Everything you need to know about the Starfield soundtrack

Everything you need to know about the Starfield soundtrack
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The Starfield soundtrack has been getting a lot of attention, but arguably not as much as it deserves. Like any truly immersive game, Bethesda Studios’ newest space-faring RPG aims to impress, excite and emote with a vast and curated score of music to accompany your adventure.

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the Starfield soundtrack, all the tracks we know about so far, the composers, and more. Amazing as the music is though, it’s not the only highlight of the game. If you want to learn more about the basics of the Starfield story or the many Starfield factions before diving in, we’ve got you covered.

Everything you need to know about the Starfield soundtrack: A player wielding a pistol explores a world of lush foliage.

Starfield soundtrack list

To kick things off, here’s a full list of all the music in the Starfield Soundtrack that we know about so far.

  1. Into the Starfield
  2. Planetrise
  3. Go Steady, Go Safe
  4. Fleet Scum
  5. First Flight
  6. The Sol System
  7. New Atlantis
  8. Peaks and Valleys
  9. Starlight Far from Home
  10. Fine Work Under Pressure
  11. Navigator Corps
  12. The Safety of the Citizens
  13. The Mountain Builders
  14. Triumvirate
  15. Ancient Forces
  16. Exploration I – Home Planets
  17. Constellations
  18. Akila City
  19. Freestar
  20. The Red Land
  21. You Make Your Cut, You Get Your Cut
  22. Cutthroats
  23. The Eye
  24. Long Shadows
  25. A Home Among the Stars
  26. Field of Vision
  27. Within the Walls
  28. Deep Time
  29. The New Old Frontier
  30. The Rock
  31. The World Machine
  32. Exploration II – The Hills and the Mountains
  33. Protector
  34. The Last Explorers
  35. Field Agent
  36. In Silent Orbit
  37. Cydonia
  38. Trace
  39. Tectonics
  40. Dispatched
  41. Sublevels
  42. Hardness Scales
  43. Heliosphere
  44. Death and Crimson
  45. Abandoned
  46. Chamber
  47. Supra et Ultra
  48. Echo Marker
  49. Exploration III – Explorers Club
  50. Defender
  51. Weapons to Bear
  52. The Ghosts of Science
  53. Ecliptic
  54. Decay Heat
  55. Neon
  56. Rook
  57. Exploration IV – Vulcanism
  58. Core Sample
  59. Tenacity of Life
  60. Wrecked Tech
  61. Canopy
  62. Spacers
  63. Understory
  64. Exploration V – Evergreen
  65. Guardian
  66. Stars and Sacrifice
  67. Under a Distant Sun
  68. Roughneck High-Tech
  69. Badlanders
  70. Exploration VI – Strange Sands
  71. Moonbase
  72. Boarded!
  73. Snowball
  74. Aurora
  75. Deep Freeze
  76. Exploration VII – The Ice Lands
  77. Nobody’s Home
  78. Exploration VIII – The Far Reaches
  79. A Home in the Galaxy

These tracks will accompany you throughout the game, from the main opening theme of “Into the Starfield” to the tones of “A Home in the Galaxy”.

Everything you need to know about the Starfield soundtrack: An explorer walks across a moon's surface towards their small starship.

Starfield Children of the Sky

Coinciding with this main soundtrack and the launch of Starfield, Bethesda has partnered with Imagine Dragons to produce a new piece celebrating the game. This song, titled “Children of the Sky” is primarily a promotional rather than an extra piece of music coming to the game, but it still does a great job of capturing the player freedom, immersion, and thirst for exploration that Starfield is striving for. Bethesda released the song over on their YouTube channel.

Starfield composer

The Composer for Starfield is Inon Zur. Longtime fans of the studio may know him for his work on the Fallout series previously, including Fallout 4, Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas. He’s also produced numerous pieces for the Dragon Age series, including Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Talking at some length in a feature Starfield trailer for the music, Zur said of the music, “My wish is that the music is going to be present in a way that is going to magnify the entire experience.” Based on the melody of Starfield’s main theme, that certainly seems like it’s a wish that’ll come true.

That covers everything we have for you on the Starfield Soundtrack. As we learn and experience more about the game, we’ll be sure to keep you up to date. In the meantime, why not dive into what we know about some of the game’s locations right now? Listen to the theme, and you might be able to whisk yourself away in the moment as you read about New Atlantis, Neon, or Cydonia, some of humanity’s greatest cities.