Starfield Ryujin Industries questline – all Ryujin Industries missions and rewards

Starfield Ryujin Industries questline – all Ryujin Industries missions and rewards
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Ryujin Industries questline

  • You can join Ryujin Industries by filling out a job application at their headquarters on Neon
  • Quests typically involve stealth and completing goals without being spotted or having to engage in combat
  • There are a total of 13 missions in the Ryujin questline

Among the factions of Starfield you’ve got nations and space pirates doing battle in the depths of the Settled Systems. But alongside that, one of Starfield’s more interesting factions comes in the form of a major technology corporation – Ryujin Industries – and all the shady ways they make sure they’re the only name in town.

And far from the swashbuckling space exploration you’ll be doing for any of the other factions, Ryujin Industries prefer to keep things on the down low. You’ll be engaging in stealthy corporate espionage to help take down rival companies without any of them ever even knowing you were involved.

Starfield Ryujin Industries: The lobby of Ryujin Tower showing a desk with a large symbol on the wall behind it, with a corridor leading off to the left.
The Ryujin Industries headquarters can be found on Neon. Image captured by VideoGamer

How to join the Ryujin Industries faction

To join Ryujin Industries, you must apply for a job at the company using the Ryujin Industries kiosk found in the lobby of Ryujin Tower in Neon on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii system. You’ll have to complete a quick questionnaire about your skills and experience, but regardless of what answers you give, you’ll be accepted into Ryujin Industries.

List of Ryujin Industries missions and rewards

Here is a list of all the missions in the Ryujin Industries questline:

  • Back to the Grind – 4000 Credits and 250 XP
  • One Step Ahead – 1000 Credits and 100 XP
  • A New Narrative – 2500 Credits and 110 XP
  • Access is Key – 2500 Credits and 100 XP
  • Sowing Discord – 10000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Accidents Happen – 2500 Credits and 100 XP
  • Maintaining the Edge – 2500 Credits and 100 XP
  • Top Secrets – 10000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Background Checks – 9000 Credits and 250 XP
  • Guilty Parties – 4800 Credits and 250 XP
  • The Key Ingredient – 4800 Credits and 250 XP
  • Sabotage – 8400 Credits and 350 XP
  • Executive Level – 13500 Credits and 350 XP

Spoiler Warning: From here, we’re going to be looking at what happens in each Ryujin Industries faction quest, so if you want to avoid any spoilers for this faction questline, stop reading here.

Back to the Grind

After applying for a role at Ryujin Industries, you’re accepted and tasked with the simply errand of heading to the nearby Terrabrew to grab some coffee for Imogene Salzo, where you’ll have a run in with your predecessor, Tomo. Luckily, the quests get a fair bit more exciting from here on out.

One Step Ahead

Your first proper job for Ryujin is to infiltrate CeltCorp and upload a secret program onto their computer systems without being caught.

A New Narrative

You’re sent to Akila City in the Cheyenne system to place some confidential files in the safe of Laredo Firearms in order to implicate them in some dodgy dealings.

Access is Key

This time, the target of your espionage is the ship manufacturer HopeTech in the Valo system. Head to their headquarters and acquire a Security Keycard without anyone noticing you were there.

Sowing Discord

One of your rivals, Infinity LTD, are looking to strike up a deal with one of your clients. Your job is to sabotage their deal by messing with Nina Hart’s presentation and spreading rumours about them to Zola Adisa and Arthur Cruz, making sure the deal never goes ahead.

Accidents Happen

Having secured the HopeTech keycard earlier in the questline, you’re tasked with returning to plant an ARC device at HopeTech HQ, sabotaging their work and putting them in the spotlight for negligence.

Maintaining the Edge

Trident Luxury Lines are doing a bit too well for themselves and Ryujin are under threat. Your job is to infiltrate the Trident Luxury Lines Staryard and steal some prototype schematics to make sure Ryujin is keeping pace with its competitors.

Top Secrets

Having proven your worth in the company, you’re sent to Maeve, who will introduce you to the head of operations at Ryujin, Ularu Chen. It’s now time to prove how good you are to her directly, as she tasks you with heading to Cydonia on Mars, and stealing some information about a secret project a rival company is undertaking, negotiating with Simon Ryczek, one of the company’s informants.

Background Checks

Having discovered that your rivals have been stealing information about Ryujin’s projects, you’re tasked by Dalton with investigating your colleagues to discover who the mole is in the organisation with the help of Nyx, a local hacker. You’ll infiltrate the company, and place a scanning program on Ularu’s computer.

Guilty Parties

You’ve discovered who the mole is, but you find out from Yuko that they’ve already fled the scene. You’re tasked with hunting them down at Frankie’s Grab & Go, only to find out that the situation is not as cut and dry as it immediately seemed, and there’s an even bigger fish to fry.

The Key Ingredient

A shipment of Rothicite, a key material used to make Ryujin’s neuroamps, has gone missing. Veena, the company’s top scientist needs it, so you’re sent to a clinic in the Narion system, and then the moon Carinae III-A to investigate, only to find that the facility has been overrun by Spacers and that one of your rivals is behind it.


With Infinity LTD stealing Ryujin’s prototype and sending the Spacers in the last quest, you are sent to infiltrate the company’s HQ and (hopefully) avoid all the guards. Once here, you’ll steal their prototype neuroamp, hack into the executives’ computers, and expose their crimes to the SSNN to be broadcast across the galaxy. You also get a nice Operative Suit and Operative Helmet to help you sneak around, as well as some levels in the Manipulation skill thanks to your new neuroamp.

Executive Level

Having finished up with Infinity LTD, it’s time to reveal the true mole in the organisation. Masako will also give you the chance to sway board members on whether they should take over Infinity LTD, and continue research on their powerful neuroamp technology.