Starfield Akila City shops and locations – every vendor in Akila City

Starfield Akila City shops and locations – every vendor in Akila City
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Want to know about all the available Starfield Akila City shops? If you’ve travelled out to this city on the planet Akila in the heart of the Cheyenne system, you might have noticed that everything tends to blend in a bit. It can be a struggle to tell one building from another, and even harder to find specific shops. That’s why we’re here to help you out.

Whether you’re getting started or are a Starfield veteran by now, you can never get too many Starfield tips and tricks to help you out. If you’re after some better gear, make sure you get some of the Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor. And if you’re looking to upgrade your ship, check out the Starfield ship manufacters and Starfield starship weapons. With that, let’s take a look at all of the shops and locations in Akila City.

All Akila City shops

Despite being the capital city of the Freestar Collective, Akila City isn’t huge, and especially when compared to the likes of New Atlantis and Neon, there are fewer shops to check out. Nevertheless, with so many winding streets, it can be a struggle to find your way around, and there may even be some vendors you didn’t even know existed. In there are 13 vendors in Akila City.

Here’s a full list of all the shops and stores you can find in Akila City:

  • Aggie’s
  • Chunks
  • Enhance!
  • Laredo Firearms
  • Midtown Minerals
  • Ngodup Tate
  • Rowland Arms
  • Shepherd’s General Store
  • Ship Services Technician
  • Sinclair’s Books
  • Stoneroot Inn
  • Terrabrew Coffee
  • The Hitching Post
  • The Rock
  • Trade Authority
Starfield Akila City shops: The front of Aggie's in Akila City.


Aggie’s is a bar that’s popular with the locals of Akila City, and can be found in the area known as The Stretch, on the western side of the city. Like many bars, you can buy food and drinks here, and the bar plays its role in a few quests, too. There are a couple of crew members here to hire. These are Eizekel (Scavenging Tier 1, Energy Weapon Dissipation Tier 1, Shield Systems Tier 1) and Lyle Brewer (Particle Beams Tier 1, Xenosociology Tier 1, Shotgun Certification Tier 2).

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of Chunks in Akila City.


No Starfield city is complete without a Chunks, and Akila City is no exception. On the left-hand side of the main street in Akila City, you can find Chunks, where you’ll be able to get all of your favourite cubed foods.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of Enhance! in Akila City.


If you’re tired of how your character looks, you can head to Enhance! and change all of your customisation options completely. On the same main street as Chunks, head left when leaving Chunks and keep an eye out for the sign on the side of a building, as it can be fairly easy to miss if you’re not careful.

Starfield Akila City shops: The front of Laredo Firearms in Akila City.

Laredo’s Firearms

Laredo Firearms is a bit out of the way, but is well worth visiting as it has some fairly powerful weaponry available for sale. As soon as you come in through the city’s main entrance, take the first right and follow the path all the way to Laredo’s Firearms. As well as its wares, it features a shooting range, and is a major location in The Great Laredo Caper sidequest.

Ngodup Tate

Less a vendor as much an actual man, Ngodup Tate is the real estate agent of Akila City. He has two residences up for sale, with the Stretch Apartment going for 45000 credits, and the Core Residence for 72000.

Starfield Akila City shops: The front of Midtown Minerals in Akila City.

Midtown Minerals

Midtown Minerals is specialised in resources that you can mine, including various elemental ores that are useful in crafting and research. All the way at the back of the city, follow the main path to the back left of the city, where you’ll find Midtown Minerals.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of Rowland Arms in Akila City.

Rowland Arms

Another decent weapon shop, it has a variety of guns that come with weapon mods already equipped, as well as being a great source of ammo. It’s fairly near the main entrance – simply follow the path past Shepherd’s General Store and you’ll see Rowland Arms on your left.

Starfield Akila City shops: The front of Shepherd's General Store in Akila City.

Shepherd’s General Store

Your one-stop-shop for almost everything you need in Starfield. Whether it’s gear, healing items, ammo, or anything else, you can probably find it here. As soon as you enter the city, you’ll see the store on your left.

Ship Services Technician

Like all big cities, Akila City’s spaceport has a Ship Services Technician for all your spaceship needs. Here, you can give your spaceship some repairs, buy some of the Starfield best ships, and add some of the Starfield best ship parts. Just make sure to get one of the Starfield best reactors to really power up your ship.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of Sinclair's Books in Akila City.

Sinclair’s Books

Sinclair’s Books is, as you probably guessed, a book shop. Here, you can find all sorts of books that you can’t buy anywhere else, including anything from real-life classics like Oliver Twist and A Tale of Two Cities to brand new books made just for Starfield. You’ll find it in the Midtown area of the city, just down the path from the Solomon Coe statue, where Ahnjong Sinclair will be oh too happy to sell to you.

Alex’s Advice

If you’re looking for the landmarks on Earth, Sinclair’s Books has a few books that will give you clues to the locations of several of them. It’s worth stopping off here before you begin your search.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of the Stoneroot Inn in Akila City.

Stoneroot Inn

If you’re wanting a short-term stay in Akila City, then the Stoneroot Inn is the place to go. As well as offering rooms to rent for a day for 300 credits, up to a week for 2000 credits, you can also head to the bar to buy a variety of food and drinks. Also in Midtown, it’s right over the road from Sinclair’s Books.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of Terrabrew in Akila City.

Terrabrew Coffee

The Settled Systems’ favourite coffee shop, Terrabrew can also be found in Akila City. Like its other locations, you can come here to fulfil all your virtual coffee needs, and can be found on the city’s main street, next to The Rock.

Starfield Akila City shops: The front of The Hitching Post in Akila City.

The Hitching Post

Another bar, The Hitching Post serves a variety of food and drinks for you to buy. As well as that, it serves as a good place to pick up some crew members if you’re looking to recruit. You can find it immediately to your right as you enter the city. Crew members you can hire here include Rosie Tannehill (Wellness Tier 3, Medicine Tier 1) and Omari Hassan (Shield Systems Tier 3, Starship Engineering Tier 1). Lastly, you can find a mission board here to pick up some quick quests.

Starfield Akila City shops: The front of The Rock in Akila City.

The Rock

While it appears to just be your standard bar from the outside, The Rock also serves as a gathering point for members of the Freestar Collective faction (or Freestar Rangers if you prefer). It also features an infirmary where you can get some medicine and heal up if you’re injured. It’s easy to find, too, as it’s right ahead of the main entrance of the city.

Starfield Akila City shops: The outside of the Trade Authority in Akila City.

Trade Authority

The ever-present Trade Authority also has its own location in Akila City, where you can buy and sell whatever you please, contraband included, though it doesn’t have the same stock and variety of items as those in larger cities. It’s fairly easy to find as it’s on the main street, behind The Hitching Point and GalBank. There’s also a Trade Authority kiosk near the spaceport.

While Akila City has the Narion system covered, make sure you check out all the Starfield New Atlantis shops and Starfield Neon shops too.

That’s all of the available shops and vendors in Akila City. Once you’re done in Akila City, why not check out some of the quests Starfield has to offer, like the Alternating Currents, Sabotage, Delivering Devils, Absolute Power, and Operation Starseed quests. For more early game pointers, check out how to remove a bountywhere to get Digipicks, and how to pick locks to grab a spread of excellent loot, or how to get to the Red Mile for one of the most unique in-game locations.