Starfield New Atlantis shops list – every vendor in New Atlantis

Starfield New Atlantis shops list – every vendor in New Atlantis
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Looking for a Starfield New Atlantis shops list? Shops are a crucial part of Bethesda Studios’ RPGs, giving players necessary outlets to buy and sell all sorts of goods. Starfield is no exception, and as the capital of the planet Jemison and largest city in the Alpha Centauri system, New Atlantis alone hosts an abundance of stores you can visit.

New Atlantis is the biggest city in the Settled Systems, and the we spent the most time in during our playthrough, so you’ll want to familiarise yourself with everything on offer. We’re going to walk you through all the Starfield New Atlantis shops. These will be some of the first shops you encounter in the game, and knowing about them will be vital for purchasing everything from Starfield weapons and armor to food and drink. If you’re new to Starfield, make sure to check out our detailed Starfield tips and tricks beginner’s guidehow to remove a bountywhere to get Digipickshow to level up fast, and how to solve the Lair of the Mantis puzzle to get one of the best early game ships.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The player looking at the UC building in New Atlantis' MAST District.

All shops in New Atlantis

Here’s a full list of all the shops and stores you can find in New Atlantis.

  • Apex Electronics – Miscellaneous and resources
  • Aphelion Realty – Homes
  • Centaurian Arsenal – Weapons
  • Chunks – Food and drink
  • CJ’s – Food and drink
  • Dawn’s Roost – Food and drink
  • EIT Clothiers – Apparel
  • Enhance! – Character customization
  • Jake’s Bar – Food and drink
  • Jemison Mercantile – Gear and general goods
  • Kay’s House – Food and drink
  • Outland – Gear
  • Reliant Medical – Aid
  • Med Bay – Aid
  • Ship Services Technician – Ships and repairs
  • Terrabrew Coffee – Drinks
  • Trade Authority – General goods, Survey Slate purchases
  • UC Distribution Center – Weapons, ammunition, adjacent
  • UC Surplus – Weapons and gear
  • The Viewport Bar – Food and drink
  • Whetstone – Food and drink

Let’s break down each shop in a little more detail, as well as their locations and how to get to them. Directions for each will start from the MAST, the central skyscraper in the New Atlantis Skyline, beginning from its southern face which looks towards the waterfront.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Apex Electronics in The Well

Apex Electronics

This slightly grimey electronics shop will sell some useful early items. It’s primarily the place to go for raw resources and components, but it does also sell other useful miscellaneous items. You’ll find it in The Well, which is the underground section of New Atlantis. There are a fair few cheaper New Atlantis shops down in this area.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Aphelion Realty in New Atlantis.

Aphelion Realty

Located in the MAST District, Aphelion Realty is the place to go if you want to get yourself a nice apartment in New Atlantis. Simply head inside and talk with Zora Sangweni, but be aware, you can only buy a house here if you are a UC citizen. Make sure to complete the UC Vanguard questline first if you didn’t choose the UC citizen trait.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Centaurian Arsenal

Centaurian Arsenal

The Arsenal is a great place to buy and sell weapons and armor in the early game. Be aware though that this establishment is above-board, so won’t be the place to go if you’re looking to unload contraband. To find Centurion Arsenal, head directly east of the MAST to the Residential District, where it’s located between Mercury Tower and Athena Tower.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Chunks in New Atlantis


Named after the brand of cube-shaped food blocks you can consume for various buffs and bonuses, Chunks is a quick and easy place to pick up a bite to eat. You’ll find it south of the Centurion Arsenal in the Residential District.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: CJ's in New Atlantis


CJ’s is a smaller business, selling food and drink, as well as ingredients to cook with. You’ll find it near Apollo Tower, just to the north of the Centurion Arsenal, or the northwest of MAST, in the Residential District.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The bar of Dawn's Roost in New Atlantis

Dawn’s Roost

A slightly smarter establishment, Dawn’s Roost is a luxury cafe found on the bottom floor of Pioneer Tower. It’s a nice change of pace for some fancier food and drink if that’s what you’re after. You can find Dawn’s Roost in the south of the Residential District, south-west of Chunks and south-east of the MAST.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: EIT Clothiers in New Atlantis

EIT Clothiers

This is the place to go if you’re looking for new drip in Starfield. While they don’t sell any armour, EIT Clothiers have a variety of fancy clothing options available to wear under your space suit. You can find them near the top of the Residential District, north of CJ’s.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Enhance! in New Atlantis.


Just like in many other cities in Starfield, Enhance! has a branch in New Atlantis. Here, you can pay a fairly low cost of 500 credits to do some character customization, changing everything about your character’s appearance in case you were unsatisfied with how you did it the first time around.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Jake's in The Well

Jake’s Bar

A small little tavern, Jake’s sells food and drink, and offers a quiet spot to unwind at, or pick up a few side quests from. You’ll find it down in The Well, off to the right of the Med Bay.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis

Jemison Mercantile

This large establishment is a general goods store, and one of the busiest New Atlantis shops, meaning you can find a bit of everything in here. Weapons, ammo, gear, and miscellaneous items are all available, and they’ll buy most things off you, too. You’ll find this store in the spaceport district, next to Terrabrew and the large plaza with the silver helix fountain.

Alex’s Advice

If you’re looking to get to The Well quickly, your best bet is the elevator just around the corner from Jemison Mercantile. You can get here pretty quickly from the spaceport, so just keep it in mind for some quick shopping.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Kay's House in The Well

Kay’s House

Found down in The Well, Kay’s House is an alternative of Jake’s Bar, where you can go to buy a variety of alcoholic drinks and some food. There’s also a short side quest you can take on here by talking to Kay’s daughter Theresa Mason.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The Med Bay in The Well

Med Bay

If Reliant Medical is a bit pricey for your tastes, try out the Med Bay. They’re not as large or well equipped as their upstairs counterpart, but you might find some better deals down here. The Med Bay is located in The Well, near Jake’s Bar.

Starfield New Atlantis shops list: Outland shop.


Outland is a great place to stop off at if you’re on the hunt for some new gear. They have a reasonable selection of items, and will happily buy most gear you might not want any more. You’ll find Outland in the mid-north of the Commercial District, right next door to Whetstone.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Reliant Medical in New Atlantis

Reliant Medical

A crucial stop for anyone prone to combat in Starfield, Reliant Medical is the place to go to get patched up. For a small fee, the doctor here will heal your character, and remove any negative status effects. You can also stock up on medical supplies here. You’ll find Reliant Medical near the very top of the Residential District, just north-west of EIT Clothiers.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The New Atlantis Ship Services Technician

Ship Services Technician

Like all good major cities, New Atlantis has a Ship Services Technician ready and waiting at the spaceport for all your ship needs. Head here to give your spaceship some repairs, buy some of the Starfield best ships, and add some of the Starfield best ship parts and Starfield starship weapons. For your first time here, make sure to get one of the Starfield best reactors to really power up the Frontier ship you got from Constellation.

Starfield New Atlantis shops list: Terrabrew coffee shop.

Terrabrew Coffee

One of the most iconic coffee shops in the city, Terrabrew is the place to go for a quick drink. Coffee restores health and boosts O2 recovery, so it’s a great consumable to have. You’ll find Terrabrew Coffee as you exit the spaceport to enter the city proper. It’s right next door to Jemison Mercantile.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The Trade Authority in The Well

Trade Authority

The Trade Authority might seem like another run-of-the-mill general goods vendor, but there’s an added bonus they have that other stores don’t – selling contraband. Though there is a Trade Authority kiosk near the spaceport, the main operation can be found down in The Well. Interacting face-to-face from this location, you’ll be able to sell on any contraband you might have on you safely.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The UC Distribution Center in New Atlantis

UC Distribution Center

The Distribution Centre sells a variety of useful goods. They’ve got some general goods and miscellaneous items, as well as a decent selection of weapons and ammunition. If you want to pick up some United Colonies faction gear, this is the place to go. You’ll find it just to the left of the MAST in the Commercial District, tucked up right next door to the skyscraper.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: UC Surplus in The Well

UC Surplus

An underground equivalent to the main distribution centre, UC Surplus is the place to go if you want to have a look for some more UC stock the Distribution Centre may have been lacking. That being said, while it’s cheaper, much of the gear here is also lower quality. You can find the Surplus in The Well.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: The Viewport bar in New Atlantis

The Viewport Bar

One of the first places you’ll see upon your first visit to New Atlantis, The Viewpoint is a bar located just down the ramp from the spaceport, through the security checkpoint. There are three potential companions found here, as well as a variety of crew members you can hire. There are also a couple of side quests available here, so be sure to check in when you have the time.

Starfield New Atlantis shops: Whetstone bar in New Atlantis


A final food and drink stop. Whetstone is a small restaurant with a lot of character centred in the Commercial District. It sells a good variety of food and drink options. You’ll find it a short way south-west of Outland, and a direct shot west of the MAST.

While Jemison is one of the many planets you’ll visit during your playthrough, it’s not the only one, so check out our guides to the Starfield Akila City shops and the Starfield Neon shops too.

That covers all the Starfield New Atlantis shops you should need to know about. Make sure you’ve packed plenty of Starfield credits and invest in some of the best skills before going on a shopping spree though. It’s also worth learning how to store items on your ship in Starfield to stow away your purchases, where to get the Bounty Hunter spacesuit, and where to get the Mark 1 spacesuit, a great starter armor set you can grab early on. And if you’re after some quests, the Alternating Currents, Sabotage, Delivering Devils, Operation Starseed, and Absolute Power quests are our choices for some of the best the game has to offer.

Is New Atlantis the largest city in Starfield?

New Atlantis is the largest city in Starfield, filled with NPCs, points of interest, and lots of shops and vendors.

How many shops are there in New Atlantis?

There are at 21 distinct shops, restaurants and stores in New Atlantis city