How get the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit early

How get the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit early
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The Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit is an excellent piece of gear that you can grab pretty early on in the game. It’s stats speak volumes with excellent damage resistance along with decent environmental hazard protection. It also looks pretty dapper and means you’ll match your Constellation buddies when out exploring. Given how easily you can pick up the Mark 1 Spacesuit, it’s one that’s well worth seeking out.

We’ll explain where to get the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit, including the legitimate way and the not-so-legitimate Bestheda-bug-exploiting way. The Mark 1 is easily one of the best Starfield spacesuits and a top choice for blazing through the Starfield quest list.

Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit: Mark 1 Spacesuit in The Lodge basement.

Where to get the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit

The Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit is located in a display case in The Lodge basement in New Atlantis. Enter the Constellation HQ and take a right down the stairs into the basement. Go left through the room full of stations and workbenches and a small hallway, then take a right towards a storage room with a painting on the wall. Once you enter the room with the painting, look left to find the glass display case.

Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit: Mark 1 Spacesuit location in The Lodge.

To unlock the glass case, you’ll need to lock pick a master lock, which requires Rank 3 of the Security skill. Remember to have digipicks on hand as well as these are needed for lock picking attempts. Complete the lockpicking minigame to get the following gear:

  • Mark 1 Pack
  • Mark 1 Space Helmet
  • Mark 1 Spacesuit

The Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit boasts some superb stats, especially for one you can get relatively easily and early on in the game (more on that below). Along with the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit, it’s one that can easily carry you to the end credits. Here are the starting stats:

  • Physical – 120
  • Energy – 136
  • Electromagnetic – 128
  • Thermal – 20
  • Corrosive – 30
  • Airborne – 0
  • Radiation – 10

As with any spacesuit, you can also deck it out with mods at a Spacesuit Workbench: Optimized Servos to reduce oxygen costs when sprinting, Gravitic Composites to reduce detection from enemies, Exo Servos to boost melee damage, Pocketed to increase carrying capacity, and many more.

How to get the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit early

Now, if you’ve yet to sink three points into the Security skill to unlock Rank 3 and the ability to lock pick master-level locks, you can simply walk down to the basement of The Lodge and pick up the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit, courtesy of a design oddity. There’s a small gap in the glass door of the display case that allows you to interact with the mannequin and loot the Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit without having to lockpick.

All you’ll need is access to The Lodge basement, which you can do once you’ve picked up The Lodge Key after completing the One Small Step main story quest. Go down to the basement, and head to the spacesuit display case and mannequin as described above.

Starfield Mark 1 Spacesuit: accessing mannequin without lockpick.

Line up your reticule with the right side of the case’s door and move it up to roughly around the height of the mannequin’s shoulder. See the image above for the exact spot. The on-screen prompt will switch from lockpicking the case to looting the mannequin. Tap the open button (E on PC) to access the mannequin’s inventory and grab the Mark 1 Spacesuit. It isn’t perceived as stealing so you’ll get away scot-free without any consequences.

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