Starfield is completely overhauling combat from previous Bethesda RPGs

Starfield is completely overhauling combat from previous Bethesda RPGs
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The Starfield Direct has revealed more on the eagerly awaited RPG, including detail on the game’s combat – traditionally the weaker side of Bethesda’s RPGs. It looks like the team’s planning to change that, with a whole raft of options and playstyles on the table.

It looks like the weapon customisation system previously introduced in Fallout 4 will be making a comeback here, but greatly expanded. You’ll be able to mod weapons with things like scopes, barrels and explosive rounds, and even suppressors – but there’ll be a lot of options. So much so, in fact, that lead producer Tim Lamb says “We probably have more mods and more weapons in this game than – I want to say – any other game we’ve done before.”

He elaborated “It’s always a delicate balance between what’s realistic, what’s sim and what’s Hollywood, and we err on the side of ‘What’s fun for the player?’. The game’s combat will be “more dynamic, more fluid” – Bethesda promise, and that’ll be helped by the fact you’ll even get to jump around the environment with a Boost Pack which will allow you to float around during combat. In fact, there’ll even be fully zero-g fighting arenas, where ballistic weapons will propel you back when fired.

There’ll be a huge range of weapons of course – from miniguns, laser guns, and even melee weapons like axes, knives and even your own fists too. It certainly looks like a heck of a lot of fun – which you can see in the footage from the direct preview.

The Starfield release date will see the eagerly anticipated RPG set to launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC from September 6, 2023.

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