Starfield Neon City guide – everything you need to know

Starfield Neon City guide – everything you need to know
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Searching for a Starfield Neon City guide? Neon is a seedy city where you’ll find all kinds of unique vices. And in a space-exploration RPG like Starfield, the underbelly of such a city is ripe for exciting quest lines.

This hulking fishery turned megacity is one of four major Starfield colonies in addition to the United Colonies’ headquarters New Atlantis, the mining settlement Cydonia on Mars, and Akila City, the capital of the Freestar Collective. Read on to learn more about the curious history behind Neon City and why RPG game players can expect some unconventional quest structures. For more information about these colonies, make sure to check out our detailed Starfield Wiki.

Starfield Neon City: The outside of the fishing platform where Neon City was built.

What is Neon City in Starfield?

Located on what was once a fishing platform in the middle of the ocean, Starfield’s Neon City is now a pleasure city with exclusive one-of-a-kind pleasures. This change in plans occurred when the Xenofresh corporation architects discovered a unique type of fish that possessed mind-altering properties. This led to its commercialization on an unprecedented scale, with mass production of the drug Aurora. Banned everywhere else, Neon City is your destination to take your mind across higher planes of existence in more ways than one.

Starfield Neon City: A player walking through a street with neon signs on either side.

What planet is Neon City on?

Neon City is on the planet Volli Alpha in the Volii System. It’s a short grav jump away from Alpha Centauri. It’s east of Jemison and right next to Olympus.

Starfield Neon City: A street with neon signs lining it.

What is there in Neon City?

The Astral Lounge is a location of particular interest in the city. Its peculiar dancers and bright neon aesthetic make it a great location for quest givers or quest plot lines themselves. Other highlights include the Mining League, the Ryujin Industries HQ, Newell’s Good, Xenofresh Factory, Tranquilitea HQ, Ebbside, and a selection of shops and vendors. Beyond the city is open water, inhabited by aqautic creatures and not much else.

Starfield Neon City: A man in a hazard suit walking past crates of aurora.

The space version of New Vegas is where you’ll meet all sorts of sleazy and manipulative folk. Profit is a powerful motivator and Aurora’s psychotropic properties whip up a storm among inhabitants and newcomers alike.

It’s also home to the headquarters of Ryujin Industries, one of the game’s many factions, and one of major corporations of the Starfield world. They are among the groups using the planet’s resources to create medical supplies, and of course, psychedelics like Aurora.

Starfield Neon City: The entrance to a room with the Ryujin Industries logo hanging from the ceiling.

Neon City locations

There are several notable locations for you to check out in Neon City. These are:

  • The Volii Hotel
  • Reliant Medical
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters
  • Euphorika
  • The Astral Lounge
  • Newell’s Good
  • Mining League
  • Terrabrew
  • Xenofresh

And that’s everything about Starfield’s Neon City. As for the Starfield factions you’ll meet across 1000+ planets, check out the massive United Colonies and the lucrative Ryujin Industries.