How to sell items in Starfield and best places to sell unwanted gear, junk, and weapons

How to sell items in Starfield and best places to sell unwanted gear, junk, and weapons

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Wondering how to sell items in Starfield? Commerce, or put less eloquently, the offloading of all the tat and gear you’ll loot throughout the Settled Systems, is a central part of filling your coffers with credits in Bethesda Studios’ space-faring RPG. If you’re new to Bethesda games it may not be immediately obvious how to get rid of wanted items in exchange for money.

As someone who has played a handful of Bethesda games and Starfield extensively for our Starfield review, I’ll be passing on everything I’ve learned about selling items and where to sell them below. If you’re in need of other early game primers, check out our Starfield tips and tricks for some great advice, or the Starfield best weapons and Starfield best armor for pointers on the best gear around.

How to sell items in Starfield: The interior of Outlands, an arms and ammunition store in New Atlantis.
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How to sell items in Starfield

To sell items in Starfield, interact with a kiosk or a shop owner to bring up a sell menu. Select the category of item you want to sell from your inventory, then hover over the item and then tap E on PC to sell it. It’s as simple as that. There are a few other things worth keeping in mind before you unload your stuff onto any given vendor.

Is this the best price?

Not all vendors are made equal. When exploring the Settled Systems, you’ll encounter a lot of different NPCs after different things, and this is no less true for those you’re selling to. Some shops and shop owners won’t always offer you the best price you can get for an item you’re selling. There are two ways to remedy this.

Improve your bartering skills

One is to improve your persuasion and bartering skills. If you chose a Starfield background like Diplomat, then you’ll already be on the right path. But as you climb towards the theoretical max level in Starfield, consider spending more skill points on speech-related perks.

Find a different buyer

The second option available to you is to simply find a different vendor. Some vendors will always offer a lot more for the same items, depending on the context. For example, if you’ve been learning how to scan in Starfield, you may have started picking up Survey Slates. These data discs can fetch a decent bit of coin, but if you take them to a Trade Authority kiosk to sell, you’ll find yourself disappointed. Keep going through the main Starfield story however and you’ll run into a man named Vladimir, something of a private collector. He’ll buy the Survey Slates off you for considerably more than you’d otherwise get.

Starfield - how to sell items: trade authority kiosk in New Atlantis.
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Is it the right type of vendor?

Some shops only sell certain goods and junk, and as a result, they’ll only buy certain goods off of you, too. Make sure to check who you’re selling to when trying to move goods. For example, you can’t sell guns at TerraBrew Coffee, only aid items, but a general store like Shepherd’s in Akila City will accept pretty much any kind of item – weapons, spacesuits, packs, helmets, apparel, throwables, ammo, aid, resources, and miscellaneous.

The UC Distribution Centre on Jemison for example sell weapons, ammo, and other combat items. If you’ve got some old armour to trade in, they’re sure to offer something for it. But you won’t be able to move ten thousand potatoes onto them with much success. Your best bet for selling all types of items is the Trade Authority Kiosk to the right of the Ship Services Technician in New Atlantis.

Also be careful when selling illegal items – or contraband items. Not all vendors will accept these items, especially in orderly corners of the galaxy. For example, only the Trade Authority in The Well on New Atlantis will buy contraband. Regular shop owners on the surface level of the city won’t touch it.

How much money does the vendor have?

Much like Fallout and Elder Scrolls titles, vendors in Starfield aren’t an infinite pool of wealth. Each vendor will only have so much money on them, so can only buy so much stuff from you before running out of Starfield credits. Once a vendor runs out, you’ll typically need to wait a given amount of time – usually 24 hours – before their money refreshes and they can buy more things from you.

How to sell items in Starfield: Trading a weapon with a vendor.
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Where to sell items in Starfield

You can sell items in Starfield at vendors, kiosks, and shops throughout the Settled Systems, chiefly in the major cities of New Atlantis, Neon, and Akila City. Here’s a list of vendors in each city:

New Atlantis:

  • Jemison Mercantile
  • TerraBrew Coffee
  • Centurion Arsenal
  • The Viewport Tavern
  • Reliant Medical
  • Enhance!
  • Chunks
  • CJ’s


  • Sieghart’s Outfitters
  • Reliant Medical
  • The Emporium
  • TerraBrew Coffee
  • Enhance!
  • Trade Authority
  • Mining League
  • Neon Tactical
  • Newill’s Goods
  • Legrandes Liquors

Akila City:

  • The Rowland Arms
  • The Hitchin Post
  • Shepherd’s General Store
  • Midtown Minerals
  • Laredo Firearms
How to sell items in Starfield: The exterior of the Trade Authority, a discrete vendor in The Well, underneath New Atlantis.
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Best place to sell items in Starfield

Of these choices, we’d argue that New Atlantis is the best place to go for selling items in Starfield overall. It’s got a wide range of shop types and vendors, so it’s fairly easy to find the right person and the right price when moving valuable goods.

Starfield - how to sell items: item selling menu at vendor.
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Best place to sell items early game in Starfield

Perhaps you’ve just started out the game, and if that’s the case, maybe you want to sell your loot in the fastest and simplest way possible. If you need to sell items and you’re in the early game on New Atlantis, head to the space port. To the right of the ramp leading to the city is a terminal, marked as Trade Authority Kiosk. You’ll find similar kiosks in all spaceports, such as Hopetown on Polvo in the Valo system, and Paradiso on Porrima II in the Porrima system. These won’t guarantee the best prices, but they’ll still give you something.

✓ Tip

What’s the best place to sell items in Starfield?

New Atlantis is likely the best place to sell your items in Starfield, as it has a lot of vendors offering various prices and buying various goods.

That covers how to sell items in Starfield. With your new wealth, why not treat yourself to some ship upgrades? Check out our ship manufacturers, best ships, best ship parts, best reactors and starship weapons guides for everything you need to know about ships in Starfield. For quests, take a look at the Sabotage, Delivering Devils, Absolute Power, Surgical Strike, Operation Starseed and Entangled missions. And if you need some upgrade materials, we have guides on how to get adhesive, lubricant, adaptive frames, high tensile spidroin, and microsecond regulators.

Can you sell contraband in Starfield?

You can only safely sell contraband to certain vendors in most locations, unless you are selling in a place where contraband is rife, like Crimson Fleet territory.

How many shops and vendors are there in Starfield?

Across all the planets and systems, there are likely hundreds of individual vendors you can interact and trade with.