Where to get lubricant in Starfield

Where to get lubricant in Starfield
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If you’re after some Starfield lubricant, you’re not alone. This vital resource is a must-have if you’re looking to complete some research projects or are crafting any weapon modifications, but it’s not easy to find if you don’t know where to look. So if you’re tired of running out of lubricant and want the easiest way to stock up, we’re here to help with the best methods of obtaining it.

Make sure to check out our Starfield tips and tricks for some great tips to help you out in your journey. And if you’re after a better ship, check out the Starfield best ships or the Starfield best ship parts if you would prefer to build your own. And make sure you have the best Starfield reactor for your ship, too. With that, let’s take a look at every way to get lubricant in Starfield.

Starfield lubricant: Lubricant in the Jemison Mercantile vendor menu.

Where to buy lubricant in Starfield

You can buy lubricant from plenty of vendors in Starfield’s big cities. You’ll likely be able to find stock of lubricant in many general stores such as Jemison Mercantile, UC Distribution Center and Outland in New Atlantis, the UC Exchange in Cydonia, and Shepherd’s General Store in Akila City. Depending on your rank in the Commerce skill, you’ll pay less for your lubricant, but the base cost of this item is 17 credits. Once you’ve exhausted the stock, wait or sleep for 24 or 48 hours to refresh their stock.

Starfield lubricant: The player scanning a Hunting Shieldshell.

Where to farm lubricant in Starfield

You can farm lubricant from several creatures in Starfield, with the best creature to farm being Hunting Shieldshells. You can find Hunting Shieldshells in the Frozen Plains region of the planet Procyon III in the Procyon A system. This is the planet you visit during the Starfield Into the Unknown quest. Once you land, open up your scanner and look out for any Hunting Shieldshells, kill them, and loot the lubricant from their corpses. This method isn’t as fast as simply buying it, but saves you money in the long run, and nets you some nice XP as well.

Finding lubricant in Starfield

Like many resources, you can find lubricant in outposts and ships on your adventure. One great way of finding lubricant is by destroying enemy ships, as it appears fairly regularly as loot after space combat. However, it should be said that this is not a recommended method. You can’t control what drops you’ll get, and this is an inconsistent way of getting lubricant, so we would recommend one of our two other options.

At the moment, we don’t know about any flora that provides lubricant when harvested, so for now, killing fauna is the only method of farming it.

Acquiring lubricant using console commands

If you aren’t in the mood for shopping or farming, then you can simply use console commands to insert the amount of lubricant you want directly into your inventory. Open the console by pressing the ~ key, and type in the following command, with your desired amount:

Player.additem 000055BA [Quantity]

Once entered, the amount selected will be in your inventory. Unfortunately, this cannot be performed on consoles, so you’ll have to use one of our other methods. You should also be aware that using console commands can disable achievements, so check out our guide to installing the Starfield achievement enabler mod to fix this.

What is lubricant used for in Starfield

Lubricant is largely used for research projects and crafting weapon mods. Recipes that lubricant is used for include:

  • Binary Trigger
  • Burst Fire
  • Magnetic Rails
  • Receiver Mods
  • Stabilizing Barrel

That’s every way to get lubricant in Starfield. If you’re looking for some other resources, we have guides for how to get Starfield adaptive frames, Starfield adhesive, and Starfield high tensile spidroin. And if you’re after some quests, check out the Starfield Absolute Power and Starfield Delivering Devils faction missions.