How to fix lung damage in Starfield

How to fix lung damage in Starfield
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Want to learn how to fix lung damage in Starfield? Then you’ve come to the right place. Lung damage is one of the most frustrating afflictions you can experience in Bethesda’s RPG as it further limits the amount of stamina you can use to traverse the Settled Systems.

Not only does this affect your adventure, but it also makes discovering Starfield planets, Starfield cities, and Starfield star systems more difficult. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to get rid of this ailment so you can continue your Artifact search without trouble.

How do you fix lung damage in Starfield?

To fix lung damage in Starfield, you must use an Injector, which can be purchased at Trade Authority merchants or kiosks. Once you’ve acquired one, you will need to navigate to the Aid section of your Inventory, where you can find and use it. It’s also important to remember that the Injector doesn’t only cure lung damage. It also fixes brain injury, concussion, heatstroke, hernia, hypothermia, poisoning, and radiation poisoning afflictions as well.

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If you’ve somehow depleted every single merchant and pharmaceutical establishment of its stock of Injectors and Boosted Injectors, then you can ask a doctor to get rid of your illness instead. However, you will need to pay 1000 credits before they can rid you of your affliction. One of the earliest medical practitioners you’ll be able to meet in the game is Dr. Alexei Lebedev. You’ll be able to find him at Reliant Medical, one of the structures located in the Residential District of Jemison.

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However, if you want to save money, you can also acquire this item by scavenging it from first aid packs or downed NPCs. Remember, though, that obtaining Injectors from random containers and NPCs is rare, so you won’t be able to rely on this method in the long run. If you’ve run out of options, your best bet to get rid of any ailments is to wait it out. Though this method will undoubtedly keep you financially stable, illnesses like lung damage are a pain to deal with, so we recommend quickly addressing it with a visit to the doctor or using an Injector.

That covers all you’ll need to know on how to fix lung damage in Starfield. For more on Bethesda’s RPG, check out our guides on how to repair your ship in Starfield, where to buy ammo in Starfield, and how to hail a ship in Starfield as well.