Starfield parents location – where to find your parents with the Kid Stuff trait

Starfield parents location – where to find your parents with the Kid Stuff trait
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Looking for your Starfield parents location? In Bethesda Studios’ new space-faring RPG, you can choose to give your character parents visitable NPCs you can interact with for that additional bit of roleplaying. But where are they?

Here, we’re going to walk you through your Starfield parents location, how to find them, and what they can do. This won’t have all the fun or complexity of New Atlantis side quests like Distilling Confidence or Alternating Currents, but the flavour worldbuilding you experience from this slice-of-life feature is nonetheless rewarding.

Starfield parents location: Player speaks to in-game Mom NPC.

Where to find your parents in Starfield

You can find your parents in Starfield on the planet Jemison, in the city of New Atlantis. Follow our steps below for a more direct route.

  • Head to the Residential District in New Atlantis. You can reach it from the NAT transportation network if you haven’t been there yet.
  • Go to Pioneer Tower, which you’ll be able to spot to the left of the NAT station as you disembark.
  • Take the elevator up to Family Apartments.
  • Your parents will be in the first room on this level.

Keep in mind though that in order to meet them, you need to make sure you pick up the ‘Kid Stuff’ Starfield trait during the character creator. If you fail to select this during character creation, there’s unfortunately no way to unlock the trait without starting a new run of the game.

Note that you’ll sometimes run into them elsewhere though. From time to time, your parents can and will pop up in random locations, such as the Constellation faction Headquarters, or even the pleasure city of Neon.

Starfield parents location: Player speaks to in-game Dad NPC.

What can you do with your parents in Starfield?

Your parents act as a friendly presence in Starfield, often appearing on their own accord to cheer you on. You can hold conversations with them both, visit their pretty luxurious apartment for refreshment and relaxation, and even receive gifts for them. These gifts tend to be unique items or objects, often rewarded upon reaching milestones or progressing in the main Starfield story. They’ll also leave notes to your Constellation companions when they want to meet you again.

After finishing the first couple of main story adventures “One Small step” and the “Old Neighborhood” follow-up mission, Noel will inform you about the first of these notes when you return to the Lodge, left by your Dad. This will then assign an Activity to go and visit them. You can always track this Activity if you’re still getting lost. Doing so will provide a waypoint to their location.

Kid Stuff Starfield trait explained

As we mentioned, you’ll need to pick up the Kid Stuff Starfield trait when creating your character in order for you to meet your parents in-game. This trait will send 10% of all the Starfield credits you earn each month to your parents, but in return you’ll be able to visit and interact with them. 10% isn’t a massive deduction, but it’s really up to you whether or not you’ll find the unique interactions you get as a result worth the payment.

That covers everything you should need to know about your Starfield parents location, as well as what they can offer you in-game. Keep in mind that their place doesn’t act as a true residence for you as well. If you want somewhere to call your own and stash all your Starfield weapons and armor, consider establishing an outpost somewhere.

Is the Starfield Kid Stuff trait worth it?

It’s up to players whether or not the Kid Stuff trait is worth it, but the interactions it offers with your parents add some interesting flavour.

Are your Starfield parents always the same NPCs?

Your parents in Starfield are always the same NPCs, and there will be no effect on their appearances based on any choices you make during character creation.