Starfield Entangled quest guide – how to save both worlds

Starfield Entangled quest guide – how to save both worlds
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The Starfield Entangled mission is one of the most interesting in the game, and really makes the most of some of the sci-fi worldbuilding that Bethesda have created in the Settled Systems. The quest sees you flitting between two alternate realities, and has you make a choice on which one to save. Luckily, there is actually a way to save both, and we’re going to tell you how.

If you’re wanting to improve your time with Starfield, you’re bound to find some of our Starfield tips and tricks helpful. And if you’re looking to get yourself a better ship, our best Starfield ships guide has the best ones for every ship class to choose from, while the Starfield best reactors will help you power them up. With that, let’s go through the Starfield Entangled quest and how you can save both worlds, as well as the outcome of all choices in the mission.

Starfield Entangled: Talking to Ethan Hughes over the intercom.

Starfield Entangled walkthrough

You can begin the Entangled mission by heading to the planet Freya III in the Freya system once you’ve been given the Final Glimpses main quest by Vlad. While orbiting the planet, you’ll receive a distress call from the Nishina Research Station on the service asking for your help. Land on Freya III and head to Nishina, and interact with the intercom. The Chief of Security, Ethan Hughes, will tell you that no such distress signal was ever sent out.

Starfield Entangled: Fighting against multiple Cataxi.

The guard will let you inside and ask you to follow him to the Director’s office. Along the way, you’ll start to shift between two different universes, your universe, and the ruins of the facility in the other. Each time you are switch universes, proceed through this world until you’re sent back to your original one. Eventually, you’ll meet a man in the other reality called Rafael Aguerro, the chief engineer.

Starfield Entangled: Meeting Rafael for the first time.

You find out that the lab was experimenting on an artifact, which caused an explosion, and a split in realities. In your reality, Rafael was killed trying to save the lab, while in Rafael’s universe, he was the only survivor. Proceed until you speak with Director Patel and Maria Hughes. She will agree to help you.

When you next shift, head through the Emergency door, down a slope, and talk to Rafael. He will give you the Nishina Pantry Keycard. Continue proceeding through the facility until you reach Ethan’s office. You’ll return to your own world. Talk to Ethan who will let you out of his office. Walk down the main hall until you shift again. You can also ask Ethan about the alien creatures you’ve seen called Cataxi, and persuade him to give you a powerful prototype shotgun.

Starfield Entangled: Talking to Rafael and receiving a keycard.

Proceed as normal through the alternate reality, through an Emergency door, and then follow some stairs until you get to the Fabrication Lab. You’ll be back with Maria, who will help you study the distortion. You’ll shift again, where you can pick up a Probe Control Unit. This will let you switch between worlds purposefully. Face the distortion, and calibrate using the Probe Control Unit.

Return to the Director, who will ask you to choose between the two worlds, and which you’re going to save. Normally, the world you save is the one you continue playing in, with the fate of the other world being unknown. However, there is a way to save both worlds, and we’ll tell you how later on. Head into the distortion marked by your quest marker and take the elevator down.

Starfield Entangled: A distortion next to an elevator.

From now on, you’re going to need to shift in and out of reality. Progress through the alternate world until you reach a dead end blocked by rubble. Use a distortion to switch to your own world, pass through where the rubble would have been, and then return to the alternate world. If you get lost, open your scanner and follow the arrows on the ground.

Alex’s Advice

Use the different dimensions to your advantage in combat. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to heal or reload, head into the other dimension to do so. That way you can heal in safety and prepare to go back in.

Starfield Entangled: A computer with a quest marker on it.

Proceed until you reach the facility’s computer. Here, you can bypass the lockdown, turn off the alarm, and open the door to the particle accelerator. From here, follow the hallway, ignoring the distortion you see, and into a large hall. Kill the robots and turrets and enter the distortion on the right side of the room. Enter the Emergency door, kill the Cataxi you find here, and pick up the Nishina Cleaning Room Keycard. Use the distortion in this room and pick up the same keycard in your own universe. Return to the distortion you skipped earlier and use it.

Proceed again, following the quest marker until you reach the Utility Closet. Use your new key to open it, head inside and use the distortion. Enter the next room and interact with the Accelerator’s Mainframe to bypass the control room lockdown. Use the distortion again and return the way you came to find the door to the control room is now open. Kill a few robots and a turret and then interact with the Accelerator Control Room Computer to bypass the next lockdown.

Starfield Entangled: A stone bridge crossing a gap.

Head back to the hall and follow the lines on your scanner. Go through the door to the Access Tunnel, activate the distortion, and then enter a cave on your right. Follow this tunnel until it opens up a bit and you see a stone bridge. Cross this, use the distortion, and follow the hall. Turn left at the end of the hall, kill the robots and turrets, and use the Research Lab Computer.

Use the distortion in this room, head into the nearby cave and follow it until you reach a drop to a room below. Enter this room and kill the aliens, and then enter a small room on your right. Go through the distortion you find here and activate the nearby Storage Room Computer.

Starfield Entangled: Cataxi in the Research Lab.

The large, red, emergency door will now be open. Walk through, up a slope and use the nearby distortion. Walk through two more Emergency doors to finally reach the High Energy Research Lab. Now we’ll walk you through how to save both worlds.

How to save both worlds in the Starfield Entangled quest

The first step is to kill all of the enemies in both universes. This includes all of the aliens in the alternate universe, and the robots in your own universe. If you’ve unlocked the Sense Star Stuff power, this is useful as it lets you see through walls to find any enemies that you haven’t killed yet. There are some security cameras here too, which you can ignore. You just want to make sure you can’t be attacked for this next section. Check underneath the control room in your own universe to find Rafael’s body, from which you can loot a Probe Calibration Protocol note, which tells you how to save both universes.

Next, you have to make sure that all of the power interlocks in both universes are turned on. They’re all already turned on when you first enter the room, so as long as you haven’t accidentally switched one off, you should be fine. Make sure your quest objective shows that 0/7 have been turned off in both universes.

Starfield Entangled: The Degaussing screen on the computer.

Head to the computer terminals in the control room and interact with the Lab Control Computer (you can access it through distortions in the ruined lab), and select Degaussing. Make sure to do this on the computers in both the surviving lab and the destroyed lab. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be shown some numbers that correspond to specific switches. Turn off, and then on again, all of the switches that are indicated by these numbers in both realities. You can hover over them to see which switch corresponds with which number.

Starfield Entangled: The Frequency Calibration being successfully set.

Head back to the computer to check that all the correct switches have successfully been degaussed. Once you’ve done this, select the Initiate Frequency Calibration option in both universes. In the original world, set the frequency to 40 GHz, and in the ruined lab, set it to 24 GHz. Once the correct input frequency and output frequency are set, it will be shown on the screen.

Starfield Entangled: Rafael after being rescued from the alternate universe.

Once you’ve done that, find the Primary Calibration Control in each universe, located near the Artifact, and activate it. A short cutscene will play, after which you’ll find yourself back in your original universe, with everyone from the lab having been saved. As an extra reward for saving everyone, you’ll be rewarded with the experimental Nishina Spacesuit and experimental Nishina Helmet. You can also recruit Rafael to your crew.

If you chose only to save one of the universes, you will only receive the corresponding reward for that universe. So, if you saved Rafael, your reward will be the ability to recruit him to your crew, while if you save the lab, you’ll receive the Nishina armour set instead. We would recommend going for the armour set, as it’s likely to be more useful than having Rafael on your crew (sorry Rafael).

That’s the Starfield Entangled quest finished up and both universes saved. If you’re not done questing, why not head to Neon and take on the Starfield Sabotage quest for Ryujin Industries. And if you’re more of a Crimson Fleet fan, then the Starfield Absolute Power quest takes place on Neon too, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Or if you’re after a change of scene, the Starfield Delivering Devils quest is a great choice, too. Lastly, if you’re after some of the best Starfield weapons, we’ve got you covered.

Starfield Entangled FAQ

Which world should you save in the Starfield Entangled quest?

You can save both worlds through performing a specific set of actions, but if you only want to save one, you should save the world where the majority of the staff survive, as you are rewarded with the powerful Nishina armor set.

Can you save both worlds in the Starfield Entangled quest?

Yes, you can save both worlds by performing a specific set of actions using the computers in the research lab’s control room.