Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer puzzle answers

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Having trouble answering the Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer puzzle questions and accessing the locked room in the Unity main story quest? After discussing the matter with Matteo and Keeper Aquilus in the Sanctum Universum building (one of the religious groups in Starfield), your journey to uncovering the mysteries of Unity takes you to an empty camp on Indum II to track down the mysterious Pilgrim.

From the Pilgrim’s Rest landing zone follow the waypoint marker to the shack. You’ll find The Pilgrim’s musings in notes and diaries in the tents and buildings. Then, you’ll reach a locked door to a small room guarded by the Pilgrim’s Computer and a series of riddles you’ll need to best to get in.

By reading the clues on Unity scattered around the abandoned shack, you’ll find the correct answers. But to save you time, we’ve compiled the answers to the Starfield Pilgrim’s computer puzzle here. Before we dive in, check out it’s worth knowing how to change home ship in Starfield and peeking at the Starfield powers list.

Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer: Pilgrim's Computer next to locked room on Indum II.

Pilgrim’s Computer Answers in the Starfield Unity quest

Interact with the Pilgrim’s Computer device, tap Unlock Personal Room, then select the following answers into the Pilgrim’s computer to access the locked room. We’ve presented them as the question, followed by the correct answer.

If you came seeking the right answers, you will know what question to ask.What is the Unity?
I return the question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of people?People are necessary. But people are madness.
Who is your most formidable opponent?Myself.
Where does enduring contentment come from?In stopping, in embracing compassion.
Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer: questions on Pilgrim's Computer.

Answering the Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer questions as above will unlock the door. Once inside, head right and interact with The Pilgrim’s Final Writing on the table. You’ll learn that you have to to visit Hyla II in the Hyla System next to track down an island that hides a scorpion.

Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer: Pilgrim's Final Writing inside locked room on Indum II.

That covers how to access the locked room in the Starfield Unity mission and the correct answers for the Pilgrim’s Computer. If you’re looking for the next step in the quest, check out our guide on how to find the scorpion’s sting on Hyla II explaining how to track down the scorpion’s tail at your next destination, the last star of the scorpius constellation. This involves a light beam puzzle and glyph controls. We also have how to persuade Frank Yilmaz in Starfield, a Starfield A High Price to Pay quest walkthrough, and how to persuade Natan Ovadia in Starfield guides.

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