EA FC 24 Best Clubs Builds – Meta setups for each position

EA FC 24 Best Clubs Builds – Meta setups for each position
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With a new game upon us, it’s time to team up with mates once again and hit the field in FC 24 Clubs! The Pro Clubs name has been changed slightly from the FIFA days, but the experience remains pretty similar. We’re taking a look at the EA FC 24 best Clubs meta player builds for every position, to help take your team to the top! 

FC 24 Clubs lets you design a Virtual Pro from scratch, where different base positions, heights, and weights all play a part in how they perform on the pitch, as well as the player attributes themselves. The introduction of PlayStyles in FC 24 brings a new characteristic to your design. 

We’ve sunk numerous hours into Clubs, and Pro Clubs before that, helping us get a handle on the meta and what player builds work best. So, check out the best meta player builds for every position in FC 24 Clubs below! 

FC 24 Clubs Best GK Build (Goalkeeper) 

The goalkeeper is the easiest position to build in Clubs. It’s all pretty self-explanatory, as you want to unlock and equip all the GK PlayStyles over time. If your side plays out from the back a lot, then you may want to equip your favoured Passing PlayStyle and First Touch from the Ball Control selection. 

Max out your goalkeeping attributes on the skill tree, then spend any other points you gain on Agility, Pace if you rush out a lot, or Passing if you play out from the back. 

  • Position: GK
  • Height: 6’7”
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Far Throw, Cross Claimer, Rush Out, Quick Reflexes, Incisive Pass, First Touch
  • PlayStyles+: Footwork+, Far Reach+

FC 24 Clubs Best LB/RB Build (Full Back) 

The first thing to do when making your Clubs meta full-back is to select either the LWB or RWB position. This will give your virtual pro better pace and ability on the ball, helping you keep up with speedy wingers and contribute to your team’s attacks. 

Look to max out your Pace attributes early, as it will be vital to stop attacks from opposing wingers. Stamina is also important, helping you get up and down the flanks for the whole 90 minutes. 

Crossing is another important aspect to improve, which is also why you want to unlock the Whipped Pass PlayStyles+. Obviously, don’t forget to upgrade your Defending qualities along the way. 

  • Position: LWB/RWB
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Jockey, Intercept, Anticipate, Slide Tackle, Quick Step, Relentless
  • PlayStyles+: Whipped Pass+, Rapid+

FC 24 Clubs Best CB Build (Centre Back) 

There are only really two positions on the pitch in FC 24 Clubs where you need a totally defensive player build, CDM and CB. Invest early in Pace attributes so you don’t have to deal with speedy players passing you by with ease. Then go all out on the Defending and Physical skill trees. 

To be a defensive beast, you need to use as many Defending PlayStyles as you can. Couple that with the Aerial Physical PlayStyle to dominate in the air. 

  • Position: CB
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 174 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Jockey, Intercept, Brusier, Slide Tackle, Aerial, Power Header
  • PlayStyles+: Block+, Anticipate+

FC 24 Clubs Best CDM Build (Defensive Midfielder) 

A meta CDM build in FC 24 Clubs will be similar to that of a full-back. Once again, we use the LWB/RWB base position, as this gives better speed and Agility compared to the CDM base. 

Our CDM isn’t the most physically imposing, instead playing like N’Golo Kante, sniffing out danger and intercepting with ease. Acceleration should be focussed on, then all Defending attributes, then Strength and Stamina. Once those are mostly maxed out you can look to improve Passing and Ball Control. 

Select the staple Defending PlayStyles, then use Passing and Ball Control ones to improve your player’s capabilities with the ball at their feet. This will make up for having lower attributes in these areas. We like the combination of First Touch, Press Proven, and Tiki Taka, helping you take the ball in tight situations and play through a high press. However, you can opt for other Passing PlayStyles if you find yourself in space more often than not. 

  • Position: LWB/RWB
  • Height: 5’6”
  • Weight: 119 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Jockey, Bruiser, First Touch, Press Proven, Relentless, Tiki Taka
  • PlayStyles+: Intercept+, Anticipate+

FC 24 Clubs Best Winger Build (LM/RM/LW/RW) 

Being a winger in Clubs is all about speed, so this build is the quickest you can get in FC 24. You can play about with the Height and Weight slightly if you prefer greater Acceleration or Sprint Speed, with our guide giving you an even base. 

Obviously, stick all your skill points on Pace attributes to start. Once that is maxed out look to Dribbling, Crossing, and shooting stats like Finishing and Shot Power. You will also want to improve your Weak Foot ability so you can take on defenders on either side, putting in crosses or having a pop at goal. Those who know their way around the skill moves will also want to max that out.

  • Position: LW/RW
  • Height: 5’4”
  • Weight: 149 lbs
  • PlayStyles: Finesse Shot, Whipped Pass, Technical, Flair, First Touch, Relentless
  • PlayStyles+: Rapid+, Quick Step+

You might be wondering where the best CAM and striker builds are? Well, they have their own special separate pages. Check out the Best CAM Build and Best Striker Builds in FC 24 and become a goalscoring sensation.

What are the best PlayStyles for wingers in FC 24 Clubs?

The best PlayStyles for wingers are Finesse Shot, Whipped Pass, Technical, Flair, First Touch, and Relentless.

What are the best PlayStyles for CBs in FC 24 Clubs?

The best PlayStyles for CBs are Jockey, Intercept, Brusier, Slide Tackle, Aerial, Power Header.