hefty haul of credits and XP.

          • Spacer Scavenger Blattodea

          • Va’ruun Shroudbearer

          • Ecliptic Battleship Camulus

        Legendary ship battles spawn at random throughout the Settled Systems, so there’s no guaranteed way to find them other than to keep exploring.

        That’s all for the Starfield legendary ships. No matter how good they are, these ships could all benefit from one of the best Starfield reactors being added on. If you’re looking for some more ship ideas, our Starfield best ships and Starfield best ship parts guides will help you out whether you want to buy or build your own. And if it’s Starfield starship weapons you’re after, we’ve got you covered there, too. We also have guides covering the Starfield Mysterious Captain, the Starfield The Den location, and where to get Microsecond Regulator in Starfield

        Starfield Legendary Ships FAQs

        What are legendary ships in Starfield?

        Legendary ships are unique ships with special properties that can be found in Starfield.

        How do you get legendary ships in Starfield?

        Legendary ships can be found while exploring, bought, or received as rewards from quests.