Starfield Jemison planet guide

Starfield Jemison planet guide
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The Starfield Jemison planet is among the most important in civilised space. You’ll want to learn all you can about this important spot in the galaxy, as you’ll spend quite a bit of time there during your playthrough.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about the earth-like orb, from the planet’s characteristics and resources to its main features and the bustling city of New Atlantis. For more Starfield help, check out our Starfield tips and tricks beginner’s guide, where to get Digipicks, and quest list.

What is Jemison?

Jemison is a major planet in Starfield, located in the Alpha Centauri system. Named after NASA’s first black female astronaut, Mae Jemison, the planet is a temperate world within the habitable zone of the system. It sports abundant native fauna and flora and its gravity is comparable to that of Earth, at roughly 90% the same strength. It shares the Alpha Centauri system with a few other planets of note, such as Gagarin.

Jemison is also the central jewel of the Starfield United Colonies faction, and the one of most important planets within their territory. It’s highly populated, wealthy, and hosts the United Colonies capital. It’s also the main base of operations for another important group, the Starfield Constellation faction. The intrepid space explorers share the United Colonies’ capital planet as their own home base of operations.

Starfield Jemison: Jemison on star map.

Jemison features, resources, and characteristics

Located in the Goldilocks zone of Alpha Centauri, Jemison is a haven among the stars, with a breathable atmosphere, earth-like gravity, and plenty of resources to sustain life. It also has an abundance of flaura and fauna, including Apex Parrothawks, Pack Coralbugs, Glossy Stickweed, and Spiral Creeper.

  • Type – Rock
  • Gravity – 0.91 G
  • Temperature – Temperate
  • Atmosphere – standard O2
  • Magnetosphere – Strong
  • Fauna – Abundant
  • Flora – Abundant
  • Water – Safe

Here are the resources available to mine on Jemison should you opt to set up shop there and build an outpost:

  • H2O – Water
  • Pb – Lead
  • Cl- Chlorine
  • Ar – Argon
  • SiH3Cl – Chlorosilanes

Jemison has a number of points of interest. The two main locations you’ll be able to visit on Jemison are New Atlantis and Constellation’s orbiting The Eye space station.

Starfield Jemison: New Atlantis.

New Atlantis

New Atlantis is the aforementioned capital of the United Colonies. It’s a prosperous city, but one where the law-and-order ideology of the UC reigns. You’ll spend your fair share of time there as you make your way through the Starfield story.

There are a fair few points of interest within New Atlantis. Here’s a list of all vendors, shops, services, and points of interest in New Atlantis:

  • Terrabrew Coffee
  • Jemison Mercantile
  • The Viewport Tavern
  • Centurion Arsenal
  • Reliant Medical
  • Enhance!
  • Chunks
  • CJ’s
  • EIT Clothier
  • Outland
  • Jake’s
  • Apex Electronics
  • GalBank
  • SSNN
  • The Trade Authority
  • Sanctum Universum Church
  • House of Enlightment
  • Freestar Collective Embassy
  • House Va’ruun Embassy
  • Infinity LTD Corporate Headquarters
  • MedBay
  • UC Surplus

The Eye

Found in orbit around Jemison, The Eye is one of Constellation’s most important assets. Its design roughly resembles a giant compass. The station is equipped for scientific research and assistance in Constellation operations. It’s usually occupied by Constellation member Vladimir.

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Where is Jemison?

Jemison is located in the Alpha Centauri system. It is the heart of United Colonies space, housing their capital city.

What type of planet is Jemison?

Jemison is a rocky planetary body, with Earth-like characteristics. It has a temperate climate, lots of indigenous fauna, and gravity about 90% as strong as Earth.