Starfield The Den location – where is The Den space station?

Starfield The Den location – where is The Den space station?
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If you’re after the Starfield The Den location, you’re in the right place. This space station might at first appear like your standard Starfield location, but there are some features here that will be incredibly useful throughout your playthrough, especially if you’re after an illegal trade. That’s why we’re here to help you make your way there so you can have a look around for yourself in the latest Bethesda RPG.

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Starfield The Den location: The location of The Den within the Wolf star system.

The Den location in Starfield

The Den in Starfield is located in the Wolf system, in orbit around the gas giant planet Chthonia. The Wolf system location is fairly easy to find and on the galaxy map is between the Alpha Centauri and Narion systems. Simply grav jump (even with the starting ship – The Frontier) there on the star map, and fly close enough to The Den to dock, and head aboard through the airlock.

Starfield The Den location: The lobby area of The Den space station.

What is at The Den in Starfield?

The Den is a fairly small star station, especially compared to something like the Crimson Fleet’s base on The Key, a pirating haven, but it still has some useful features to bring you back. The best feature of The Den is that it features a Trade Authority kiosk. 

As you aren’t scanned for contraband when entering the Chthonia’s orbit like you would be when heading to major systems such as Alpha Centauri system, Neon system or Sol system, you can easily bring your contraband to the Trade Authority store to quickly sell before heading off again with a heap of credits.

This is easily the best location to sell contraband, thanks to its proximity to most of the game’s major star systems, meaning it’s likely to be the closest location to sell contraband whenever you pick any up.

As well as the Trade Authority shop, there’s also a bar to buy food and drinks, a Ship Services Technician to perform repairs and upgrades on your ship, and a UC Vanguard station. Like we said, there isn’t a huge amount here, but what there is will certainly come in handy.

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