Starfield Sabotage mission guide and bug fix

Starfield Sabotage mission guide and bug fix
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With the Starfield Sabotage mission, you’re coming to the end of the Ryujin Industries faction missions, and you’re going to have to make use of all of the tricks you’ve picked up along the way, including your brand new neuroamp. It’s the hardest of all the stealth missions you’ve faced so far, and unless you’re going in all guns blazing, you’ll need to be incredibly careful.

Whether you’re starting out or think you know it all, you can never have too many Starfield tips and tricks to help you out. And if you’re looking to build a top-tier ship, you need to get yourself the Starfield best ship parts, Starfield starship weapons, and best Starfield reactor to power it. For now, let’s go through the Starfield Sabotage quest and how to infiltrate Infinity LTD.

Starfield Sabotage walkthrough

To start the quest, you’ll first need to have completed the previous Ryujin Industries quests, including the prior The Key Ingredient quest, where you obtain the missing shipment of rothicite. Once you’ve finished that quest, and bring the rothicite to Veena, you can talk to Masako to begin the Sabotage quest.

Starfield Sabotage: Lying about Imogene in the meeting.

Getting the neuroamp

Masako will ask you to meet Dalton Fiennes about the mole in the organisation. If you sided with Imogene, then you’ll be asked to attend a board meeting, where you should lie about Imogene being the culprit. This is to avoid Ularu becoming wise to your plan, in order to catch her out later down the road. Once the meeting is over, head to the Research and Development floor to meet Veena in the Neuroamp Division and have your new neuroamp fitted.

Starfield Sabotage: Manipulating Demarcus in the test.

After the surgery, you’ll unlock the Tier 4 Social skill Manipulation. This is an incredibly useful skill that lets you take control of NPCs to perform certain small tasks, as well as influencing them in dialogue. You’ll now have to practise using it. From the Observation Deck, open your scanner, and take control of Demarcus. Make him pick up the Test Room Keycard on the nearby counter, and then make him unlock the door. Return to Masako to get your briefing.

Breaking into Infinity LTD Corporate Headquarters

Masako will tell you that you have three objectives to complete while at Infinity LTD. Access Lucas Drexler’s computer, access Faye Sengsavahn’s computer, and steal their internal neuroamp prototype. You have two options on how to infiltrate: via the roof, or talking your way in with the receptionist at the front desk, Dezi Zhang. We recommend going in via the roof, as you can sneak through the vents and walkways along the ceiling, and the odd elevator shaft to avoid detection from most guards.

That being said, this is a tough task, and as soon as you get spotted, we recommend promptly switching to a guns blazing approach, and just running around to complete your objectives as fast as you can. You’ll be given an Operative Suit, which will help you avoid detection, but you probably won’t get through completely undetected. This includes both a suit and helmet. Bring some med packs in case you get injured, too.

Starfield Sabotage: The roof access to Infinity LTD.

Before you head in, make sure you have plenty of Digipicks, as they’ll be required to hack the computers. Go to the Commercial District of New Atlantis, and turn left around the corner of GalBank where you’ll see a door to the roof access entrance. Open this, and follow the stairs all the way up until you reach the entrance to Infinity LTD. Once you’re in, you’ll see a spinning fan, and a guard in a room across the gap from you. Use Manipulation to control him, and get him to interact with the nearby switch to turn off the fan. This will let you jump down and infiltrate the building.

Starfield Sabotage: Manipulating the guard to turn off the fan.

Down below, you can use a Maintenance Systems terminal to sabotage the heating systems. This will force an evacuation of all NPCs except guards. From here, make good use of vents and the walkways hanging from the ceiling to all your objectives. Follow your quest markers along the way, and if you get caught, just run for it, like we did in our playthrough.

Starfield Sabotage: Hacking into a Lucas' computer.

Once you’ve hacked Lucas’ computer, Faye’s computer, and secured the prototype, head out of the building and over to the SSNN Field Office. Talk to David Barron, and give him the Slate with the incriminating information on it. Return to Ryujin Tower and listen to the SSNN broadcast of Infinity LTD’s crimes.

Starfield Sabotage: Convincing one of the board members to take over Infinity LTD.

Convincing the board members

Now the dust is settling, you’ll have a meeting to attend in the conference room where you’ll discuss whether to take over Infinity LTD, and whether to keep researching the neuroamp. You can choose whichever option you like, as the rewards don’t change. For us, we chose to take over Infinity LTD and to halt production of the neuroamps, but you can make your own choice. An anti-neuroamp stance proved popular with our companions, so if you’re after some Starfield romance, then this is probably your best bet. Once the meeting is over, you’ll be rewarded with some credits and XP, an office in Ryujin Industries, and access to a mission board to continue performing more corporate espionage.

Sabotage mission bug fix

Some players on both PC and Xbox have been experiencing a bug which makes it impossible to complete the Sabotage mission. This bug occurs when attempting to hand the information over to David Barron at SSNN, where he unfortunately spawns outside the map. If you’re playing on PC, luckily there’s an easy fix.

Open up the console menu by pressing the ‘~’ key. Once open, type or copy and paste the following: 00014E4F.moveto player

Alex’s Advice

If you’re really stuck and just want the quest done, you can also use ‘CompleteQuest 18b718’. This will immediately complete the quest and you can continue with the Ryujin storyline.

This console command will change the location of David’s model to be right where you’re standing, allowing you to hand it over to him. Unfortunately, console commands are unavailable for Xbox players, so you will have to wait for Bethesda to deliver a fix for this one.

That’s everything you need to know to complete the Starfield Sabotage mission. If it’s more quests you’re after, check out the Starfield Operation Starseed, Starfield, Alternating CurrentsStarfield Delivering Devils, Starfield Absolute Power guides are ones to check out. And if you’re looking to upgrade your gear, take a look at the Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor too. If you’re after some shopping, check out the New Atlantis shops, Neon shops, and Akila City shops. Lastly, make sure to familiarise yourself with all the Starfield ship manufacturers, as well as the Starfield best ships and Starfield starship weapons to help you out in space combat.