Starfield best houses to buy and how to get a house

Starfield best houses to buy and how to get a house
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Want to know how to get a house in Starfield? In between your many adventures across the alien planets of the Settled Systems, it’s nice to have somewhere to come back to where you can dump all your loot, and that’s where a house comes in. Luckily, Starfield has plenty of houses on offer from tiny cabins to some pretty snazzy lodgings depending on what you’re looking to get.

If you want to buy a house but can’t because of a bounty, then take a look at how to remove a bounty in Starfield. And if perhaps a house isn’t quite your cup of tea, then you might be more interested in building yourself a Starfield outpost instead. For now, though, let’s have a look at how to get a house in Starfield.

How do you get a house in Starfield?

There are three ways to get a house in Starfield. These are:

  • Choosing the Dream Home trait
  • Buying a house
  • As a quest reward
How to get a house in Starfield: The Dream Home trait in the character creation menu.

Choosing the Dream Home trait

When you first create your character back at the start of the game, one of the many Starfield traits available to you is the Dream Home trait. Choosing this trait will give you a small house on the moon Nesoi in the Olympus system, but also comes with a mortgage you’ll have to regularly pay towards. 

After choosing this trait, you’ll be required to play through the game as normal, until you automatically receive a mission to go visit your dream home. This can be useful early on in your playthrough as it gives you a place to store your loot from right near the start of the game, and your mortgage only costs a measly 500 credits per week. 

The biggest downside of the Dream Home trait, for us, is that it takes up one of your three trait selections. Some of the benefits provided by traits are incredibly useful, and using one slot up for something that you could otherwise obtain normally in-game is a big trade-off. Additionally, you won’t really have the resources to fully make use of your house until later in the game, where you could easily afford your own place anyway. Choose this if having a house is a must for you, but otherwise, we’d recommend using a different method.

How to get a house in Starfield: Buying a house from Ngodup Tate

Buying a house – best houses to buy

Houses can be purchased in most of Starfield’s major cities and can be bought by speaking to the appropriate vendor in charge of selling the property. This can be a real estate agent like Aphelion Realty in the New Atlantis residential district, or a person like Ngodrup Tate in Akila City. Buying a house can range in price from 6,500 credits to buy a simple sleepcrate in Neon, up to a penthouse suite above Neon’s Astral Lounge.

All of the houses in Starfield can simply be bought providing you have the required credits except for houses in New Atlantis. To purchase a New Atlantis home, you’ll first have to complete enough specific quests for the United Colonies faction in order to gain citizenship. Naturally, if you chose the United Colonies Native trait, you are already a citizen, and can buy your house from the start.

Here are all of the purchasable houses and where to buy them:

House nameLocationWhere to buyCost
SleepcrateEbbside, NeonIzna at the sleep crate kiosk in Ebbside6,500 credits
The Well apartmentThe Well, New AtlantisAphelion Realtyreal estate agent in the Embassy District (Requires being a UC citizen)30,000 credits
The Stretch apartmentAkila CityNgodup Tate45,000 credits
Core ManorAkila CityNgodup Tate78,000 credits
The Sky SuiteAstral Lounge, NeonBoone Morgan the bartender in the Astral Lounge235,000 credits

As a quest reward

As well as the purchasable apartment in New Atlantis, there is a second, and much flashier apartment available as a quest reward. The Mercury Tower Penthouse is potentially the best home available in Starfield, but you’ll need to put some work in to get it. You’ll need to complete the entire United Colonies questline, but at the end of it, you won’t even have to pay a penny, receiving the New Atlantis penthouse for free as a reward for your services.

The Lodge

Hey, it’s not a house all to yourself, but as soon as you join Constellation, you’re given your own room and a bed in the organisation’s headquarters. As well as that, there’s a storage chest in the basement that has unlimited storage, making it one of the best Starfield houses around and available from the very start of the game.

That’s all you need to know about how to get a house in Starfield. If you’re looking for a good way to make credits so you can buy a house, check out how to smuggle and sell contraband in Starfield. And if you’re taking too much damage on your jaunts through space, you’ll want to get your hands on some of the best Starfield spacesuits to put a stop to that. It’s also worth learning where to get Digipicks in Starfield, how to dock in Starfield, how to level up fast in Starfield, and how to store items on your ship in Starfield as early on as possible.