Starfield Paradiso location – where to find Paradiso

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Wondering where the Starfield Paradiso location is? The luxurious resort of the Settled Systems, Paradiso might just seem like a throwaway location in the grand scheme of Starfield’s massive map, but it actually has a lot more to it than meets the eye. Whether you’re heading there for quests, or just to look around, we’re here to make sure you get there safe and sound.

If you haven’t already, check out our Starfield tips and tricks to get some essential advice for your playthrough of the game. And if you’re looking to beef up your gear, the Starfield best spacesuits and Starfield best weapons are the guides for you. With that, let’s get into the Starfield Paradiso location and what there is to do once you arrive.

Where is Paradiso in Starfield?

Paradiso is located on the planet Porrima II in the Porrima star system. You can find the Porrima system fairly easily, with it being located northeast of the Volii system, where Neon is located, but check our screenshot above to see it more clearly. Simply get in your ship and grav jump to Porrima II, and you’ll easily find Paradiso, as it’s the only marked location on the planet. If you don’t have a powerful enough grav drive, you’ll likely have to stop over in the Volii or Olympus systems if you’re travelling from somewhere further away like Alpha Centauri.

What is in Paradiso in Starfield?

Despite being smaller than the major cities of Starfield like New Atlantis or Akila City, Paradiso still has a fair few things to do, including a couple of quests. You’ll receive a transmission as you approach the planet from Chief Sugiyama on the surface, and following it up will let you start up the First Contact mission. The Paradiso Resort Hotel itself also features a couple of quick quests, like the Lost and Found side quest, which will see you help a guest find some missing items.

Starfield Paradiso location: The player talking to the receptionist at the Paradiso Hotel.

You can rent a room in the hotel, giving you a fairly flashy place to sleep, with each of the rooms being easily accessible from the elevator in the hotel lobby. It’s home to many of the shops found elsewhere in the Settled Systems, with a general store, Chunks, Tranquilitea, Enhance!, and a Trade Authority kiosk on the landing pad, as well as a couple of cafes, the Cafe Luxe and Chez Simon Bar.

You can also purchase the Narwhal ship from the Ship Services Technician at the Paradiso spaceport, one of our Starfield best ships, so it’s well worth heading here just to get your hands on that.

That’s everything you need to know about the Starfield Paradiso location. If you’re less into buying ships and more into making them, our Starfield best ship parts and Starfield best reactors guides are ones you should check out. And if you’re after some quests, the Starfield Devliering Devils and Starfield Absolute Power quests deliver some great lore for the game’s factions.

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