EA Sports FC 24 Clubs new features, crossplay, and seasons explained

EA Sports FC 24 Clubs new features, crossplay, and seasons explained
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The fan-favourite Pro Clubs game mode has been rebranded ahead of the new game, and will now simply be called Clubs in EA Sports FC 24. With a new name also come some improvements and innovations, including the much sought-after inclusion of crossplay!

Players will be eager to connect with their mates in the mode again, we just have to wait for the EA Sports FC release date. Until then, find out everything you need to know about the revamped Clubs in FC 24 below.

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Will EA Sports FC have Pro Clubs?

Yes, EA Sports FC will feature Pro Clubs, but it has been renamed to just Clubs. The game will be home to other classic FIFA modes including Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and VOLTA Football. This is great news for the community, assuring fans that Clubs will indeed be back in the all-new EA Sports football video game.

EA FC 24 Clubs

EA FC 24 Clubs, formerly Pro Clubs, is a multiplayer game mode where you create a virtual avatar and level it up by playing matches. Usually, you just control the single player on the pitch. However, there is the option to control all non-human players on your team, known as the ‘Any’ role.

It is a great mode to jump on with mates and have a laugh, trying to take your club to the top division and become champions along the way. You can personalise your Virtual Pro to suit your playstyle and give them a funky appearance, and also develop your club stadium.

If your mates aren’t around to jump on Clubs, then you can always hop on a Drop-In match. Instead of playing with your usual clubmates, you will be paired with others doing the same thing.

EA FC Clubs new features

The new FC Clubs mode has received something of a revamp this season. Thanks to the official deep dive, we know the following will be included as EA FC Clubs new features.


Crossplay is finally coming to Clubs! Players have been able to compete cross-platform in Ultimate Team and casual modes in FIFA 23, but Pro Clubs was left off the list. That is changing in FC 24 Clubs. Players will now be able to team up with their friends despite playing on different consoles.

Lobbies will be based on your crossplay status. If you opt to play with others using the same console as you, that is what will be shown in your matchmaking and leaderboard screens. This goes for drop-in matches too as you will have the choice whether you compete against other platform players.

Crossplay will only be available for same-gen platforms. This means players using Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC will all be able to play together. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will also be able to team up. Clubs is coming to Nintendo Switch players for the first time, and they will have their own matchmaking lobby.

New league season format

In a move similar to Division Rivals in Ultimate Team, Clubs will see a new league season format where teams compete to reach the highest division. There will be promotions but no relegation from each division, much like in Ultimate Team. There will be seasonal play-offs to secure glory for your side too.

You will earn rewards each season, and the higher your division, the better your rewards. The rewards you can earn will all lean into establishing your club identity. When a new season begins, your progress up the divisions will reset, and you will challenge opponents through the league systems again.

Each Clubs League season will last for roughly six weeks, and be split into the League Phase and Playoff Phase. During the League Phase, you can play an unlimited amount of matches, accumulating points to gain promotion up the divisions. Once you hit the required amount of points to earn promotion, you will proceed to play Promotion Matches. You will be challenged to win a specified amount from a fixed number of matches. If you complete the challenge, you will earn promotion. Fall short and you stay in your current league, with a reduced point tally.

The Playoff Phase will take place during the final week of every Clubs season. Every club will be locked into pools based on their division and have a set number of matches to gain as many points as possible, earning as high a rank in their respective divisions’ Playoff Table. The higher you finish, the better the rewards. This will include earning fans to improve your club’s reputation, VOLTA COINS, and a unique Clubs League Trophy!

Fans and Reputation

The more matches you play, the more upgrades your club gets. Playing matches will earn you fans, which help you earn higher reputation levels. As you progress you will unlock bigger stadiums for your club, more vanity items, and most importantly, higher overall AI teammates!

Club customisation will include stadium bundles, pitch trophies, and animated tifos. These will show off your identity and progress as a club.


PlayStyles will play a big role in FC 24 no matter the game mode. These give your Virtual Pro personality on the pitch and a unique skill set.

All PlayStyles will be available to equip to your player from the start, however, you will only have one slot to begin with. As you level up your pro you will unlock more slots, up to six. You can also gain two PlayStyles+ slots to really take your pro to the next level!