Best Starfield spacesuits for early, mid, and late game

Best Starfield spacesuits for early, mid, and late game
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If you’re looking for the best Starfield spacesuits sets then you’re certainly in the right place. With almost every planet posing a threat be it from humans or monsters, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your defenses up to avoid falling prey to the dangers of the Settled Systems. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

If you’re wanting to redesign your ship but don’t want to fiddle around coming up with your own design, the best Starfield ship builds will help get you started. And if you’re wanting some firepower to go with your defenses, then take a look at the best Starfield weapons, too. But before that, let’s have a look at all of the best spacesuits in Starfield, whether you’re in the early, mid, or late game. If you haven’t already, check out our Starfield review or the complete Starfield quests list.

Starfield best spacesuits: The Shocktroop spacesuit in the Outland store.

Starfield best early game spacesuits

These spacesuits are available fairly near to the start of the game and are worth picking up, as you’ll almost certainly be able to use them well into your playthrough, without having to look for any upgrades. You can get by with the Constellation set obtained through joining the group, but we would recommend taking the time to get one of these. The best early game spacesuits are:

  • Shocktroop set
  • Mantis set

Shocktroop set

If you’ve collected a fair few credits from your first couple of missions, then you should be set up perfectly to buy the early game Shocktroop set. This set is a direct upgrade on the Constellation set, providing higher stats across the board, and can be obtained immediately after joining Constellation. Simply head to the Commercial District of New Atlantis and look for the Outland shop next to GalBank. Here, you can purchase the set, although Outland’s stock rotates, so it may not always be in stock. Be aware that it doesn’t come with a boost pack, so you’ll probably want to keep your Constellation pack on hand.

The Shocktroop set includes:

  • Shocktroop spacesuit
  • Shocktroop space helmet

Mantis set

The Mantis spacesuit is obtained through completing the Mantis side quest, searching for a secret outpost on Denebola I. It comes with some much improved stats in comparison with the Constellation set, and can be found from very near the start of the game. All it requires is to receive the ‘Secret Outpost!’ slate drop from a dead Spacer. As well as the great stats, as a Legendary set, it comes with certain variants which provide extra buffs.

The Mantis set includes:

  • Mantis Spacesuit
  • Mantis Helmet
  • Mantis Pack
Starfield best spacesuits: Bounty Hunter spacesuit in inventory.

Bounty Hunter spacesuit

The Bounty Hunter spacesuit is available as a lootable item in the Lair of the Mantis on Denebola I. It’s stowed away at the foot of a cot not far from the pressure plate puzzle. It offers some of the most balanced stats in the game with 15 for Thermal, Corrosive, Radiation, and Airborne environmental damage types. Damage resistance is up there as well with 140 physical, 132 energy, and 136 EM. It’s the type of spacesuit that will see you through to the credits and can be improved with choice mods.

Starfield best spacesuits: The Mark I set in the glass case in the basement of The Lodge.

Starfield best mid game spacesuits

Once you’re into the mid game, you’ll have more opportunities to find legendary spacesuits here and there, so if you want to mix and match to get the best stats, then that’s probably your best bet. But if you’re looking for something specific to upgrade to from your early game spacesuit, then your best bet is the Mark I set. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to get your hands on.

Starfield best spacesuits: A player with the Mark I set equipped in the inventory menu.

Mark I spacesuit

The Mark I spacesuit can be obtained once you have rank 3 in the Security skill. This will allow you to pick Master locks. Head to The Lodge in New Atlantis, and go down to the basement where you’ll find the Mark I set in a glass case. It has a huge stat increase on any of the early game sets, and will be incredibly useful once you start coming up against higher-level enemies. The only downside of the set is that it doesn’t come in a Legendary quality, meaning it won’t have some of the powerful effects that sets like the Mantis set can have. Either way, it’s a powerful set that isn’t too hard to obtain.

The Mark I set includes:

  • Mark I spacesuit
  • Mark I helmet
  • Mark I pack

Starfield best end game spacesuits

The best late game spacesuit in Starfield should perhaps be called the best new game plus spacesuit, as that’s the only way to obtain it. The Starborn spacesuit is obtained by starting a Starfield new game plus playthrough, requiring you to complete the game’s main storyline first. But it’s worth the wait, as the set comes equipped with everything you need to blitz through the game again on your second, and any subsequent playthroughs. 

Best Starfield spacesuits: The Starborn Spacesuit Astra equipped in the inventory menu.

Starborn spacesuit

As previously mentioned, the only way to obtain the Starborn set is to complete the game and begin a new game plus playthrough. However, that isn’t all. Every subsequent time you complete the game and begin another playthrough, you’ll receive a more powerful version of the Starborn set. In total, there are 10 sets available, each having progressively higher stats than the last.

As well as high stats, the Starborn set also includes a spacesuit, helmet, and pack all in one, meaning you won’t have to find any alternative pieces. As for the available Starborn sets, all of the variants are:

  • Starborn spacesuit Astra
  • Starborn spacesuit Avitus
  • Starborn spacesuit Bellum
  • Starborn spacesuit Gravitas
  • Starborn spacesuit Locus
  • Starborn spacesuit Materia
  • Starborn spacesuit Solis
  • Starborn spacesuit Tempus
  • Starborn spacesuit Tenebris
  • Starborn spacesuit Venator
Best Starfield spacesuits: A player wearing the Monster Costume.

Honourable mention: Monster Costume

When you choose a spacesuit, you’re probably going to want to choose it based on various factors, with stats and modifiers being the main ones. After all, why would you use a spacesuit with worse stats if it just means you’re going to take more damage? Enter the Monster Costume. What it lacks in stats with some fairly appalling attributes in each section, it more than makes up for in novelty, dressing you up as a man-sized tardigrade.

You can get the Monster Costume by heading to New Homestead, a colony on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Head downstairs in the building and talk to Dr. Giuliana Lakota who will mention that she wants to scare off some tourists. Agree to help out and she’ll give you the Monster Costume.

Starfield spacesuit modifiers

If you come across certain rarities of spacesuit, especially Legendary ones, they will have a variety of modifiers that provide unique stat buffs. These can decrease the damage you take, increase the damage you deal, boost carry capacity, and more. Depending on how powerful the modifiers are, it can be worthwhile to use a spacesuit with lower stats in exchange for these modifiers.

Here is a list of all the Starfield spacesuit modifiers:

  • Ablative: -15% incoming Enemy damage
  • Ballistic Shielding: Increases Damage Resistance
  • Beast Hunter: -15% damage from Alien enemies
  • Bolstering: Grants up to +100 Energy resistance and Physical resistance the lower your health
  • Chameleon: Blend with the environment while sneaking and not moving
  • EM Shielding: Increase Electromagnetic Resistance
  • Emergency Aid: Administers emergency aid when health is low
  • Energy Shielding: Reduces Energy Resistance
  • Exo Servos: Increases Melee Damage
  • Extra Capacity: Increases carrying capacity by 10kg
  • Galvanized: +25 Corrosive Resistance
  • Gravitic Composites: Reduces detection from enemies
  • Hazard Protection: Increases resistance to Airborne, Thermal, Corrosive, and Radiation hazards
  • Heavy Shielding: Increases all Damage Resistance
  • Incendiary: 10% chance to ignite nearby attackers
  • Lead Lined: +25 Radiation Resistance
  • Liquid Cooled: +25 Thermal Resistance
  • Medic: Aid items restore additional health and heal more quickly
  • Mirrored: 4% chance to reflect attacks
  • O2 Boosted: +20% Oxygen capacity
  • Optimized Servos: Reduces Oxygen cost for sprinting
  • Oxygen Reserve: +10% oxygen capacity
  • Pocketed: Increases carrying capacity
  • Regeneration: Slowly regenerate health outside of combat
  • Repulsing: 5% chance to disarm nearby attackers
  • Resource Hauler: Resources weigh 25% less
  • Sensor Array: Increases the range for enemy detection on the Compass
  • Technician: -15% damage from Robot enemies

That’s everything you need to know about the Starfield best spacesuits. If you’ve been visiting any temples, you might have found yourself wondering what is Quantum Essence in Starfield when you find it. We also have a guide with all the best ways to level up fast in Starfield and who the Starfield factions are.

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