How to transfer and convert FIFA points to FC 24

How to transfer and convert FIFA points to FC 24
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We’re fast approaching the FC 24 release date, with Ultimate Team fans excited to jump on the latest game as soon as possible. If you have FIFA 23 Points kicking around on your old account, you will want to find out if you can, and how to transfer and convert FIFA Points to FC 24. Don’t worry, as we have you covered! 

The FC 24 Web App and Companion App will give fans a taste of what is to come. Then, FC 24 early access will drop before we hit the worldwide release! FIFA aficionados may have some remaining FIFA 23 Points they don’t want to use in the old game. Find out how to transfer them to FC 24 Points below. 

How to transfer and convert FIFA Points to FC 24 

Thanks to an article on EA Help, we not only know that you can convert your FIFA 23 Points to FC 24 Points but also how to do this! It’s a pretty simple process, yet it is important to know the ins and outs of it. 

The first time you log in to Ultimate Team, Clubs, or VOLTA on a console or PC, you will be met with the following pop-up message: 

“We’ve noticed you have an outstanding FIFA Points balance in FIFA 23. Would you like to transfer and convert it to FC Points in FC 24? Please note, this transfer is not reversible. Once you have transferred your Points balance you will only be able to access it within EAS FC 24. This is a one-time only transfer, you will not be able to transfer any more Points after this.” 

There are three responses to pick from: 

  • Yes, I want to transfer and convert my entire Points balance from FIFA 23 to FC 24.
  • No, please leave my FIFA 23 Points balance untouched.
  • I am not sure at this point, please prompt me again later.

If you opt to transfer the points you will see them added to your FC 24 account instantly. 

A few key things to take into account regarding the transfer of points: 

  • You can only transfer points from FIFA 23 to FC 24 via the game on a console or PC, NOT through the Web App or Companion App. 
  • You can only transfer and convert points on the same console family (e.g. PlayStation to PlayStation, and Xbox to Xbox). 
  • Transferring and converting points is NOT reversible. 
  • If you use an EA Play membership to play FC 24 and choose to convert the points but don’t buy the full game, you will NOT get your points back. 
  • The final day for transferring and converting FIFA Points to FC 24 Points is January 1, 2024. 

Can I transfer FIFA 23 Points to FC 24?

Yes, if you have leftover FIFA 23 Points on your account, you can convert them to FC 24 Points.

Can you buy FC Points on the Web App?

Currently, you cannot buy FC Points on the FC 24 Web App. You also cannot use points to purchase packs on the Web App until September 22.