FC 24 Career Mode – New features, manager career, and player career

FC 24 Career Mode – New features, manager career, and player career
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A massive overhaul has arrived in FC 24 Career Mode! The loyal manager and player career fans will enjoy plenty of additions and refinements coming in the latest game. Career Mode encompasses both player and manager careers, taking over from the sole Manager Mode back in FIFA 11.

The FC 24 release date has now been and gone, with many of us already spending hours in the game. For us, this resulted in our FC 24 review.

Plenty of players got in the game quickly via FC 24 early access. FC 24 Ultimate Team got their seasons up and running via the FC 24 Web App too. However, for Career Mode lovers like us, we had to wait until the official early access period arrived.

Take a look at all the new features in FC 24 Career Mode below.

What is FC 24 Career Mode?

FC 24 Career Mode is always one of the most popular modes in the franchise. Career mode itself has had a loyal and vocal support for many years. Yet, fans have often been left disappointed in recent seasons with the lack of meaningful changes to the mode. Instead, EA has focused its efforts on Ultimate Team.

Over the past couple of seasons, cut scenes have remained largely the same and repetitive. They also continued to lack sense, particularly regarding relegating a team despite it being the first few games of the season!

Issues with the cut scenes aside, Career Mode has the foundations and fanbase to be a huge success. Players want to play out a footballing career in an attempt to live out their own fantasies. That can be as a player or a manager.

Some added competition should be on the way too. Konami is bound to introduce eFootball Master League sooner rather than later. Master League in PES came very close to usurping FIFA’s offering as the best career mode available, and the same could happen again if EA is not careful.

EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode new features

There are plenty of EA Sports FC 24 Career Mode new features for both player and manager saves. The additions show an effort from EA to breathe some fresh life into the game mode.

However, will they cover up the basic errors and bugs? The improvements and refinements were shown off during the reveals season leading into the game’s release, and are as follows:

Manager Career

Manager Career has gained plenty of new additions which is great news for fans. This will give you far more control over how your team plays and develops under your guidance.

Total Management System

The new Total Management System gives you more control than ever before about how your team plays on the pitch and how your players improve off it. The key factors are as follows:

Tactical Vision

Implement your identity onto your new club, with seven different tactical visions for how your team plays. These include Standard, Wing Play, Tiki-Taka, Counter-Attack, Gegenpressing, Kick & Rush, and Park the Bus.

Tactical Visions start from Tactics and Player Instruction presets, with settings flexible to adjust. However, there are some defining principles of Tactical Visions that can’t be changed, such as having to tell your wingers to stay wide when using Wing Play.

You can still create a Custom setup, and any Tactical Vision can be applied to any formation. Tactical Vision also works independently of Game Plans.

Tactical Vision Scouting

To help find the right players for your Tactical Vision, Tactical Vision Scouting has been introduced. This will mean the scouts will look for players that are a natural fit for your system, such as a CM with good ball control, short passing, and positioning if using Tiki-Taka.

The Overall Condition filter determines the quality of the player, from Backup to World Class, with the FC 24 PlayStyles filter looking for players with a specific weapon in their arsenal.


Coaches will be a vital part of how you develop and improve your team in FC 24 Career Mode. Depending on their position, players will be split into different departments of Attack, Midfield, Defence, and Goalkeeping.

Each coach will need to be assigned to a department. Then, players in that department improve from the coach’s Tactical Knowledge and Player Development abilities.

All coaching staff can have three levels of knowledge for a Tactical Vision – Novice, Accomplished, and Expert. Over time, coaches will earn XP on a Tactical Vision through matches played and wins, leveling up and improving their knowledge.

When it comes to game time, players will gain attribute boosts depending on the Tactical Vision and how good the coach’s knowledge of the game plan is in their department. It should be noted, when the Tactical Vision is set to Custom, Tactical Knowledge is penalised and coaches will not gain XP.

Player Development will also be affected by coaching ability, with their quality ranging from one to five stars and are department specific. You can assign multiple coaches to the same department, which will improve that department’s overall quality, which in turn will help players grow in less time.

Previous factors, such as match-time actions and form, will still impact a player’s growth, with the coach boost applied on top.

Training Plans

Training Plans are back in FC 24 Manager Career, and you need to strike the right balance to keep your players match-fit and sharp throughout the season.

The team training system has been revamped this year, with five Training Plans to choose from, each focussing on a different area for a player or set of players.

Pre-Match Preparations

You will now be provided with pre-match reports on your opponent to help with your match preparation. This includes probable line-ups and key threats, giving you extra knowledge to overcome your opposition.

Match Ready Training sessions can unlock temporary PlayStyles for specific players for one match only, helping you exploit weaknesses the pre-match report has uncovered.

Tactical View

You can get closer to the action than ever before with Tactical View. There are multiple viewing angles to watch the match from in FC 24. An all-new spectator mode from the perspective of the manager on the touchline is now included.

You can change views throughout the match, make tactical changes, and jump into the game if you feel things aren’t going how you want them, all seen through the manager’s eyes. You can also choose to sim the rest of the game if you have a comfortable lead!

Dynamic Moments

New dynamic moments are available in both Manager Career and Player Career. EA has partnered with the Ballon d’Or to showcase the pinnacle of individual talent.

The Balon d’Or ceremony, Manager of the Year and Player of the Season awards galas, and custom bus trophy bus parades are among the cut scenes you can experience.

The new Dynamic Moments will only be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Additional Improvements

Other improvements listed in the Deep Dive are as follows:

  • We’ve expanded the amount of clothing and accessory options for managers to include some requested items such as hoodies, tracksuits, sweater-shirt combos, as well as glasses. 
  • Our list of kit templates for Create Your Club has been expanded to include a variety of models that are featuring chest sponsors. 
  • We’ve redesigned the decision making process of the AI when determining whether they want to add a buy clause or not, when you loan out a player to them. We’ve implemented a points system that will evaluate the buy clause desirability based on multiple factors:
    • The quality of the player
    • How much of the team’s transfer budget would be required to buy the player.
    • If the club lacks squad depth in the area or if they have an excess of players in that particular department. 
  • We’ve added a change to the AI shopping list logic to make sure that the Board Priority a club has for Youth Development will play a role in determining how much they would look for promising players. Expect tougher competition from the likes of Manchester City and Real Madrid to sign the stars of the future. 

Moving forward, the AI will try to keep a balanced number of players on the left and right sides of the pitch.

Player Career

Some new additions to Player Career will also help benefit your save next season.

Player Agent

The new Player Agent feature will transform your career and help you carve out a legacy within the footballing world. Agents will help shape your journey as you control the direction in which you want to take your career.

You can target teams you wish to move to, which will have differing objectives you need to hit in order for them to bid for you.


The Player Personality system has been further developed in FC 24, with PlayStyles introduced. At each of the seven levels of Personality, you will be able to assign a PlayStyle, which will be impacted by the distribution of your personality between Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso.

As your personality evolves, other PlayStyles may become unlocked, or you may lose access to ones you previously had. At the last level of Personality, you can change one of your equipped PlayStyles into the upgraded PlayStyles+.

Focus Camera

Focus Camera is the new default angle for Player Career. It will prioritise keeping your player on the screen, while also keeping an eye on the ball. At key moments, such as when you are approaching the opponent’s box, or dribbling or jockeying, the camera will close in on the player.

Tactical Focus camera will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. The Legacy Focus camera is on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.


Player appearance customisation has been expanded, with tattoos, face guards, and goggles added into the mix!

Training Updates

Two quality-of-life improvements have come to training, which are as follows:

  • You can now participate in training sessions ahead of each match. You don’t need to worry about missing a training session because you’ve advanced to the next match.
  • As you play the training sessions you will also earn Personality Points to aid with your player development. 

Dynamic Moments

As with the Manager Career Mode, new dynamic moments will now be in Player Career in FC 24. These cut scenes are the same and include the Ballon d’Or presentation, Manager of the Year and Player or the Season awards, and an open-top trophy parade.

Career Mode pre-order bonus

Following on from the new Manager Career coaching system, pre-ordering FC 24 will earn you a handy bonus. Whether you buy the Standard Edition or Ultimate Edition, you will be able to hire a 5-star Coach at the beginning of your new save.

In recent years we have seen this perk equate to a future star of the game featuring in your youth academy from the get-go. It’s a shame to see that perk unavailable, but if the coaching system has a bigger impact then it could be a game-changer.

FC 24 Career Mode guides

Looking for some helpful hints to make your FC 24 Career Mode save sublime? Then you’re in the right place!

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Will EA Sports FC have Career Mode?

Yes, EA Sports FC will have Career Mode. EA has confirmed that Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA will all feature in the new game.

Will the World Cup be in EA Sports FC?

The World Cup will not be in EA Sports FC after the break-up of EA’s partnership with football’s global governing body, FIFA.