Starfield Alpha Centauri guide – all planets and moons

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The Starfield Alpha Centauri star system is arguably one of the most important in Starfield and the starting point for your journey across the Settled Systems. Home to some of the space-exploration RPG’s most iconic locations, the Alpha Centauri system is the closest to Sol – our solar system.

We’ll walk you through all the pertinent information you need to know about the system. For more help on your system-hopping journey, start with our Starfield tips and tricks beginner’s guide, then take a peek at our quest list, where to get Digipicks, how to pick locks, and the Starfield ship manufacturers locations so you can piece together your dream ship as soon as possible.

Starfield Alpha Centauri: Alpha Centauri on the star map.

Starfield Alpha Centauri planets

The Starfield Alpha Centauri star system consists of four planets and eight moons. The planets are all named after real-life astronauts like Yuri Gagarin, the first person in space. In terms of the Starfield timeline, Alpha Centauri is one of the most significant star systems in the Starfield story. In real life, it is the closest star to our own solar system. The system’s dominant faction is the United Colonies.

Starfield Alpha Centauri: Jemison on the star map.


Jemison is a rock-type planet with a single moon called Kurtz. It’s the main attraction of the Alpha Centauri system and is home to the bustling city of New Atlantis. It features a major significant Constellation presence, chiefly in The Lodge and The Eye, an orbiting space station. It’s a temperate planet, rich in resources, fauna, and flora, characteristics that made it the first extra-solar system planet to be colonised by humanity in Starfield.

  • Type – Rock
  • Gravity – 0.91 G
  • Temperature – Temperate
  • Atmosphere – Standard O2
  • Magnetosphere – Strong
  • Fauna – Abundant
  • Flora – Abundant
  • Water – Safe
Starfield Alpha Centauri: Gagarin on the star map.


Gagarin is the smallest planet in the Alpha Centauri system and has no moons. Despite being a fairly desolate and rocky planet, it’s home to Gagarin Landing, a mining outpost.

  • Type – Rock
  • Gravity – 0.89 G
  • Temperature – Temperate
  • Atmosphere – High O2
  • Magnetosphere – Powerful
  • Fauna – Moderate
  • Flora – Moderate
  • Water – Biological
Starfield Alpha Centauri: Olivas on the star map.


Olivas is a gas giant devoid of life or settlements and can’t be landed on. It has five moons: Lovell, Voss, Chawla, Zamka, and Hawley.

  • Type – Gas Giant
  • Gravity – 1.34 G
  • Temperature – Frozen
  • Atmosphere – H2
  • Magnetosphere – Strong
  • Fauna – None
  • Flora – None
  • Water – None
Starfield Alpha Centauri: Bondar on the star map.


Bondar is an extreme heat rock-type planet with two moons – Curbeam and Grissom. It’s high temperature doesn’t make it particularly hospitable to life, but the planet can nevertheless be landed on. It features a rich spread of resources, including lead, chlorine, nickel, tungsten, platinum, and xenon.

  • Type – Gas Giant
  • Gravity – 1.84 G
  • Temperature – Inferno
  • Atmosphere – Extra CO2
  • Magnetosphere – Powerful
  • Fauna – None
  • Flora – None
  • Water – None

That’s about it for the Starfield Alpha Centauri star system. If you’re looking to set up shop on one of Alpha Centauri’s planets, make sure you’re prepared with our Starfield outpost building guide. Otherwise, we have plenty of early game primers, like where to get Digipicks, how to store items on your ship, where to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit, and how to unlock powers to complement your arsenal of weapons.

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