Starfield Neon shops and locations – every vendor in Neon

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Looking to buy and sell from the Starfield Neon shops? The infamous pleasure former fishing platform turned pleasure city on the planet Volii Alpha in the Volii System might be best known for its trade of the drug Aurora, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of other things you can buy and sell at the many vendors the city has to offer. Like anywhere else, you can come here to stock up on the essentials and offload any loot from your previous adventures.

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All shops in Neon

While it may seem relatively small at first, especially compared to somewhere as big as New Atlantis, throughout the winding alleyways of Neon’s various neighbourhoods, there are a surprisingly high number of vendors – 28 in total. 

Here’s a full list of all the shops and stores you can find in Neon:

  • Arboron
  • Astral Lounge
  • Chunks
  • Enhance
  • Euphorika
  • Frankie’s Grab + Go
  • Kore Kinetics
  • Legrandes Liquors
  • Madame Sauvage’s Place
  • Mining League
  • Neon Tactical
  • Neuroamp
  • Newill’s Goods
  • Offworld Eats
  • Quikshop
  • Reliant Medical
  • Ship Services Technician
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters
  • Sleep Crate
  • Stroud-Eklund
  • Stroud-Eklund Showroom
  • Taiyo Astroneering Showroom
  • Terrabrew Coffee
  • The Emporium
  • Volii Hotel
  • Trade Authority
  • Tranquilitea
  • Xenofresh Seafood
Starfield Neon shops: The counter at Arboron in the Ryujin Industries lobby.


Arboron can be found in the lobby of the Ryujin Industries building, and you can buy weapons, ammo and armour here. It sells non-lethal Novablast energy weapons which can be used to stun enemies without dealing damage to them if you’re wanting to avoid killing anyone during particular missions.

Starfield Neon shops: The entrance to Neon's Astral Lounge.

Astral Lounge

The infamous Astral Lounge can be found at the back of the Trade Tower lobby, and you can buy a variety of food and drinks, as well as Aurora, from the bartender Boone Morgan. If you’ve got the money, you can also buy one of the best houses in the game, the Sky Suite, a luxury penthouse apartment at the top of the Trade Tower.

Starfield Neon shops: The inside of Chunk's in Neon's Ebbside.


Like other Chunks establishments, it’s a fairly small location where you can buy various chunks of food. It’s located in the south of the Ebbside neighbourhood. There’s also a Chunks vending machine that can be found in The Underbelly.

Starfield Neon shops: The sign outside Enhance! in Neon.


Enhance! is located on the main street of Neon Core, between the Volii Hotel and Neon Security. You can head here to customise your character for 500 credits, changing all aspects of them from your hairstyle to your pronouns.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of the Euphorika bar.


One of Neon’s many bars, you can find Euphorika in the south of Ebbside. Like in other bars, you can buy food, drinks, and Aurora here. What differentiates it is its private lounge, where you can buy some unique items, with access to the lounge costing 5000 credits.

Starfield Neon shops: The sign at the front of Frankie's Grab + Go.

Frankie’s Grab + Go

Frankie’s Grab + Go bills itself as a restaurant where you can buy food and drinks, but unless you actually head inside, you might not realise that you can also buy guns and ammunition here as well. Found in Ebbside, it’s good to stop off if you need to quickly refill your health and your magazines.

Starfield Neon shops: The front lobby of Kore Kinetics.

Kore Kinetics

Kore Kinetics is one the many weapons manufacters in the Starfield universe, and at the Kore Kinetics store, you can buy a whole host of their weapons, as well as test out your guns on the shooting range in the back. You can find it in the Trade Tower.

Starfield Neon shops: The front of Legrande's Liquors.

Legrande’s Liquors

Legrande’s Liquors sells a collection of drinks, including a brand new drink developed by Yannick Legrande himself called Blend. Head here, between Ryujin Apartments and Ryujin Industries, if you want to get yourself a few drinks, and even take part in a quest where you help Yannick make some Blend, and get yourself some credits for your troubles.

Starfield Neon shops: The entrance to Madame Sauvage's Place.

Madame Sauvage’s Place

Madame Sauvage’s Place is one of the biggest bars in Neon, and is a place you’ll be frequenting often throughout the many questlines available in Neon. Located in the north of Ebbside, you can buy drinks, weapons, and armour here, and it’s the main HQ of the Ebbside Strikers, a local gang offering some quests for you to do.

Starfield Neon shops: The front of the Mining League shop.

Mining League

True to their name, the Mining League, located opposite the Trade Authority, specialises in all things mining. You can buy mining gear here, weapons, and even resources from Saburo Okadigbo, the shop’s prime salesperson.

Starfield Neon shops: The sign above Neon Tactical.

Neon Tactical

Located in the Neon Core, Neon Tactical is one of the prime locations to get yourself some weapons and ammo in the city. Frank and Styx, a couple of arms dealers are located here, with Frank selling a variety of weaponry at the counter. You can find it between the Trade Authority and Legrande’s Liquors, and opposite the Freestar Rangers HQ.

Starfield Neon shops: The showroom of Neuroamp in the Ryujin Industries lobby.


Located inside the Ryujin Industries lobby, Neuroamp is a store that sells (shockingly) neuroamps. Aito Suzuki sells these body modifications that can provide you with a decent buff to some of your abilities, so is definitely worth taking a look at what’s on offer.

Top Tips

While you’re checking out Neuroamp, be sure to head to the nearby kiosk to apply for a job at Ryujin Industries. This is one of the game’s major factions and has some great quests on offer.

Starfield Neon shops: Newill's Goods sign in Neon.

Newill’s Goods

Newill’s Goods is run by a couple, James and Rosa Newill, and specialises in armour and apparel. You can buy spacesuits, helmets, and everyday clothing here, and James even offers a quick quest that could net you a few credits. You’ll find it just down the street and on the right from the Ryujin Industries building.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of Offworld Eats in Neon's Underbelly.

Offworld Eats

Located in The Underbelly of Neon, Offworld Eats is a fairly run down canteen run by local fisherman Kosmos Bakas. Here, you can buy food imported from other star systems, with a collection of meals on offer.


Another vendor located in The Underbelly, this place really has it all. This general store run by Katherine Luzion sells food, weapons, armour, ammo – basically anything you could possibly want. If you want it, Quikshop has it.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of Reliant Medical in Neon.

Reliant Medical

Your one-stop-shop for medical supplies, Reliant Medical is the place to come if you’re suffering from any afflictions. While they don’t actually have much on offer when you first head there, you can take on a quest for Doctor Manning to help get some supplies imported to resupply his stocks. You can find Reliant Medical right next to the Volii Hotel.

Ship Services

Located right next to the landing bay of the Neon spaceport, the Ship Services Technician offers you everything you need for the upkeep of your ship. Repairs, buying new parts, modifying your ship, and buying and selling ships, just like any other technician.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of Sieghart's Outfitters in Neon.

Sieghart’s Outfitters

Another shop specialising in armour and apparel, Sieghart’s Outfitters is located right next to the elevator from the spaceport. Inside, you’ll find the eponymous Sieghart, who will sell you spacesuits, helmets, and outfits.

Starfield Neon shops: The Neon Sleep Crate kiosk.

Sleep Crate

In the north of Ebbside, you’ll find the Sleep Crate kiosk. Here, you can purchase your very own sleep crate for 6500 credits. While it’s certainly not the pinnacle of Starfield houses, it certainly does the job if you’re looking for a cheap place to sleep while you’re in Neon.

Starfield Neon shops: The Stroud Eklund HQ front desk.

Stroud Eklund

The headquarters of Stroud Eklund are located in the Trade Tower, where you can purchase everything to do with your ship. Part-owned by your Constellation partner Walter Stroud, you can buy ships, ship parts, and ship repairs here.

Starfield Neon shops: The Stroud Eklund Showroom on Neon.

Stroud Eklund Showroom

Distinct from the Stroud Eklund HQ, the showroom is here to show off some of the ships that Stroud Eklund has to offer. The company has a variety of unique ships that can’t be bought anywhere else, so if you want some ships with unique parts, head here. It’s a fairly small shop, nestled between The Emporium and Sieghart’s Outfitters.

Taiyo Astroneering Showroom

Just like the Stroud Eklund Showroom, the Taiyo Astroneering Showroom serves the purpose of having a place to buy unique Taiyo Astroneering ships and ship modules. Again, there are unique parts found here that can’t be bought anywhere else. You can find it located in the Ryujin Industries Tower.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of Terrabrew in Neon.

Terrabrew Coffee

Terrabrew Coffee is a cafe located next to GalBank where, unsurprisingly, you can buy coffee. There’s not really much more to say about it.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of The Emporium in Neon.

The Emporium

The Emporium is a fairly unique vendor as it sells decorations. If you’ve got yourself a house or an outpost and want to spruce it up a little, come here and have a browse of what decorations they have on offer. You’ll find it in Neon Core, between Terrabrew Coffee and the Stroud Eklund Showroom.

Starfield Neon shops: The outside of Neon's Trade Authority.

Trade Authority

The standard Trade Authority that you’ll find in almost any major settlement in Starfield can be found right next to the elevator from the spaceport. The perfect place to offload all your loot to make some credits, as well as stocking up on essentials like Digipicks. Also a great place to sell your contraband.

Starfield Neon shops: The bar at Tranquilitea.


Tranquilitea is a cafe located in the lobby of Ryujin Industries, and sells a variety of Tranqulitea branded drinks.

Starfield Neon shops: The neon sign of the Volii Hotel.

Volii Hotel

The Volii Hotel offers a variety of different rooms ranging in price from 300 credits per day to 2000 credits for a full week. If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in Neon and want to make sure you get your XP boost from sleeping, the Volii Hotel is the perfect place for that. It’s up towards the Trade Tower, between Enhance! and Reliant Medical.

Starfield Neon shops: The front of the Xenofresh Seafood shop.

Xenofresh Seafood

Down in The Underbelly, you’ll find Xenofresh Seafood, run by the Xenofresh Corporation, selling a whole variety of seafood products – one of the specialties of Neon. Keep talking to the vendor and he’ll push you to buy a fish paste called Trawl, too.

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