Starfield space suit bug – how to get overpowered early

Starfield space suit bug – how to get overpowered early
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If you’re interested in the Starfield space suit bug, let’s go over how to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit early on in the game.

This bug is hardly a bug, but one of those features typical of Bethesda games that will likely remain forever. Rather than making use of changing difficulties like the XP glitch does, this bug functions simply by peering through a glass hinge at the right angle. Rather than needing to unlock the case with a Master level lockpicking, you can slide it right out without ever needing to get your hands dirty.

How to use the Starfield space suit bug to get the Mark 1 Spacesuit early

The Mark 1 Spacesuit is without a doubt one of the best spacesuits you can get in Starfield. While it doesn’t quite compare to the Starborn set, you’re going to have a pretty good set of gear for most of the game. It’s certainly going to make the game a good bit easier, and seeing as the bug is so accessible – why not give it a go?

Here’s how to do it.

  • Travel to The Lodge in New Atlantis
  • Hand over the Artefact
  • Join the Constellation and you will be rewarded with a key
  • Use the key to head down to the basement
  • Wander around a bit until you find the spacesuit in a glass cabinet

The Lodge is the headquarters of the Constellation. You’re going to meet Sarah Morgan, who will ask you for the Artefact. Once you hand it over, part of the main quest will play out, and you’ll be given the choice to join the faction. Once you do this, you’re going to be give the key to The Lodge as a reward.

Following this, head back to the very main entrance, and you’ll see a staircase with a set of doors beneath it. Once you do this, head to the bottom and turn left to a main room. From this room, you’re going to make a hard right and go to the end. You’ll see a room with a blanket covering a sofa, some paintings, and a glass cabinet behind the door.

Inside the glass cabinet is the Mark 1 Spacesuit, however it’s going to require a Master level lockpicker to get inside. At such an early point in the game – there’s no way you’re going to be able to get in here. However, who needs a lockpick when you have paper thin hands?

If you line up your crosshair as shown below – you’re going to be see the item-box for the “Mannequin” to open up. If you do this, you’re going to be able to take the entire Mark 1 Spacesuit out of the cabinet without ever opening it up.

The Mark 1 Spacesuit is going to drastically change how you play the game. With extremely high thermal, corrosive, physical and energy ratings – you’re going to be severely over-specced for this point in the game.

You can see below how clean the space suit looks, which is why I like it so much.

We’re going to be keeping an eye out for the latest bugs just like the space suit one. In the meantime, you might be interested in reading about Starfield console commands, or how you can mod the game. Both of these are going to help you get new items and severely over-level yourself early on in the game. Personally, I used console commands to give myself over 10million credits (mostly as proof of concept for our guide) and now I am richer than I could ever have imagined. While I don’t necessarily recommend this – it is pretty cool, right?