FC 24 Best CAM Build for Clubs

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Playing as a CAM in the FC 24 Clubs (formerly Pro Clubs) game mode means plenty of goals and assists will be expected from you. If you’re not creating or scoring for your team, then what’s the point of you being there?! Don’t worry; we’ve got the best CAM build for FC 24 Clubs to make you the MVP of your side.

Operating between the lines, finding a pocket of space, and identifying the right pass at the right time are all key factors you will need to learn to be a successful attacking midfielder. These will come in time. For now, let us show you how to build the best CAM in EA Sports FC 24 Clubs. Then you can show off your skills on the pitch.

FC 24 Clubs Best CAM Build (Central Attacking Midfielder) 

We opt for a LW/RW base for our CAM build, as it gives better Pace and Dribbling abilities than the CAM base. This is important for operating with agility in tight spaces in the final third. PlayStyles will make up for any passing deficiencies a winger base may have. 

Dribbling, Short Passing, and Long Passing are the first attributes you will want to focus your skill points on. Don’t worry about boosts for crossing, as you will likely be playing through the middle for most of the game. 

Once those are sorted out, you can give yourself rapid Acceleration to help you skip past opposing defenders. Sprint Speed could be added to as well, but it is less important. As a finishing touch, you can improve Long Shots and Shot Power. You might also want to improve Weak Foot ability for better passing accuracy, and Skill Moves for added flair – if you’re confident using them! 

You may worry about your Stamina. However, a CAM is a luxury player, so you won’t always have to track back to stop counterattacks. Physical strength and being able to intercept should be left to your CDM and center-back. A CAM is all about being a skilled dribbler with fancy footwork and pinpoint passing. This makes them deadly in and around the penalty area, as does being a distance shooter.

The Finesse Shot PlayStyles+ is a must-have for this build. It is an OP mechanic and if you find yourself in a bit of space outside the box, don’t be afraid of shooting, because this is one of the best PlayStyles. Obviously, Passing and Ball Control PlayStyles are the other areas you will want to focus on. These will all help you set up your teammates while keeping the ball as close to your feet as possible. 

  • Position: LW/RW
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Pinged Pass, Long Ball Pass, Tiki Taka, Technical, First Touch, Press Proven
  • PlayStyles+: Finesse Shot+, Incisive Pass+

There you have it, it’s as simple as that! If you want to try out other positions, then check out our EA FC 24 Best Clubs Builds and design a meta player for every position.

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