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Knowing how to repair your ship in Starfield will be incredibly important to your playthrough, as you’ll be forced into space combat plenty of times across your journey. Once you start getting further into the game, these enemies will have stronger ships, and come at you in greater numbers, so it’s a rare thing that you’ll come out on the other side completely unscathed. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

If you want to minimise the amount of damage your ship will take in these battles, then you’ll want to check out our Starfield ship customization guide to get a greater understanding of ship building. And if you’re wanting to improve your ability to take on these interstellar enemies, you’ll want to rank up some of your Starfield skills. With that, let’s take a look at how to repair your ship in Starfield.

Starfield how to repair ship: The New Atlantis spaceport Ship Services Technician.

How do you repair your ship in Starfield?

To repair your ship in Starfield, you need to talk to a Ship Services Technician found at any major spaceport the Settled Systems. The first technician that you’ll likely come across is the one near the landing pad at the New Atlantis spaceport. Simply talk to him, and you’ll see the dialogue option ‘[1000 Credits] My ship needs some repairs.’ 

Select this option and pay the 1000 credits, and just like that, all of the damage done to your ship will be gone. Similar technicians can be located at the spaceports of any major city like Cydonia and Neon, as well unique locations on certain planets like Paradiso and the Red Mile.

Starfield how to repair ship: The player flying towards the Stroud-Eklund Staryard in their ship.

How do you repair your ship in combat in Starfield?

If you’re in the middle of space battles, you can actually still repair your ship if you take damage, by using Ship Parts. In the bottom-right of your screen, you’ll see your ship’s health and shields. Your shields start at 100, and once they reach zero, your ship’s hull will start taking direct damage to your ship instead, with a bar showing your hull’s health. When that hull depletes, your ship will blow up.

You can fix your ship up using Ship Parts by pressing the O key on PC, or by pressing R3 on an Xbox controller. This will repair your ship’s health bar over time. While your ship is on low health, avoiding damage for a few seconds will start regenerating your shields. This can give you ample time to repair your ship, ready for the next assault.

In order to do this, you will need to have some Ship Parts in your inventory or your ship cargo. If you have no Ship Parts, you will be unable to repair your ship without the use of a Ship Services Technician. Ship Parts can be found as loot from the remains of destroyed enemy ships, and can be purchased from specific vendors such as Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis or Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City.

A great trick for farming some Ship Parts is to help out UC or Freestar Collective patrols to take out local faction ships such as Crimson Fleet pirates or spacers. After destroying all of the opposing ships, you’ll be able to request the salvage rights to the destroyed ships as a reward. From here, you can simply fly around, looting the various ships and acquiring a few Ship Parts.

The easiest way to avoid needing to repair your ship is to simply take the least damage, so check out all of the Starfield ship manufacturers to see which ones specialise in manufacturing defensive parts. And if you’re after some new ships, but don’t want to pay for them, take a look at how to disable, steal, and target ships in Starfield, too. For more Starfield help, check out how to get the Starfield Mark 1 spacesuit, where to get Digipicks, and how to store items on your ship to avoid being overencumbered.

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