Starfield – how to change ships in Starfield

Starfield – how to change ships in Starfield
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Wondering how to change ships in Starfield? As you make your way across the Settled Systems and beyond you’ll amass a fleet of new ships with different characteristics. Grav jump range, crew capacity, weapons, engine, cargo – no spaceships are alike when it comes to these attributes. Knowing how to switch ships is crucial to making the most of your fleet for different quests and adventures.

To swap to a different ship, you’ll need to assign it as a home ship. We’ll walk you through how to change home ship in Starfield. If you haven’t already, make sure you have the Starfield Lair of the Mantis puzzle solution to unlock one of the best early game ships, the Razorleaf. It’s also worth knowing how to dock at spacestations and ships in Starfield, and how to reach The Key Crimson Fleet base in Starfield. We also have a breakdown of the best Starfield spacesuits for all stages of the game.

Starfield - how to change home ship: ship services technician in New Atlantis on Jemison.

How to change home ship in Starfield

To change ships in Starfield, you’ll need to change home ship. Talk to a ship services technician, and select the ‘I’d like to view and modify my ships’ dialogue option. Tab through to the ship you want in the ship menu, then tap the ‘Make Home Ship’ button at the bottom of the screen (or tap H on PC).

Starfield - how to change home ship: changing home ship in ship modification menu.

Doing the above will make the selected ship your home ship, placing it on the nearest spaceport and letting you use it to fly to different planets and systems. If you’re struggling to find a ship services technician, there’s one to the right of the ramp leading down from the landing pad to the customs area in New Atlantis on Jemison. Otherwise, you’ll find ship  technicians at spaceports in other major cities like Neon, Cydonia, and Akila City. They also pop up on smaller settlements like Gagarin, Paradiso, The Den, Hopetown, and The Red Mile.

That covers how to switch ship in Starfield. If you want to know more about ships, check out our Starfield ship customization and Starfield starship weapons guides. For more early game pointers, check out how to change weapons in Starfieldhow to pick locks in Starfield, and how to get ship parts in Starfield to repair your ship during dog fights.