Starfield Delivering Devils quest guide – best choices and how to find Percival

Starfield Delivering Devils quest guide – best choices and how to find Percival
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The Starfield Delivering Devils quest will see you continue to build up your reputation with Commander Tulsa as a member of the United Colonies faction. Unlike the fairly straightforward precursor to this quest, there are a few optional objectives to complete, each of which can have an effect on how the quest plays out.

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Starfield Delivering Devils: The door to the Trade Authority in Cydonia.
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Starfield Delivering Devils walkthrough

To unlock the Delivering Devils mission, you first need to have completed the first quest in the United Colonies questline, Grunt Work, where you help Hadrian Sanon kill a Terrormorph that was terrorising a farmer’s land on the planet Tau Ceti II. Once you’ve finished that, you’ll be able to talk to Commander Tuala to begin the Delivering Devils quest.

Head over to Tuala in New Atlantis, and he will task you with visiting the Trade Authority in Cydonia and asking about a man named Dr. Percival Walker. Get in your ship and fly over to Mars in the Sol system, and head to the Cydonia Trade Authority.

Starfield Delivering Devils: Oktai Enbayar inside the Cydonia Trade Authority.
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Go inside and talk to Oktai Enbayar, enquiring about Percival, and he will reveal that while Percival had been hired there as a doctor, he had since vanished after accruing some debts. Oktai will ask you to go to The Sixth Circle bar to try and get the money that he owes back.

Head to the elevator just down the stairs and to the right and go to floor P2. Head around the corner to find The Sixth Circle. Inside, talk to the miners who will have to be won over before they give up Percival. Talk to Lou the bartender, who will ask about why you’re looking for him. If you choose the option relating to the UC Vanguard, you’ll be asked about the Vanguard motto. Select the “Above and Beyond” option.

Alex’s Advice

If you currently have Sarah Morgan as your companion, you can instead get her to deliver the UC Vanguard motto, as a former member of the force herself.

Starfield Delivering Devils: Lou Saavedra at The Sixth Circle bar.
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Lou will tell you that he’ll give you Percival’s location if you’re willing to find a way to clear his debt. You have three options here with how to proceed. First, you can head to the Trade Authority and simply pay off the debt in full. Second, you can break into their servers and change their credit records. Thirdly, as you leave The Sixth Sense, a man named Cambridge Cooper will approach you, offering to clear Percival’s debt in exchange for clearing the Deep Mines of Spacers and finishing his and Percival’s research.

How should you clear Percival’s debt?

The easiest way to clear Percival’s debt is to simply pay it yourself. This saves you the time and effort of the other options, but at 21,867 credits, it’s a lot of money. If you don’t have a companion with you, then hacking into the Trade Authority systems is also a great option.

While killing the Spacers is the longest route, it does allow you the chance to get some decent loot from the Spacers in the mines. We recommend this option as it’s a great way to find some loot and potentially earn a little money as well. Most of all, you’ll also gain the recipe to a Pick-Me-Up Drug, which can permanently increase your inventory capacity.

Paying Percival’s debt

If you choose to pay Percival Walker’s debt, you’ll need to head back to Oktai in the Trade Authority. Talk to him and offer to pay Percival’s debt amount of 21867 credits. Once the debt is settled, return to Lou in The Sixth Circle to find out Percival’s location.

Starfield Delivering Devils: The Accounts Computer you use to change Percival's debt.
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Change Percival’s debt amount

To do this, you will first need at least Rank 1 in the Security skill to be able to hack Advanced locks. From the Trade Authority, head up the stairs and look out for the Broken Spear bar on your left. Head behind the bar, up some stairs, and into a room on your right at the end of a hallway.

Alex’s Advice

If you’re planning on hacking into the Trade Authority systems, be aware that some companions will disapprove of this. If you’re worried about upsetting your companion, tell them to wait outside before heading in to do the hack.

Go through the door at the back, take the first left and head down the stairs. Unlock the door at the bottom, head through, and interact with the Accounts Computer. Open up Percival’s account file, and select which balance to change Percival’s account to. Anything above 1000 credits will do. Head back to Lou who will tell you about Percival’s location.

Starfield Delivering Devils: Cambridge Cooper at The Sixth Circle bar.
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Killing the Spacers

Leave Cydonia and follow the quest marker towards the Abandoned Mines, where you’ll find a gang of Spacers. Start killing the enemies, climb up the stairs on the side of the building and through the entrance Continue through the tunnel, killing all the Spacers you find along the way until you find an enemy called Spacer Scum. This is the Spacer leader. Kill him and his minions.

Starfield Delivering Devils: The player killing a Spacer outside the Abandoned Mines
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From here, look around for a bridge somewhere above you. Underneath this bridge you’ll find a comms panel. Interact with it to contact Cambridge, who will ask you to analyse an Aqueous Hematite sample using a Thresher machine. Once done, collect Cambridge’s research.

Starfield Delivering Devils: The first main room in the Abandoned Mines.
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Leave the room and use your scanner to locate a deposit of Hematite. Once you’ve found one, mine it using a laser cutter, and return to the room with the intercom. Put the Hematite in the Thresher machine and wait a few seconds for it to be analysed. Talk to Cambridge to report your findings. Grab the nearby Employee Exit Key and head over to the Deep Mines’ employee exit. Take the elevator to the surface and head back to Cambridge in Cydonia.

He will put together a formula using the research. Head over to Oktai at the Trade Authority, and convince him to take the formula in exchange for the clearance of Percival’s debt.

Finding Percival

Once the debt is cleared, head back to Lou at The Sixth Sense. He will reveal that Percival has been hiding out at the old Red Devil’s HQ, and give you an access key to the Drill Waste Room door. Return to the elevator you used during Cambridge’s research. Follow your quest markers until you reach the HQ, and you’ll find Percival sitting in front of a lab. Speak to him, and you’ll find that the sample you’re examining is a dangerous mutation. Finish your conversation, and return to The Sixth Sense. Talk with Hadrian to finish the quest.

Delivering Devils rewards

As a reward for completing the Delivering Devils quest, you’ll receive a decent 9300 credits and 250 XP. Additionally, you’ll progress the United Colonies faction questline, unlocking the Eyewitness quest, which can be begun back at the UC headquarters in New Atlantis.

That’s everything you need to know about how to complete the Starfield Delivering Devils quest. If you’re looking to take on some more quests, check out the Sabotage, Absolute Power, Alternating Currents, Operation Starseed, and Surgical Strike quests. And if you’re wanting to do some shopping, take a look at all of the New Atlantis shops, Neon shops, and Akila City shops to see what’s on offer.

Starfield Delivering Devils FAQ

How should you pay off Percival’s debt?

The best way to pay off Percival’s debt is to clear the mines, because it gives you the chance to get some good loot.

Should you pay Percival’s debt yourself?

Unless you have a lot of credits rolling around, you should not pay Percival’s debt, as it is incredibly high, and the alternative methods are not very difficult.