FC 24 Crossplay – Pro Clubs and Ultimate Team cross-platform play explained

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FC 24 crossplay has expanded since the feature was added into the FIFA franchise. Cross-platform play was limited upon its inception in FIFA 23, but EA has now expanded its capabilities.

Changes have arrived across all of EA FC 24’s game modes as EA produced their first football game since their split with FIFA. Make sure to check out our FC 24 review as we have spent hours enjoying the new features, particularly in FC 24 Ultimate Team.

One of the many changes in what would have been FIFA 24 comes to crossplay. Find out everything you need to know about FC 24 crossplay below.

Does FC 24 have crossplay?

Yes, EA Sports FC 24 is crossplay compatible. There are still limitations to console generations and game modes, but there are more options than ever before.

As EA have released next-gen exclusive features, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC users can enjoy cross-platform play.

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can also play together as they share the same versions of the game. Nintendo Switch players are still unable to play cross-platform.

The game modes that feature crossplay in FC 24 are FC 24 Ultimate Team, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons, FC 24 VOLTA football, FC 24 Clubs (Pro Clubs), and Co-Op Seasons.

Pro Clubs crossplay explained

Crossplay did not exist in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. For whatever reason, the opportunity for crossplay in Pro Clubs never came to light, much to the disappointment of Pro Clubs fans everywhere.

However, crossplay is available in FC 24 Clubs. Before we get too excited, crossplay in Pro Clubs has its limitations. Players are only able to team up with other players using the same generation of console.

This mean that players using PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC will all be able to play together. This leaves PS4 and Xbox One users to team up. While this is not the perfect scenario, it is still a massive win for the mode.

You can opt in and out in your cross-play settings. This means that when you are in a drop-in match lobby or managing your club, you will only see what you have selected as your preference.

This encompasses invites and friend requests too, as you won’t receive any outside of your preferences.

Ultimate Team crossplay explained

Crossplay has been available in Ultimate Team since FIFA 23. This season, fans can still enjoy crossplay in Division Rivals, FUT Champions, Online Draft, Online Friendlies, and Play a Friend modes.

New this season is crossplay in Ultimate Team Co-Op modes. This means Co-Op Squad Battles, Division Rivals, and Friendlies. Once again, you can choose your matchmaking options via your online settings.

There is another element in FUT that uses a crossplay system. There are currently three FUT Transfer Market options, with individual markets for Nintendo Switch and PC players.

The main Transfer Market is shared among PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S users. Any listing on these platforms can be interacted with. This is the only element of crossplay in FIFA 23 that is cross-generation.

Can you play Pro Clubs cross platform?

FC 24 Clubs is crossplay compatible. FIFA 23 Pro Clubs does not allow crossplay.

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