Starfield starship weapons guide – every spaceship gun and best ship weapons

Starfield starship weapons guide – every spaceship gun and best ship weapons
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Starfield starship weapons (or spaceship weapons if you prefer) are a major part of your ship’s customisation options in Starfield. With the ability to take part in exciting space dogfights with other ships, you’ll want to make sure that you’re armed to the teeth to take down any pilots that stand in your way.

There are plenty of other parts of your ship that will come into play in these space battles, so be sure to brush up on all of the available Starfield ship customisation options. You should also get familiar with the Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor available for when you’re fighting on solid ground, too. If you’re new to Starfield, you may want to check out our detailed Starfield tips and tricks guide and the best Starfield ships and Starfield best ship parts to upgrade your ship.

For now, though, let’s go through all of the Starfield starship weapons, how they work, and the best weapons for you to use on your own ship.

Starfield starship weapons: The ship customisation menu showing the equipped weapons, engines, and shields.

How do starship weapons work in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can attach up to three different weapons to your ship. When visiting a spaceport, you can purchase, upgrade, and assign weapons to one of three weapon slots in the ship-builder mode. One thing to keep in mind is weapon assignment, as you are unable to confirm your changes while you still have unassigned weapons. Check out how to assign weapon groups in Starfield for some help.

Each ship weapon type deals a different kind of damage depending on the type of weapon used, with each having a different purpose. Energy weapons deal extra damage to shields (Shield DMG), ballistic weapons deal damage extra damage to a ship’s hull (Hull DMG), and EM weapons damage a ship’s systems. Using the right assortment of weapons will be key to success when taking on enemy ships, so play around with the weapons to find a combination you find works for you.

And this leads in to your main strategy when taking on enemy ships. You’ll want to use your energy weapons first to destroy the enemy shields. Once the shields are down, you can use a combination of your ballistic and missile weapons to quickly destroy the hull, blowing up the ship in the process.

Every weapon also has its own stats, such as range, fire rate, and hull and shield damage. This way, you can easily see what weapons are more suited to your needs and swap them out depending on which is the better choice.

Your ship as a whole has stats too, which are affected by Starfield’s ship customization mechanic. The LAS (Lasers), BAL (Ballistics), and MSL (Missile) stats are especially important as these will determine your ship’s combat capacity.

There are various Starfield skills that you’ll want to rank up in order to increase your effectiveness with your weapons, too. Skills like Missile Weapon Systems and Particle Beam Weapon Systems will increase the damage you deal, making it much easier to win any battles you happen to come up against. Getting some Starfield crew members with the proper training will be helpful as their skills might help you out in a pinch, too. 

Make sure you have the right Starship Design rank, too. No point buying yourself a Class B weapon when you don’t have the skills to attach it to your ship after all.

Remember that dealing damage isn’t the be-all and end all. You’ll need to avoid damage too, and should make use of all facets of starship engineering to do so. This includes using the astrodynamics skill to increase your ship’s reactor capabilities, giving you a better top speed and added mobility.

Starfield starship weapons: The ship customisation menu showing some of the available weapons to purchase.

What starship weapons are there in Starfield?

There are five types of starship weapons that you can use in space combat. These are Lasers, Ballistics, Missiles, Particles, and Suppressors/EM (Electromagnetic) weapons. Here are all of the available starship weapons in their respective categories, as well as their weapon class, and cost to purchase.

Laser weapons

Here is a list of all of the starship Laser weapons (LAS) available in Starfield:

Weapon nameWeapon classCost
Blaze 2GW SX LaserC8621
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse LaserC15770
Blaze-P 2GW SX Pulse Laser TurretC19950
Dragon 221 MW LaserA1425
Dragon 221P MW Pulse LaserA7576
Dragon 231 IR LaserA8621
Dragon 231P IR Pulse LaserA14440
Dragon 241 LaserB5011
Dragon 241P Pulse LaserB12730
Dragon 241P Pulse Laser TurretB12730
Dragon 251 UV LaserB12730
Dragon 251 UV Pulse LaserB22990
Dragon 261 SX LaserC7077
Dragon 261 SX Laser TurretC14820
Dragon 261P SX Pulse LaserC11685
Flare 15 MW IR LaserA1425
Flare-P 15MW IR Pulse LaserA7576
Reza 10 PHz Pulse LaserB35000
Reza 10 PHz UV LaserB21500
Reza 10 PHz UV Pulse LaserB29600
Reza 30 THz IR LaserA16600
Reza 30 THz IR Pulse LaserA29600
Reza 45 GHz MW LaserA5275
Reza 45 GHz MW Pulse LaserA7975
Reza 300 PHz SX LaserC17200
Reza 300 PHz SX Pulse LaserC33900
Reza 300 PHz SX Pulse Laser TurretC29600
Reza 600 THz LaserB10700
Reza 600 THz Pulse LaserB18800
Scorch 60MW LaserB7576
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse LaserB12730
Scorch-P 60MW Pulse Laser TurretB12730
Scorch-S 80MW Pulse Laser TurretB11685
Singe 4MW LaserA12160
Singe-P 4MW Pulse LaserA21280
Torch 250MW UV LaserB15295
Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse LaserB28120
Vanguard Starseeker Pulse LaserC36290

Ballistic weapons

Here is a list of all the starship Ballistic weapons (BAL) available in Starfield:

Weapon nameWeapon class Cost
Dangan Pb CannonA4300
Dangan Pb RF AutocannonA10200
Dangan W CannonA14500
Dangan W RF AutocannonA29600
Jishaku AlNiCo RailgunB23100
Jishaku AlNiCo RF Rapid RailgunB40800
Jishaku Fe RailgunB9525
Jishaku Fe RF Rapid RailgunB17900
Jishaku Fe RF Rapid Railgun TurretB22500
Jishaku Nd RailgunC11200
Jishaku Nd RF Rapid RailgunC19100
Jishaku Nd RF Rapid Railgun TurretC22500
KE-20 CannonA7225
KE-20A AutocannonA14915
KE-31 CannonA14915
KE-31A AutocannonA33440
KE-42 CannonB13965
KE-42 Cannon TurretB27835
KE-42A AutocannonB22895
KE-49 CannonB25935
KE-49A AutocannonB42750
MKE-4 Gauss GunC13585
MKE-4A Auto Gauss GunC21375
MKE-9 Gauss GunC20140
MKE-9A Auto Gauss GunC41990
Marauder 114ANC RailgunC8835
Marauder 114ANC Rapid RailgunC15010
Marauder 115N RailgunC17195
Marauder 115N Railgun TurretC31445
Marauder 115N Rapid RailgunC35625
Mauler 104L CannonA1375
Mauler 104L AutocannonA7030
Mauler 105U CannonA11020
Mauler 105U AutocannonA20235
Mauler 106S Shot-CannonB4750
Mauler 106T CannonB6056
Mauler 106T AutocannonB13015
Mauler 106T Autocannon TurretB17005
Mauler 1071 CannonB17005
Mauler 1071 AutocannonB32870
Vanguard Hellfire AutocannonC2612

Missile weapons

Here is a list of all the starship Missile weapons (MSL) available in Starfield:

Weapon nameWeapon class Cost (Credits)
ATLATL 270A Missile LauncherA3705
ATLATL 270B Missile LauncherB7718
ATLATL 270C Missile LauncherC23180
ATLATL 280A Missile LauncherA10355
ATLATL 280B Missile LauncherB21660
ATLATL 280C Missile LauncherC45125
ATLATL 290B Missile LauncherB12110
CE-09 Missile LauncherA1615
CE-19 Missile LauncherA9428
CE-29 Missile LauncherB5818
CE-39 Missile LauncherB14630
CE-49 Missile LauncherC13110
CE-59 Missile LauncherC23940
Devastator 1500 Missile LauncherC7718
Hunter MAG-350 Missile LauncherB5248
Hunter MAG-450 Missile LauncherB11875
Infiltrator SC-01 Missile LauncherA2375
Infiltrator SC-02 Missile LauncherA7148
Vanguard Tempest CE-13 Missile LauncherA1425

Particle weapons

Here is a list of all the starship Particle weapons (PAR) available in Starfield:

Weapon nameWeapon class Cost
Disruptor 3300 Electron BeamA2137
Disruptor 3300A Auto Electron BeamA6175
Disruptor 3310 Proton BeamA9690
Disruptor 3310A Auto Proton BeamA18145
Disruptor 3320 Neutron BeamB5011
Disruptor 3320 Neutron TurretB13110
Disruptor 3320A Auto Neutron BeamB10355
Disruptor 3330 Helion BeamB13965
Disruptor 3330A Auto Helion BeamB31185
Disruptor 3340 Alpha BeamC7528
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha BeamC11495
Disruptor 3340A Auto Alpha TurretC14345
Exterminator 95MeV Helion BeamB23200
PB-30 Electron BeamA3396
PBO-30 Auto Electron BeamA8573
PBO-40 Auto Electron BeamA20520
PB-50 Proton BeamA13490
PBO-50 Auto Proton BeamA22895
PB-100 Neutron BeamB7965
PBO-100 Auto Neutron BeamB12160
PBO-100 Ato Neutron TurretB15770
PB-175 Helion BeamB13110
PBO-175 Auto Helion BeamB28025
PB-300 Alpha BeamC9143
PBO-300 Auto Alpha BeamC14345
PBO-300 Auto Alpha TurretC18620
Vaporizer 35MeV Proton BeamA18100
Vanguard Ares Particle CannonC12920
Vanguard Obliterator AutoprojectorA13395

Suppressors/EM weapons

Here is a list of all the starship Suppressors/EM weapons available in Starfield:

Weapon nameWeapon class Cost
EMP-80 SuppressorA4417
EMP-200 SuppressorA28975
EMP-500 SuppressorB43320
EMP-1000 SuppressorC11020
Firebolt 4000 SuppressorB13775
Fulminator 8000 SuppressorC2968
Nullifier 1750 SuppressorA37145
Spark 750 SuppressorA12635

Each of these weapons can be swapped interchangeably depending on what type of weapon you want to use. Additionally, they can be upgraded at spaceports to increase their stats. Each weapon has its own damage type, and you’ll need the right bit of tech for the right time.

Laser weapons deal significantly higher damage to a ship’s shield than to its hull. In contrast, Ballistic and Missile weapons deal significantly higher hull damage than to shields. Weapons that use particle beam technology deal roughly equal damage to both shields and hulls, are the preferred choice of any pilot fighting multiple ships at once. The odd one out is Suppressors/EM weapons which damage a ship’s systems.

Where can I get starship weapons in Starfield?

Starship weapons can be purchased from Ship Services Technicians at the spaceport of any major city. For example, if landing at New Atlantis, the ship technician will be standing right next to the exit of the landing pad. Simply talk to him, and ask to modify your ship. From here, you can purchase new weapons, as well as other parts such as a new grav-drive and shields. Simply scroll over to the weapons tab to view what’s on offer. You can also find shipyards with unique items for sale in places like the Red Mile on Porrima III, and The Den orbiting Chthonia in the Wolf system.

What are the best Starfield ship weapons?

The best Starfield ship weapons are the Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse Laser, the KE-42 Cannon, and the ATLATL 280C Missile Launcher. With so many different weapon modules to choose from, combined with the less than ideal UI in the in-game ship builder, it can be a struggle to figure out the best ship weapons. Through our playthrough of Starfield, we found that across the entire game, there are a few weapons which stand out from the rest in their respective weapon types.

The Torch-P 250MW UV Pulse Laser we found to be the best Laser ship weapon in the game. It offers huge shield damage and a high rate of fire. This is incredibly useful later in the game when you come up against groups of enemy ships, as being able to destroy shields quickly will be what wins you these fights.

As for Ballistic weapons, we recommend the KE-42 Cannon. Just like the Pulse Laser above, it offers the same high damage and good fire rate combination, except with a focus on hull damage. You’ll want a high rate of fire, too, as our final weapon has a much slower fire rate, but makes up for it with huge damage.

The best Missile weapon, and our choice for the best overall starship weapon is the ATLATL 280C Missile Launcher. This requires Rank 3 in the Starship Design skill to unlock, and will cost you a pretty penny, but it’s worth it. A massive 264 damage per hit, both to shields and hulls, means that it can be used throughout space combat, and will decimate even the highest health ships. If you’ve got the skills and the money to get one, you won’t ever need to upgrade your missile launcher again.

If you want to power up these C-class weapons, then you’ll need to have an equally powerful C-class reactor. If you’ve got a hugely powerful weapon, but only have an A-class reactor, you won’t be able to put enough power into it, and will only get so much of the weapon’s value. Before you upgrade your weaponry, be sure to find a reactor that works best for what you want.

That’s all the Starfield starship weapons. If you’re after some great quests to take on, we would recommend the Sabotage, Alternating Currents, Absolute Power, Operation Starseed, Entangled, and Delivering Devils quests. If you’re looking to do some shopping, check out the New Atlantis shops, Neon shops, and Akila City shops. And if you’re just getting started, we’ve got some primers to get you going, such as how to store items on your ship in Starfieldwhere to get Digipicks, where to get the Mark 1 spacesuithow to use the boost packhow to dock at ships, and how to level up fast, to get your started on the right foot.

Starfield starship weapons FAQ

How do starship weapons work in Starfield?

In Starfield, you can attach up to three different weapons to your ship. When visiting a spaceport, you can purchase, upgrade, and assign weapons to one of three slots in the ship-builder mode.

What starship weapons are there in Starfield?

There are five types of starship weapons that you can use in space combat. These are Lasers, Ballistics, Missiles, Particles, and Suppressors/EM weapons.