Best Starfield weapons guide – guns, melee weapons, and grenades list

Best Starfield weapons guide – guns, melee weapons, and grenades list
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There are plenty of Starfield weapons to choose from in Bethesda Studio’s latest sci-fi RPG. The number of weapons available can seem overwhelming, hence this guide.

We’ll give you an overview of all the weapons in the game. For more help on your interstellar travels, check out how to store items on your ship in Starfield, where to get digipicks, where to get the Bounty Hunter spacesuit, where to get the Mark 1 spacesuit, Almagest Jackpot combination, and how to dock in Starfield. For now though, here are all the different weapons – from guns to grenades – that we know about in Starfield.

Starfield weapons: A player in first-person-perspective reloads a blue pistol

All Starfield weapon types

This sci-fi shooter has an impressive variety of weaponry to pick from. These all have unique stats that make them appropriate for specific situations or enemies. Some weapons like Eternity’s Gate and Fortune’s Glory are rare one-off weapons. Here’s a list of all the types of weapons in Starfield:

Best Starfield weapons

Here are the best weapons you can get in the Starfield:

  • Magshot/Trickshot – Potentially the best Pistol in the game, this one can be found in a lot of late-game areas if you’re lucky, as well as from the UC questline by looting it from a destroyed mech. A hand-cannon if there ever was one, it’s basically a rifle in a pistol’s body.
  • Lawgiver – This weapon is great for long-range skirmishes. Add a decent scope, a long barrel, and whitehot rounds to amp up your performance with this gun. It’s a good pick if you want to snipe at enemies or dangerous animals.
  • Coachman – This punishing shotgun packs a punch. Its reload speed isn’t terrible so you can comfortably clear encounters without switching to another weapon. It’s good at taking down bosses and enemies with large health bars.
  • Deadeye – Even without mods, this revolver deals some sweet damage. It looks pretty cool too as it drips pure space cowboy.
  • Fiscal Quarter – While the basic Maelstrom rifle is nothing to write home about, this modified variant shakes things up. You get this gun from a main quest that involves Walter Shroud and the city of Neon. Armor-piercing rounds are always a good thing to have.
  • N67 Smartgun – This heavy weapon chews through both enemies and ammo with ease. While you can use mods to improve handling and recoil, I’d suggest investing into armor-piercing rounds instead.
  • The Last Priest – The only melee weapon that’s worth actually using in our books. It deals huge damage, and can randomly deal elemental damage, too. If you’re gonna run out of ammo and have to rely on a melee weapon, at least make it this one.


The Magshot is a Pistol that deals huge basic damage, and is accurate over a very large range. Effectively, it combines the power of a rifle with the fire rate and reload speed of a pistol. The Trickshot is even better if you can get it from the UC faction mission ‘War Relics’. On every fourth shot, the Trickshot fires two shots instead of one, potentially being one of the highest damaging guns in all of Starfield.


The Lawgiver is one of the slower firing guns in Starfield, but it more than makes up for this with a high base damage, high accuracy, and its effectiveness over a fairly large range. It can also be combined with a variety of mods that can improve its effectiveness massively. Great for starting fights and taking out enemies before they even know you’re there, if you come across one of these, give it a try.


If you’ve used any shotguns in Starfield so far, you’ll already know that they can be incredibly powerful. With so many instances of combat taking place in the enclosed rooms and corridors of various outposts being able to deal high damage at short range is a godsend. It has an awful reload speed, but can shoot two rounds incredibly fast, and should be able to kill almost any enemy with just those two shots if aimed well.


While it does have fairly good all-round stats, with great damage, decently high fire rate, great accuracy, and being effective at relatively long ranges for a pistol, it really comes into its own with the Penetrator Rounds mod. Being able to hit multiple enemies with every shot is incredibly powerful, especially in the later game when you’ll often come up against groups of enemies.

Fiscal Quarter

A powerful rifle with a high-fire rate, this one gains its greatest benefit from Armor-Piercing rounds. Coming up against late-game enemies with strong armor that you seemingly can’t get through, this gun completely ignores that, negating 15% of the armor bonus that your enemies would normally get. Great and breaking through those tough to beat walls.

N67 Smartgun

It’s a minigun, what else is there to say? Well, for one, it can be equipped with certain mods to give it an almost laser-focus, turning that spray of bullets into a beam that will shred anything unlucky enough to be in the way. Add in a mod like Armor-Piercing rounds to increase your damage and you’ll be leaving your enemies like Swiss cheese.

Heller’s Cutter

If you’re going to have a Cutter with you at all times, why not make it an upgraded version? Heller’s Cutter can be found back on Vectera where you started the game, and offers a bonus 20% damage against robots. That might not sound like a lot, but that 20% really adds up, and it can be very handy to have if you’re low on ammo. Either way, it’s a direct upgrade on the standard Cutter, so why wouldn’t you want it?

All guns in Starfield

Now that Starfield has dropped for PC and Xbox Series X|S players, we have a better picture of the guns in the game. Here are all the Starfield guns:

Ballistic pistols in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Ecliptic PistolPHYS 3511MM XPL2520045
EonPHYS 107.77MM50206750
Calibrated EonPHYS 217.77MM502062437
KrakenPHYS 36.5MM150206748
Calibrated KrakenPHYS 56.5MM1502061428
MagshotPHYS 53.43 MI2520611380
RattlerPHYS 10.27 CALIBER50207942
Calibrated RattlerPHYS 17.27 CALIBER502071530
RazorbackPHYS 517.5MM402085300
RegulatorPHYS 35.43 ULTRAMAG202074450
Advanced RegulatorPHYS 100.43 ULTRAMAG2020711124
SidestarPHYS 12.27 CALIBER20207825
Urban EaglePHYS 39.43 ULTRAMAG202074800

Laser Pistols in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
SolsticeENGY 101.5KV LZR253071960
Calibrated SolsticeENGY 181.5KV LZR253072485

Particle Beam Pistols in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
NovalightPHYS 8
LIGHT FUSE223074620
Va’Ruun StarshardPHYS 26
LIGHT FUSE1230718250

Ballistic Rifles in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
AA-99PHYS 1711MM1124087865
BeowulfPHYS 367.77MM504084850
Drum BeatPHYS 811MM1603974922
GrendelPHYS 37.77MM1702081402
Calibrated GrendelPHYS 57.77MM1702081720
Advanced GrendelPHYS 137.77MM1702086501
Hard TargetPHYS 116.50 CALIBER25100720510
KodamaPHYS 137.77MM1702075632
LawgiverPHYS 31.50 CALIBER104062395
MaelstromPHYS 46.5MM1504071210
MagpulsePHYS 716.5MM MI1740513560
MagshearPHYS 10.50 MI30040517721
MagsniperPHYS 2236.5MM MI17100627790
Old Earth Assault RiflePHYS 157.62MM15040710582
Old Earth Hunting RiflePHYS 309X39MM4010035264
TombstonePHYS 1911MM904066150

Laser Rifles in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
EquinoxENGY 133KV LZR505072408
OrionENGY 273KV LZR335075227

Particle Beam Rifles in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Va’Ruun InflictorPHYS 38
ENGY 113
HEAVY FUSE2550622500

Electromagnetic Rifles in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Novablast DisruptorEM 100HEAVY FUSE202055700

Ballistic Shotguns in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
BreachPHYS 9915X25102086780
CoachmanPHYS 52CASELESS SHELL472071650
Advanced CoachmanPHYS 200CASELESS SHELL472077425
Old Earth ShotgunPHYS 7312G SHELL62052870
PacifierPHYS 5915X25 CLL SHELL202064590
ShottyPHYS 50CASELESS SHELL202087368

Particle Beam Shotguns in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Big BangPHYS 32
HEAVY FUSE1420712870

Ballistic Heavy Weapons in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Auto-RivetPHYS 100RIVET152047640
BridgerPHYS 12740MM XPL54068190
MagstormPHYS 9.50 MI40040219129
MicrogunPHYS 97.77MM35040613519

Energy Heavy Weapons in Starfield

Gun NameDamageAmmoFire RateRangeMod SlotsValue
Arc WelderENGY 173KV LZR762022450
CutterENGY 4CUTTER7630475

All melee weapons in Starfield

Here are all of the melee weapons in Starfield:

Melee WeaponDamageMassValue
Barrow KnifePHYS 220.341220
Combat KnifePHYS 160.36505
Osmium DaggerPHYS 282.72395
Rescue AxePHYS 171.4650
RipshankPHYS 120.4365
TantoPHYS 400.453075
UC Naval CutlassPHYS 201.4935
Va’Ruun PainbladePHYS 621.811260
WakizashiPHYS 491.356140
Starfield weapons guide: A United Colonies Combat Knife on display in the inventory menu.

All grenades and throwables in Starfield

Here are all of the grenades and throwable projectiles in Starfield:

Grenade/Throwable NameDamageMassValue
Frag GrenadePHYS 1010.2350
Fragmentation MinePHYS 1010.3415
Shrapnel GrenadePHYS 510.3450
Cryo MinePHYS 1
Inferno MinePHYS 1
Tesla PylonPHYS 1
Starfield weapons guide: A player shoots an attacking Va'Runn robot with explosive ammunition from an SMG.

Starfield weapon mods

As you’ll probably have noticed on the guns list above, some of the weapons have a ‘Modified’ prefix. Similarly to previous Bethesda games such as Fallout 4 and Fallout 76, this is a classification of weapons that have had weapon mods applied to them. Mods can be crafted at the Weapon Workbench. New recipes are unlocked via Research Projects. Some of these projects require you to progress in the game and unlock new skills. There are five different weapon mod categories. These are:

  • Magazine and Battery
  • Muzzle
  • Optic
  • Receiver

Magazine and Battery

Magazine and Battery mods pertain to your ammo, or in the case of energy weapons, charge. Using different weapon mods will allow you to increase your ammo capacity, clip size, and even the types of ammo you use, such as piercing or explosive bullets.


Muzzle mods will be key for any stealthy players as they will give you benefits such as suppressors and recoil control. But beyond that, it will also give you new ways to use your weapon, adding things like focused fire, or beam splitters for energy weapons.


This will determine what kind of scope or sight your weapon has. This will likely range from very basic sights that just allow you to aim more effectively, to more specialized scopes for things like sniper scopes and laser sights.


Receiver mods will cover anything to do with your weapon’s fire modes, such as making certain weapons fully automatic. If it’s similar to the Receiver mods in the Fallout series, it may also confer certain buffs to weapons such as increased damage.

How do weapons work in Starfield?

Weapons in Starfield can have a variety of different stats and damage types. They can come from different sources, and from what we’ve seen in trailers, they can even come in different grades and rarities.

Weapon damage types

  • Electromagnetic – damge from weapons that fire fast kinetic projectiles, creating a forceful explosion of energy on impact.
  • Energy – This is the damage type for laser weaponry and similar weapons.
  • Explosive – Explosive damage is an area of effect damage type, and works as a mixture of energy and kinetic damage. It’s a damage type that most grenades will possess in some capacity.
  • Physical – this is your standard kinetic damage. Most melee and ballistic weapons fall under this damage type.

Weapon stats

All weapons will have a series of different stats, though some of course will be exclusive to certain categories. If it turns out that melee weapons can in fact take different ammunition types, we’ll be sure to amend this part. The stats we know about right now are:

  • Ammo – which type of ammunition a gun uses.
  • Damage Type – what sort of damage a weapon will inflict.
  • Magazine Size – how many shots can be fired before the weapon needs to reload or recharge.
  • Rounds – the current number of shots in the weapon.
  • Fire Rate – how quickly the weapon fires.
  • Range – the distance within which this weapon will be effective.
  • Accuracy – how likely this weapon is to hit shots successfully.
  • Mass – The in-game ‘weight’ that this weapon will take up in a player’s inventory.
  • Value – How much this weapon is worth in Starfield credits.
  • Mods – How many modifications this weapon has, or can hold in total.
Starfield weapons guide: the Beowulf rifle on display in the inventory menu, alongside its stats.

Weapon rarity

There are four differen levels of rarity in Starfield. The weapon rarities are color-coded.

  • Grey – basic weaponry
  • Blue – rare weaponry
  • Purple – epic weaponry
  • Yellow – legendary weaponry

How to get weapons in Starfield

There are a few different ways to get weapons in Starfield. Looting weapons is the most common way. Crates, dead bodies, and other storage have a chance of holding them. You can also get weapons as rewards for completing quests. Lastly, weapons can be bought using credits at vendors and shops around the Settled Systems, including Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

Starfield weapons guide: A masked player character fires a robust looking weapon on automatic down a corridor.

Starfield weapon development

We know that every weapon in Starfield has been carefully crafted for players to enjoy. In a recent interview, lead weapons artist Dane Olds revealed that Combatech weapons were all designed with optimization for space travel in mind, meaning these weapons are all rather compact, and usually made of lightweight alloys and composites. All this speaks to a level of care and dedication to create Starfield weapons.

Even with the best guns and gadgets though, it’s not always wise to go at it alone. If you’re wondering where to find Starfield companions, or how to hire Starfield crew members, we’ve got you covered. To complement your weaponry, it’s worth getting through the Lair of the Mantis puzzle to bag a excellent early game ship and space suit. Check out our Starfield tips and tricks beginner’s guide for some worthwhile advice to kick start your journey across the cosmos.

Does Starfield have unique weapons?

Yes, Starfield has unique legendary weapons.

Will there be melee weapons in Starfield?

Yes, Starfield has a variety of melee weapons.