Starfield Almagest Jackpot – where to find the jackpot combination

Starfield Almagest Jackpot – where to find the jackpot combination
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Want to win the Starfield Almagest jackpot? Of course you do, who doesn’t like free money? Bethesda Studios’ newest space-faring RPG is filled to bursting with content, and one great example can be found aboard a derelict casino space station in the Olympus System.

In this not-too-distant Starfield System, you’ll have the chance to pick up some goodies left behind on the station – if you know the winning jackpot combination. We’e’re going to ‘llwalk you through everything you need to know to get your hands on the Starfield Almagest jackpot, as well as what the effort actually gets you in the end.

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Starfield Casino location

The Almagest Casino, or Almagest Space Station, is located in the Olympus system, next to the planet Nesoi. In case you’ve not visited the system before, don’t worry, it isn’t too difficult to find and grav jump to. Olympus is a fairly straight shot south of Narion, and is halfway between some major players. You’ve got the United Colonies faction‘s capital of Alpha Centauri left of it, and Cheyenne, capital of the Freestar Collective faction off to the north. Kryx, capital of the Crimson Fleet faction is further north west. Triangulate between these three star systems and you’ll find Olympus without much trouble at all.

How to get the Almagest jackpot

To get the jackpot, you’ll need to get the Almagest jackpot combination and enter it into the Jackpot Backend terminal to unlock the payout. We’ll walk you through each of these steps quickly.

Starfield Almagest jackpot combination: manager's computer.

Getting the Jackpot combination code

First of all, you’ll need to find the combination itself. You can find this on the manager’s computer in a side room with three lockpickable safes. Open up the ‘Jackpot Combination’ file and you’ll find the four numbers for the code within. If you don’t feel like hunting however, the code always remains the same. The numbers you are looking for are:

  • 12
  • 19
  • 36
  • 5

Be aware that there’s also a science crate with contraband inside near to this area though – so even if you’re not hunting for the code, it’s still worth having a snoop around. Also keep a watch out for the spacers roaming the station. It’s a low gravity environment, making for some interesting combat. Never the less, the easy credits and additional rewards make it worthwhile fighting them off.

Starfield Almagest jackpot combination: jackpot backend terminal.

Where to enter the Almagest jackpot combination

Next, you’ll need to go and enter the combination at the Jackpot Backend terminal. Finding it can be a little difficult, but follow the steps below and you should be there in no time.

  • Head to the middle floor of the station – the one with the bar on it.
  • Make your way east from where you enter, until you come to a vertical shaft.
  • Look for a small tunnel of the far wall next to the bottom-right of the large vault door.
  • Take this tunnel, head through the hatch and follow the vent leading upward. You’ll need to use your boost pack.
  • When you reach the server room, go to the wall to your left.
Starfield Almagest jackpot combination: input combination screen.

This is where you’ll find the input terminal for the combination. Put the numbers from earlier into it, and you’ll trigger the payout, earning a neat little stack of credits.

Starfield Almagest jackpot guide: A star map showing Olympus relative to other nearby systems.

What is the Almagest jackpot and is it worth it?

The Jackpot, once you finally get it, is perhaps a bit of an overstatement. You’ll receive 3700 Starfield credits for your trouble. This is certainly nothing to sneer at, and represents a decent bit of money, but players might’ve been expecting a bit more from a gambling station.

Starfield Almagest jackpot combination: character fighting their way through Alamagest.

Alongside the jackpot however, you’ll have to fight off the spacers looting the station in zero gravity, and you’ll find that aforementioned science crate. The loot from the fallen spacers and the loot from the crate, combined with the jackpot, represent a pretty significant haul in total, making Almagest a worthwhile trip – so long as you explore thoroughly.

That covers everything you should need to know about the Starfield Almagest jackpot, where to find it and how to get it. If you’re looking to get your hands on more funds, consider building a Starfield outpost and assigning Starfield crew members to it. It’s a long process, but it’ll pay off in the end.

Where is Almagest located in Starfield?

Almagest is a space station located in the Olympus star system in Starfield.

Is the Almagest jackpot guarded?

Though the Almagest jackpot isn’t directly guarded, players will encounter hostile spacer forces they’ll need to defeat in order to get to it.