Where to get Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

Where to get Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit
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Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit boasts some pretty enviable stats, making it one of the best all-rounder spacesuits you can get in the game. It’s arguably good enough to see you through to the end of your first playthrough. The issue is finding it among the thousand planets in Starfield.

Here’s everything you need to know to get the Starfield Bounty Hunter armor. If you’re after other worthwhile spacesuits, check out our guide to the best Starfield spacesuits for the early, mid, and late game, including the Mercury spacesuit and Mantis spacesuit, and where to get the Mark 1 spacesuit. For help on getting a solid early-game ship to go with your new space suit, check out Starfield Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution guide. You can grab the Mantis armor during that quest as well.

Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit: Lair of the Mantis large room.

How to get the Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

The Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is available in the Lair of the Mantis during the Mantis side quest. Head to Denebola I-B in the Denebola System per the mission marker and head into the Mantis’ lair. Continue through the lair, killing spacers as you go, until you reach a larger room decked out with large machinery and full of enemies. You’ll also bump into Livvey there, an NPC you can talk to further the Mantis quest. 

Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit: bed in Lair of the Mantis.

Back track to the entrance to the room, and take a left to find a bed next to the stairs you took previously to reach the area. At the foot of the bed is a metallic brief case with red straps containing the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit.

Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit: Bounty Hunter Spacesuit location in Lair of the Mantis.

How to start the Mantis side quest

If you haven’t triggered the Mantis quest yet, we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The quest isn’t available from a specific location or NPC, but rather starts when you loot the Secret Outpost datapad from a spacer. The datapad spawns at random as loot on any dead spacer, which can make it difficult to find. Fortunately, it appears to pop up fairly regularly for most players in the early game, specifically around The Old Neighborhood main story quest. Keep playing, looting every spacers you take down, and it should turn up before long.

Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit: Bounty Hunter Spacesuit in inventory.

Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit stats

What makes the Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit so desirable are its decent physical resistance and stats, but also the most balanced environmental protection of any suit in the game. It should stand up to extreme temperatures and any type of environmental hazard, meaning a better chance of survival on inhospitable planets. It saw us through the majority of our time when writing up our Starfield review. It also proves a solid basis for spacesuit upgrades. Here are the starting stats:

  • Physical – 128
  • Energy – 132
  • EM – 136
  • Thermal – 15
  • Corrosive – 15
  • Airbone – 15
  • Radiation – 15

That covers where to get the Starfield Bounty Hunter Spacesuit. For more help on your interstellar journey, check out how level up Starfield Piloting skill fast, where to get Digipicks, how to store items on your ship, how to dock in Starfield, how to level up fast in Starfield, how to remove a bounty, Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer answers, our Starfield Quantum Essence explainer guide, and the Starfield money glitch to rake in the credits easily.