FC 24 best and funniest team names for Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs

FC 24 best and funniest team names for Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs
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If you are looking for the EA FC 24 Best Ultimate Team Names, you have come to the right place. Whether you are looking for a witty pun, classic jokes, reference to memes, or to combine player names into something relevant right now, we have you covered as we list the best names for this year’s game.

By now, we are sure you have got started in FC 24 Ultimate Team. We certainly have after enjoying FC 24 early access, and we have also provided our FC 24 review following hours of enjoying the new game and its various modes.

One of the first tasks in Ultimate Team is to pick a team name. This is a classic carried over from the FIFA franchise. One of your first objectives in the game though is to change it! With this in mind, make sure you know how to change club name in FC 24.

You can do this in the game or via the EA Sports FC 24 Web App. For now though, check out our favourite team names for this season.

FC 24 Best Team Names list

One of the early objectives in the FC 24 Ultimate Team game mode is to change your team name. There is a small reward for completing this objective.

Small coin rewards, contracts packs, or coin boost multiplier are available for small tasks such as just changing the name of your club, so it’s worth having a look at all of them.

You won’t be able to use any profanity in your team name. Any team name deemed inappropriate will not be saved.

Take a look at our list of FC 24 Best Ultimate Team club names below:

Team Name
AC Me Rollin
Bacuna Matata
Bad Moyes
Baines on Toast
Bayer Neverlosen
Borussia Teeth
Ctrl Alt Defeat
Ctrl Alt De Ligt
Dukes of Hazard
Enter Shaqiri
Game of Stones
Going Toulouse
Guns N Moses
How I Met Your Mata
Inglorious Bas Dost
Kante Be Stopped
Kinder Mbeumo
Kouyate Kid
Kroos Control
Lads on Toure
Lady Yaya
Leave My Arcelona
Lord of the Ings
Mean Goals
My Little Bony
Net Six and Chill
Neville Wears Prada
Ninja Skrtels
Not a Kalou
Obi Wan Iwobi
Pepe Pig
Pique Blinders
Pjanic at the Disco
Puyol Pants Down
Q Park Strangers
Real Sosobad
Salt and Pepe
Slumdog Mignolet
UnReal Madrid
Who Ate All Depays
2 Girls 1 Schlupp
21 Savic
50 Shades of O’Shea

As you begin the new season in Ultimate Team, check out the FC 24 Ratings. Make sure to find out the FC 24 fastest players too, as they are always crucial regardless of the meta.

These team names can also be used in FC 24 Career Mode if you want to create a club. However, they can look a bit out of place in the league table next to the authentic teams!